10 Best Fighting Type Pokemon Ranked [Ultimate List 2023]

Fighting Type Pokemon is the most physically strong Typing in the Pokemon world.

Unlike other Pokemon Types, Fighting Types rely not primarily on elemental powers but on their core body strength.

Fighting Types are quite a game-turner for Pokemon Battles that require close-range combat and must not be taken lightly at any cost.

10 Best Fighting Type Pokemon
10 Best Fighting Type Pokemon

Fighting Type Pokemon have an upper hand over Steel, Rock, Dark, Ice, and Normal Type Pokemon. That’s right! Fighting Types do not have much difficulty in breaking through the solid defenses of Steel, Rock, and Ice Types.

Now you can assume the level of physical strength they possess on your own.

Best Fighting Type Pokemon

Fighting Type Pokemon is one of the superior Pokemon Types with extremely powerful physical attacks. They excel in close combat moves such as Axe Kick, Body Press, Brick Break, Cross Chop, and Dynamic Punch.

Now, it can be really tricky to choose the perfect Fighting Type Pokemon since there are so many brilliant Pokemon in this category.

However, we have attempted to rank the 10 Best Fighting Type Pokemon from all 9 generations of Pokemon. You can find most of these Pokemon in popular games such as Pokemon Go and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

10. Gallade

TypeFighting, Psychic
VulnerabilitiesGhost, Fairy, Flying
Special AbilitySharpness, Steadfast
Evolution ChartRalts-> Kirlia-> Gardevoir/Gallade
Special EvolutionMega Gallade

Resting on the 10th Spot on our list of the Strongest Fighting Type Pokemon is the very graceful Blade Pokemon, Gallade.

Now, the most fascinating fact about this Pokemon is its type of Fighting & Psychic. Gallade is able to predict its enemies’ moves beforehand.

This not only makes the physical attacks of Gallade super strong but the ability to control the minds of its opponents makes it almost invincible in the battlefield.

Some of the most effective moves that Gallade showcases include Close Combat, Confusion, and Leaf Blade.

This Pokemon has an extremely protective nature, where they extend out their elbow and fight with it like handling a sword and may we add in the most elegant manner.

9. Machamp

VulnerabilitiesPsychic, Fairy, Flying
Special AbilityNo Guard, Guts
Evolution ChartMachop-> Machoke-> Machamp
Special EvolutionMachamp Gigantamax

Machamp is probably the most popular Fighting Type Pokemon out there. Even 2 hands would have put enemies into extreme chaos, let alone the 4 arms of this mighty Pokemon.

Machamp may not be a strategist like Gallade but it makes up for it with its extreme strength. Machamp has the ability to execute over 1000 punches in a matter of seconds!

If you think this is a lot, then wait till you see Machamp Gigantamax. By performing energy coursing, this form of Machamp is able to make its attack as powerful as bomb blasts.

8. Scrafty

TypeFighting, Dark
VulnerabilitiesFighting, Fairy, Flying
Special AbilityShed Skin, Moxie
Evolution ChartScraggy-> Scrafty

Scrafty is surely an interesting Hoodlum Pokemon with dual Dark-Fighting Typing. Don’t let the awkward look on its face fool you, this little Pokemon can harness attacks powerful enough to break the concrete pillars of Conkeldurr. The power to execute such strong attacks comes from its Darkcore.

This Pokemon is known for its aggressive nature, however it turns quite the contrary when dealing with its friends and family.

Some of the most powerful attacks of Scrafty include Foul Play, Counter, Payback and Crunch.

7. Hawlucha

TypeFighting, Flying
VulnerabilitiesIce, Flying, Electric, Psychic, Fairy
Special AbilityUnburden, Limber
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

Hawlucha is a Wrestling Pokemon with a dual Typing of Fighting & Flying. The way this Pokemon executes its moves looks like a performance in itself.

The most impressive attribute about this Pokemon is its speed. Apart from this, Hawlucha has pretty well-rounded base stats.

Despite being vulnerable to 5 different Pokemon Types, Hawlucha is able to dodge a variety of attacks with their agile flying abilities. Wing Attack, Flying Press, Acrobatics and High Jump Kick are amongst the most effective attacks that Hawlucha is able to execute.

6. Kommo-o

TypeFighting, Dragon
VulnerabilitiesDragon, Ice, Fairy, Psychic, Flying
Special AbilitySoundproof, Bulletproof
Evolution ChartJangmo-o -> Hakamo-o -> Kommo-o

Kommo-o is an extremely powerful Scaly Pokemon with a dual Typing of Dragon & Fighting. This is a Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon that has a very rich ancestral history.

Kommo-o can single-handedly knock down a wide range of opponents by its strong attack skills.

Some of the signature moves of Kommo-o are Boomburst, Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw and Drain Punch.

5. Grapploct

VulnerabilitiesPsychic, Flying, Fairy
Special AbilityLimber
Evolution ChartClobbopus-> Grapploct

Now, we know that Fighting Type Pokemon are high on muscles but imagine a Pokemon made of nothing but muscle! That’s right, there is one Jujitsu Pokemon who is entirely made of muscles.

This Pokemon has an uncanny resemblance to an Octopus with a sharp look on its face.

Grapploct resides in the sea and only surfaces on the ground to fight its enemies, once the battle is over, it returns back underwater.

Some of the most powerful attacks of Grapploct include Superpower, Rock Smash, Drain Punch and Octolock. It is extremely difficult to come out of Grapploct’s grip once it gribbles on its enemy.

4. Conkeldurr

VulnerabilitiesPsychic, Fairy, Flying
Special AbilitySheer Force, Guts
Evolution ChartTimburr-> Gurdurr-> Conkeldurr

Next on the list of the Best Fighting Type Pokemon is the Muscular Pokemon, Conkeldurr! This huge Pokemon is the epitome of Sheer Power.

This Pokemon is known to carry around 2 concrete pillars with it. However, when things get heated up, Conkeldurr throws aside these pillars and charges at the enemy with all its might.

This heavy Pokemon is a very strong attacker with moves like Dynamic Punch, Counter, and Focus Blast. Apart from this, Conkeldurr has a pretty decent defensive ability.

The only lacking area for this huge Pokemon is its speed. Despite this fact, Conkeldurr is a strong force on the battlefield except when fighting against Psychic, Fairy and Flying Types Pokemon.

3. Lucario

TypeFighting, Steel
VulnerabilitiesFighting, Ground, Fire
Special AbilitySteadfast, Inner Focus
Evolution ChartRiolu-> Lucario
Special EvolutionMega Lucario

Lucario belongs to a very unique category of Aura Pokemon. This means that Lucario is able to detect aura, making no enemy able to escape their eyes.

And the mixed typing of Fighting & Steel makes Lucario’s attack all the more powerful and solid than generic Fighting Type Pokemon.

A skilled Lucario can sense the aura and emotions of other living entities from half a mile away. The attack abilities of this already lethal Pokemon are further accentuated upon undergoing Mega Evolution.

2. Great Tusk

Great Tusk
Great Tusk
TypeFighting, Ground
VulnerabilitiesFlying, Grass, Water, Fairy, Ice, Psychic
Special AbilityProtosynthesis
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve

The next Pokemon on our Ultimate List is undoubtedly one of the Strongest Fighting Type Pokemon in the series. Great Tusk awfully resembles mammoths and seems to be inspired by them. The attack and defense skills of this huge Pokemon are very high.

This Paradox Pokemon executes some very impressive moves such as Headlong Rush, Body Press, Earthquake and Bulk Up. This is an excellent Fighting Pokemon to choose for Pokemon Battles and Raids.

1. Zamazenta (Hero of Many Battles)

VulnerabilitiesPsychic, Flying, Fairy
Special AbilityDauntless Shield
Evolution ChartDoes not evolve
Alternate StyleZamazenta (Crowned Shield)

And, finally resting on the No.1 Spot of the Best Fighting Type Pokemon is the Warrior Pokemon called Zamazenta Hero of Many Battles. This Pokemon has a unique ability to absorb metal and redirect it towards the enemy. If you think this ability is unmatchable then wait until you hear about the Crowned Sword version of this epic fighter.

Zamazenta Crowned Sword has the ability to deflect any attack that comes its way. That’s right, Any! The strongest moves of Zamazenta include Close Combat, Snarl, Metal Claw and Crunch. Zamazenta also features in popular Pokemon Games such as Pokemon Go and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest Fighting Type Pokemon?

Well, there are many Pokemon who are worthy to be called the strongest Fighting Type Pokemon. But the one who manages to steal the show is Zamazenta.

Who is Fighting Type Pokemon weak against?

Fighting Type Pokemon are innately weak against Fairy, Psycic and Flying Type Pokemon.

Is there a water Fighting Type Pokemon?

Yes, Poliwrath is a water-fighting type of Pokemon.

Which is the weakest Fighting Type Pokemon?

Stufful is probably the weakest Fighting Type Pokemon.


This marks the end of our post on the 10 Best Fighting Type Pokemon. We have curated this list on the basis of the base stats of these Pokemon on the Pokedex. So, which one of these is your favourite fighting type pokemon? Ler us know in the comments down below.

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