All NieR Games In Order of Release Date (Complete List 2023)

Check the Entire List of Nier Games in Chronological Order!

All NieR Games In Order of Release Date
All Nier games order

NieR is an action-driven combat video game franchise developed by Cavia. The NieR games are known for their dark, gloomy characters with a mind-capturing storyline.

The emphatic design and majestic gameplay make the NieR games stand out in the arena of Action RPGs. There is often a problem amongst the fans regarding the Nier chronological order.

We have come to the rescue to resolve this issue with our Nier Games Complete List 2023. Now, you can play the NieR Games in the proper order by referring to our updated list. 

All NieR Games

The genre of Action RPG has been sensationalized globally ever since the release of Drakengard! NieR has six games in the series if we include the Drakengard trilogy. The Nier games are a spinoff originating from the first Drakengard’s ending. We have compiled the lists of all NieR & Drakengard games separately in chronological order.

If you are a hardcore enthusiast who doesn’t want to miss out on even a single detail of the storyline, you must also play the Drakengard trilogy. Otherwise, the NieR games can follow the Nier Chronological order below.

1. NieR (2010)

Nier 2010
Nier 2010 Game
Release Date22nd April 2010
PlatformsXbox 360, PS 3

The first Nier game faced a mixed reaction upon its release in 2010. Nier is a spinoff from one of the endings of Drakengard’s first part. The game takes place on Earth, where Black Scrawl disease has taken over the planet. The protagonist must find a cure for the illness to save Yonah on a dark post-apocalyptic earth. The game concept and character design were created to appeal to Western audiences.

The game has an alternative version, Nier Gestalt, which is basically the same as Nier but only with an older protagonist. The player has to survive monsters, robots & gigantic creatures called shades. The protagonist is equipped with swords & spears. More weapons can be unlocked and powered up as the player gains XP points.

2. NieR: Automata

NieR Automata
NieR Automata Game
DevelopersPlatinum Games
Release Date23rd February 2017
PlatformsXbox One, PS 4, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

According to the NieR Chronological order, the next game is the 2017 release Nier: Automata. The game received much more positive feedback than its prequel. NieR Automata surely left a deep impression on the era of console gaming with its flawless visuals & engaging storyline. The storyline is set in a war scenario between the machines created by aliens and Androids (created by humans). The player embodies the avatar of an Android. The gameplay is combat-based with a hash & slash (close-range fighting) style. The player can switch between the weapons during gameplay, allowing a versatile fighting experience.

3. NieR Reincarnation

NieR Reincarnation
NieR Reincarnation Game
DevelopersApplibot, Inc
Release Date18th February 2021
PlatformsiOS, Android
WebsiteNier Reincarnation Download Link

NieR Reincarnation is the next in the Nier Chronological order list queue. Unlike all the previous versions of the game, NieR Reincarnation is specifically designed for mobile platforms. The plotline of the game takes place in a fictional realm called Cage. The game comprises various character-specific storylines. The game is more like a collective bunch of smaller storylines. The player can either play solo or enter real-time battles. There are additional features like Arena Mode to earn rewards and unlock new weapons for the game. This game is not a sequel to NieR Automata but more like a character journey.

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4. NieR Automata Become as Gods Edition

NieR Automata Become as Gods Edition
NieR Automata Become as Gods Edition
DevelopersPlatinum Games Inc.
Release Date26th June 2018
PlatformsXbox One

NieR Automata Become as GODS Editon is an Xbox Exclusive release. It is just a slightly modified version of NieR Automata with additional alternative outfits, skins, and accessories.

5. NieR Replicant (ver.1.22474487139)

NieR Replicant (ver.1.22474487139)
NieR Replicant (ver.1.22474487139)
DevelopersSquare Enix, Toylogic Inc.
Release Date23rd April 2021
PlatformsXbox One, PS 4

This game is an updated version of NieR Replicant (Japan Release) and is the prequel to NieR: Automata. The storyline and gameplay mechanics in this version of the game have seen a vast improvement from its predecessors. The game’s objective is for the male protagonist to pull out his sister from the deadly clutches of Black Scrawl disease.

6. NieR: Automata the End of YoRHa Edition

NieR Automata the End of YoRHa Edition
NieR Automata the End of YoRHa Edition
DeveloperPlatinum Games
Release Date6th October 2022
PlatformsNintendo Switch

This version of Nier: Automata is exclusive to Nintendo Switch only. The game is an ultimate blend of action-filled sequences that unfold in three types of colosseums. This is a fascinating open-world game in a post-apocalyptic world where the survivors are taking refuge on the Moon while the military attempts to regain control over Earth.

List of Drakengard Games

Drakengard is the origin story of the Nier. The game is, however, just a spinoff and has little to do with the storyline of the NieR games. We have still compiled the list of the Drakengard series in chronological order in case you wish to experience more elaborate gameplay. Below is the list of the Drakengard trilogy in reference to all NieR games.

1. Drakengard

Drakengard Game
DevelopersSquare Enix, Macrospace, Cavia
Release Date11th September 2003
PlatformsJava, PS 2

Drakengard is the mother story of various spinoffs, sequels, and even a prequel. The game outshined its competitors by providing multiple endings according to players’ routes. The ending E of the Drakengard is the origin story of all NieR Games. The ending E depicted the Japanese government killing Caim as well as the Demon. The killing eventually led to the outbreak of a deadly plague called Black Scrawl. Black Scrawl led to the eradication of the human race, ultimately creating a post-apocalyptic earth.

2. Drakengard 2

Drakengard 2
Drakengard 2 Game
Release Date16th June 2005
PlatformsPS 2

Unlike the other Drakengard parts, Drakengard 2 has nothing to do with the events occurring in any NieR or Drakengard game. This game crusades the player with a separate timeline, which is not canon to the main plotline. Thus, it is not included in the Nier Chronological order.

3. Drakengard 3

Drakengard 3
Drakengard 3 Game
DevelopersAccess Games
Release Date19th December 2013
PlatformsPS 3

Drakengard 3 is the prequel to the first Drakengard game. Even though it is not directly canon to all Nier Games, it has a foundational role in the setup of Drakengard 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nier Replicant sequel of Automata?

No, Nier Replicant is the prequel of Nier Automata. Replicant is the remastered version of the original Nier (2010) game. Nier Replicant was released on 23rd April 2021.

Is Drakengard 2 canon?

No, Drakengard 2 is not canon to the main storyline of either Drakengard or NieR. The plot line takes place in an entirely different timeline.

How many endings does NieR Automata have?

NieR Automata has 26 endings! Each ending is unlocked by the choices the player makes throughout the game. Unlocking some endings is relatively complex as they require clearing challenging missions.

Which is the real end of Nier?

The real end of Nier is the ending E. This ending is unlocked when the player accepts the offer of pods to rekindle memories of 9S, 2B & A2.


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