All Mafia Games In Chronological Order

All Mafia Games In Chronological Order: Players are permitted to experience the Mafia games in order in whatever sequence they like, however it might be preferable to play certain activities sooner compared to others because these three video games must not create a unified tale.

Players would be prudent to carefully consider which sequence they enjoy the console games throughout to fully observe all of the sophisticated analogies and intricacies that they keep. Playing Mafia 2, Mafia 3, and afterward Mafia: Definitive Edition, a recreation of the original game, is recommended for the best experience.


Players assume the roles of various felons in all Mafia games in order while they advance to strong fellows of penitentiary groups. Players are permitted to choose and lay aside whomever they want sans giving anything away since every round contains its independent plot and storyline.

Players are also permitted to acquire as many Mafias cigarette tokens as they desire for each session. Subsequent games, meanwhile, contain call-backs and connections to prior videogames, therefore players may be required to start from Mafia 2 to fully enjoy subsequent titles.

All Mafia Games in Chronological Order

Mafia games in order content comprise twenty-one objectives that feature driving, automobile pursuits, pistol, and fist fighting including third-person exploring by walking. Mafia contains a number of intricate internal layers, such as the Forgotten Paradise city’s runway, museum, hotel, church, disused jail, cafeteria, as well as Don Salieri’s saloon, in contrast to the surrounding countryside.

The gameplay becomes more realistic as the environment and period of day change. Gamers in Mafia have access to a variety of 51 vintage vehicles that are modeled by their real-world equivalents. After completing the video game, you can access an additional 19 extra automobiles, five of which are vintage racing cars. The tale gradually introduces cars, including 1920s versions being accessible initially on again and modern types emerging subsequently.

Mafia: Definitive Edition

  • Date of Release: 29th August 2002
  • Available on Platforms: PS2, Windows, Xbox

The play that began everything, Mafia, uncovered the world’s reaction to Tommy Angelo, an increasing mafia boss, whose story of going from nothing to nothing because back just once unfolded against the stage set of America’s Prohibition time as well as seized the creative abilities of players across the globe when it was initially launched around in 2002.

Mafia accomplished a wonderful job of condensing iconic, Martin Scorsese-Esque villain movies into something like a consumable, online gaming form that does not exist elsewhere. It is an explorable adventure game with a focus on iconic action movies and dramatic shootouts.

Even though Grand Theft Auto’s domination of the category was fully established, it really was simple to understand why so numerous players were attracted to Mafia due to its intricate environment and outstanding graphical portrayal.

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Mafia has been completely renovated by 2K with programmer Hangar 13 after certain 18 years and is finally available through its final shape. The videogame engine from Mafia III serves just like its operational foundation.

Mafia IV not just to includes newly recreated materials, shaders, and animated sprites enhancements with 4K resolution aesthetics, and yet also redesigned mechanics and reworked objectives. Neither game offers gamers, whether seasoned or new, a greater opportunity to witness how it originally started than Mafia.

Mafia II

  • Date of Release: 24th August 2010
  • Available on Platforms: PS3, Windows, Xbox 360, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

Mafia II (Mafia game order) provides an authentic gaming performance with context-sensitive scenarios, a regular response option, and just a violent action toggle. The player may conceal themselves under things during a gunfight thanks to a shielding element incorporated into the title that wasn’t present in the system’s prequel.

Supercars, local buses, tow trucks, utility vehicles, as well as other automobiles with intricate detailing total more than fifty. The videogame also features certain firearms from the previous edition in addition to some fresh stuff.

The atmosphere is completed by the abundance of famous tunes again from the period that broadcast channels in Empire Bay. The narrative starts when Vito the protagonist the role gamers will play, emerges from the Second World War conflict. So a strategy to prevent going to prison for a failed heist. When Joe Barbaro with Vito rejoins, they immediately start living a criminal lifestyle.

Mike Bruski, a technician who requires a specific kind of automobile to disassemble for components and is willing to sell out $400 for a vehicle that the cops aren’t trying to catch, is the first step in their illegal ascent. Shortly after, the Vinci, Falcone, and Clemente houses along with other criminal organizations come into conflict alongside Henry Tomasino, Joe, and Vito.

Mafia III

  • Date of Release: 7th October 2016
  • Available on Platforms: Mac, Windows, Xbox One, PS4

After advancing through the system’s several tasks, Mafia III provides a wide range of choices with playing techniques. As the gamer advances via the gameplay, after a new mechanism is discovered, on-screen instructional pictures that provide a short overview of the function or job will display.

The laws have modified in 1968. Lincoln Clay, who spent many years fighting in Vietnam, is aware of the fact that home is defined according to who people sacrifice for them, not by those you are blessed with. Lincoln is determined to leave his violent record behind now that he is returning to New Bordeaux.

After the Italian Mafia betrays and exterminates his adopted people, the Black Mob, Lincoln forges a route for retribution as well as atonement via the Mafioso answerable. To survive inside this modern paradigm, you’ll require more than just infrequent buddies. There will be a demand for violent gun battles, violent arm fighting, white-knuckle riding, as well as practical wisdom.

It is however conceivable to reach the apex of such a town’s darkness only with an appropriate group of people, certain unpopular choices, and perhaps a few filthy fists. Over the top of the ruins of the previous family, a replacement one must be built. His subordinates Vito Scaletta, Thomas Burke, and Cassandra are also present.

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The PS2, as well as Xbox versions of the software, earned poor ratings from reviews than the widely acclaimed initial PC videogame because they were seen as substandard. All experts and gamers praised the title universally in its native Czech Republic, where all the system’s makers are from.

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What city is Empire Bay based on?

The city on which Empire Bay is based is known as New York.

Is joe Barbaro alive in Mafia 3?

In Mafia 3, Joe Barbaro continues to remain alive. According to our view, Leo Galante was aware that Joe as well as Vito are just too important to be murdered.

How many Mafia games are there?

As per the official website, there are only three Mafia series that are available online.

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