AFK Arena Codes [June] 2023 | New Redemption Codes

The fictional role-playing video game AFK Arena, created by Chinese developer company Lilith Games, is immensely popular on smartphones. Fans love the game’s combination of inactive and turn-based role-playing game features in addition to its beautiful, imaginative graphics.

Esperia is an ancient dreamland of warfare and disorder where the gameplay is centered. This universe is brimming with a diverse range of people including intellectual beings. The majority of these individuals are associated with various organizations and sects.


And there have been persistent disputes amongst their philosophies and ideas. The bonds that connect us all to existence and death, the performer fortunes of nature and humanity, and conflicts with dark powers form the backdrop again for captivating narratives that occur throughout this universe.

By presenting the protagonists’ views on occurrences front and center, narrating histories of the globe from different aspects, and carefully and profoundly branching out the realm. And its countless heroic warriors, AFK Arena distinguishes itself against other storyline videogames.

AFK Arena Codes [June] 2023

The notion that AFK Arena is indeed a conventional turn-based RPG with just a wide choice of players from around the world that allow you to engage alongside your buddies and Regions to stay focused in warfare is one of its prominent aspects. The gameplay grade and earned bonuses will continue to grow unbroken because the combat and game do not however stop despite if you are away.

Redeeming the AFK Arena code is the finest method to get several gifts by buying vouchers for cheap that allow you to acquire different things and prizes. If you would like to gain gaming capabilities or scale up your playing experience without investing actual cash.

AFK Arena Codes [June] 2023 | New Redemption Codes

Gamers may redeem fresh AFK Arena tickets as complimentary prizes on a daily basis from Lilith Games, the creators of games. Such coupons will always get users to access a number of assets that you may have been using to access extra functionality, advance more quickly, and obtain gifts.

Remember that even these credentials are transitory. They could rapidly cease to be effective. Consequently, we encourage you to convert them as soon as you can. The most recent active barcodes for May 2023 are shown beneath.

AFK Arena CodesRewards/ Possible Rewards
AFKRE01. Diamonds (1000)
2. Large Hero EXP Chests (3x)
3. Large Gold Chests (3x)
4. Large Hero’s Essence Chests (3x)
misevj66yi1. Diamonds (500)
2. Hero’s Essence (100)
3. Rare Hero Soulstones (60)
2yqs9jk2qw1. Soulstones (60)
2. Hours of Hero EXP (6x)
3. Hero’s Essence (6x)
uf4shqjngq1. Common Hero Scrolls (30)
graveborn1. Gallant Souls (x1)
1. Diamonds (300)
2. Hero’s Essence (100)
3. Gold (20,000)
wilder1. Tuneful Spring (x1)
LUCKY20231. Diamonds (3,000)
2. Stargazer Scrolls (10)
3. Common Hero Scrolls (10)
4. Time Emblems (10)
lightbearer1. Light of Piety (x1)
39judaxj5p1. 60 Soulstones
2. 6x Hours of Hero EXP
3. Hero’s Essence
mauler1. Undying Flame (x1)

Some AFK Arena Codes [Expired]

AFK Arena CodesReward Details
Brutus2022300,000 Golds  and 300 Diamonds
x7vxbnice7300 Diamonds and 20 Elite Soulstones
jinsuo666Hero EXP 5 Large Crates, 500 Diamonds,
Heroes Essence 5 Large Crates, and 5 Large Crates of Gold
101nc107h 100,000 Gold and100 Diamonds
meeyzuxw8710 Common Hero Scrolls and 3000 Diamonds
PrinceofPersia500 Hero’s Essence, 500 Diamonds, and 500,000 Gold Coins
WFMH5N68WT –200,000 Gold and 200 Diamonds
Ch3atc0de100,000 Gold and100 Diamonds
Badlijey666100,000 Gold and100 Diamonds
zzt0318Experience, Eorin Profile Bade, 5 Eight-hour Dusts,
500 Diamonds, and Gold Chests
iybkiwausg500 Diamonds
Don000013,000 Diamonds
Happy33310 Stargazing Cards, 2000 Diamonds, 10 Faction Scrolls,
and10 Common Hero Scrolls
Badlijey666 100,000 Gold and100 Diamonds
d14m0nd5 100,000 Gold and100 Diamonds
ck4kjutz6k20 Soulstone and 300 Diamonds and
xiaban886Hero EXP 5 Large Crate, 500 Diamonds, Gold’s 5 Large Crate,
and Hero Essence 5 Large Crate
xmasl00t 100,000 Gold and100 Diamonds
dwn8ekefbd888 Diamonds, 888 Hero Coins, 30 Hero Scrolls (Common)
and 888 Labyrinth Tokens
228j636fs91,000 Diamonds
311j4hw00d 100,000 Gold and100 Diamonds
2019mothersday60 Elite Hero Shards
311j4hw00d 100,000 Gold and100 Diamonds
dqy4aq3pyw888 Diamonds, 888 Hero Coins, 30 Hero Scrolls (Common)
and 888 Labyrinth Tokens
1fanfengshun188 Diamonds & Gold
xmasl00t Earn 100,000 Gold and 100 Diamonds
NISHUNEN2000 Diamonds, 10 Faction Scrolls, 10 Stargazers ad 10 Scrolls
g594b6vpjk 6000 Hero Coins, 6000 Guild Coins, 10 Common Scrolls,
6000 Labyrinth Token
dwn8ekefbd 888 Diamonds, 888 Hero Coins, 30 Hero Scrolls (Common)
and 888 Labyrinth Tokens
dqy4aq3pyw 888 Diamonds, 888 Hero Coins, 30 Hero Scrolls (Common)
and 888 Labyrinth Tokens
25pg5gnpcf 1,000 Diamonds
2longtengfei188 Diamonds and Experience of Hero
2gq55jii87 300 Diamonds and 20 Hero Soulstones (Elite)
5fulinmen188 Diamonds and Hero Experience
3baee6v3v73,000 Diamonds
3aghu4egje20 Elite Hero Soulstones and 300 Diamonds
3gpasha3ch 20 Elite Hero Soulstones and 300 Diamonds
26dnuiw8s4 10 Faction Scrolls and 1,000 Diamonds
2n7gek6rtc 20 Elite Hero Soulstones and 300 Diamonds
2nzzy8y67v 1,000 Diamonds
BestRPG4BusyU500k Gold and 500 Diamonds
4rytg4u2q6 20 Elite Shards and 300 Diamonds
4jipingan188 Diamonds & Gold
576w235suw 20 Elite Shards and 300 Diamonds
happy2021 30 Faction Scrolls
6wgh9ung661,000 Diamonds
6u226crhtp20 Elite Hero Soulstones and 300 Diamonds
66dashun 188 Diamonds and Hero Experience
9qgzux8k82 20 Elite Hero Soulstones and 300 Diamonds
dadisafk201960 Elite Hero Shards
AFKelijah500 Hero’s Essence, 100,000 Gold and, 500 Diamonds
aaz27uvgfi—Earn 3,000 Diamonds and 40 Hero Scrolls
afknewyear2020Diamonds and Elite Hero Shards
65tdenbmtw 20 Elite Hero Soulstones and 300 Diamonds
afklaunch60 Elite Hero Shards
Afkmarkiplier 30 Elite Hero Shards and 300 Diamonds
ayqcttC36x200,000 Gold Coins and 200 Diamonds

Process of Redeeming AFK Arena Codes?

Don’t you know the method of applying Arena Codes? If not, then must try these steps in order to avail the interesting rewards of the AFK Arena videogame.

  • Going to the official website of AFK Arena videogame, players need to open the “Redeem Page”.
  • Next, you have to copy-paste your UID and click the button “Send Code”.
  • After that, hit the “Arrow Button” which leads to Quests.
  • A verification code will be sent to your email.
  • Check out the verification code and enter that code into the redeeming page.
  • Once the login procedure will be completed then enter the coupon code on the “Gift Code” crate.
  • Redeem the rewards and they will appear in your gaming email.


Will the provided AFK Arena Code work properly?

The AFK Arena coupon codes mentioned above will work for a sufficient time duration.

What are AFK Arena codes?

These codes will help players to unlock several useful items in the AFK Arena game.

How to redeem AFK Arena codes on mobile phones?

The procedure of redeeming the codes is quite similar to that in PC. Understands the steps of code redemption above in this passage.


You have reached the end of this post. We hope you were able to redeem these arena codes. If you are having any trouble following the steps given in this post, then do not hesitate to write to us in the comment sections. We will try our best to diagnose the issue. We will be updating this list as soon as there will be new AFK codes. Until we meet again, Happy Gaming!

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