Flipbook! is the drawing game that allows people to create simple animations and share them with the world!

How do I draw on Flipbook!?

A lot like its predecessor, you draw with your mouse on the drawing area and use the arrows to add frames or to go back to previous frames.
Colors and different stroke widths have been added to give Flipbook! a wider range of expression. Another extra tool is the 'duplicate frame' button which makes the animation job a lot easier.

How do I save my Flipbook!?

You can use the 'save' button to save your work in progress without publishing it. You can reopen it again from 'my flipbooks' and keep working on the animation until you are ready to publish it.

You can use 'save & publish' when you are ready to publish the animation. Once you publish an animation you can't work on it any more.

You can even make multiple smaller Flipbooks! called 'scenes', work on them independently and them mash them together using 'build and publish' to create your final Flipbook!.

NOTE: Saving 'scenes' is only allowed for registered users. Guests can only draw single Flipbooks.

How are Flipbooks exported in Flipbook! Deluxe?

Flipbooks are now exported directly as animated gifs, so that people can save them on their local machines, paste them in their websites or blogs or reuse them on other work etc.

This means that when you publish a Flipbook!, it must be rendered first by our server. This will take between 1 to 10 minutes depending on the Flipbook! length and complexity.

You can always check on your Flipbooks current status by looking at your 'My Flipbooks' page.

Ok, so what limits does Flipbook! have?

Unlike the previous Flipbook!, in this version there are no 'ink' limits per frame. Because of this it is possible to create more complex animations. However, it's also possible to easily overload the flash player's memory and freeze the application. Flipbook! will warn you when the drawing gets too complex to work properly, but this will vary depending on the players machine's specs and configuration. Players are encouraged to play with the limits and find out what works best for them.

Also, for the current version, a Flipbook! may only be made up of up to 6 smaller Flipbooks or 'scenes'. Each scene can only have up to 100 frames. (for those keeping track that's twice the capacity of the previous version)

Flipbook! is an experiment and these limits are open to change in the future.

By the way, who made Flipbook!

Flipbook! was created, programmed and illustrated by Juan Ospina. Julia Pleschke and Hansi Raber programmed the animated gif exporters and made Flipbook! possible. Andy Cameron art-directed, supervised and supported this project from day one. Flipbook! was developed at FABRICA, the design research center created by Benetton.