10 Things To Know Before Playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

The Ultimate Beginners' Guide for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a popular Social Simulation Mobile game that initially came out in 2017. This game managed to become an ultimate fan favorite by presenting an epic campsite simulation experience. The player takes on the role of the campsite manager in the game and has to create an enticing Campsite for the various Animal Visitors. The highlight of the game is, however, the interaction with the adorable animal characters.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Beginners Guide
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Beginners Guide

If you are new to Pocket Camp and struggling your way as a noob or you wish to play the game in the future, this post has everything you need to know. We have created this list based on the actual gameplay experience of players and our personal experience while playing Pocket Camp.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

If you have chosen to read this post, we assume that you have been looking for the Pocket Camp Beginners Guide. It doesn’t matter if you are a new or old player, this list has plenty of tricks that may come in handy for you.

Sometimes we aren’t aware of some of the basic concepts of the game even after being on a decent level. This lack of awareness can lead you to fully enjoy the game experience. This is why we have compiled the most useful tips for playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp for you.

Now without any further ado, let’s begin with the Animal Crossing Beginners Guide for Pocket Camp.

1. Selling Items

Selling Items in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
Selling Items in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

One of the biggest mistakes you might end up doing during the initial Pocket Camp Levels is not selling your bulk items correctly. There are basically two ways to sell your items in Mobile Camp, one way is giving these items back to the game while the other is selling them to your friends. So, before you decide to sell your bulk items, make sure to compare the prices you are getting by auto-selling them back to the game. Comparing the prices of these two methods will help you ensure that you get the maximum profit.

2. Interactions with villagers for receiving rewards

Interactions with villagers
Interactions with villagers

You may think that the usual interaction with the villagers is just a few pre-programmed aspects and skip right through it, giving them any item without any pre-thought. However, the item you decide to give the villagers totally changes the fate of the rewards you will receive. So, you may want to experiment with this aspect of the game.

3. Expand Your Network

Expand Your Network
Expand Your Network

Being a Social Simulation Game, having a long friend list will ease your Pocket Camp experience tremendously. Having friends help you in various quests and daily tasks which furnish rewards in return. You can also visit the Campsite of your friends and collect items from there. This isn’t all, you can also sell and buy items from your friends in a reasonable amount of game currency.

4. Expand Crafting Slots

Expand Crafting Slots
Expand Crafting Slots

One of the most important tasks which gives you the most long term implications in Pocket Camp is unlocking crafting slots. You need to ensure that you start expanding your slots from the very start of the gameplay. There are many methods to achieve required number of crafting slots:

  • By leveling up your Camp Manager level you can achieve this by prioritizing your amenities.
  • Spending leaf tickets for unlocking more crafting slots
  • Saving crafting materials
  • By participating in Special Events you can win crafting slots as rewards

5. Selling Native & Exotic Fruits

Selling Native & Exotic Fruits
Selling Native & Exotic Fruits

Selling your fruits is another task that you need to pay special attention to while playing the game. There are two types of fruits that you will come across in Pocket Camp. One is Native Fruits, which are the fruits that grow on your island. You can easily get a decent price for your native fruits in the Market Place. You can also choose to sell them to your friends.

The second category of fruits that you will find in the game is Exotic Fruits. You can obtain these fruits through your friends (Another perk of having friends in Pocket Camp). One age-old business tactic you can use here is that you can buy these exotic fruits at a low price from your friends and sell them to the villagers with a considerable amount of profit.

6. Save your Leaf Tickets

Save your Leaf Tickets
Save your Leaf Tickets

Leaf Tickets are an important game currency in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp that can be obtained by performing tasks and challenges. It is very important to know this fact that you will receive humongous amounts of Leaf Tickets at the beginning of the game. However, soon they will become more and more rare to find.

So, it is very beneficial to spend your leaf tickets wisely. This is easier said than done because there will be various situations where you will be tempted to spend your leaf tickets. So, you have to decide what is your priority in the game and spend accordingly.

7. Duplicate Rare Items and save your essence

Gulliver's ship
Gulliver’s ship

One neat trick to use the duplicate feature to your advantage is by giving rare items to the villagers. This will lead the relevant cookies to duplicate these items and you can stock up on them. Now, you can use these items to load up the Gulliver’s ship instead of crafting Cargo boxes which use up a lot of essences.

8. Sunburst Island Bug Catching

Sunburst Island Bug Catching
Sunburst Island Bug Catching

Collecting rare bugs is one of the most patience requiring but fulfilling experiences in the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. You need to be extremely careful while you go Bug Catching around Sunburst Island. If you rush and cross over a Bug, it will escape. However, one trick that has worked out for many players in this messy situation is immediately exiting the game. Then, open the game again and you should encounter the same bug that you lost.

9. Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips
Fishing Tips

Fishing is one of the most unpredictable and fun activities you can enjoy on Pocket Camp. Before catching the fish, shadows of different sizes appear on the surface of the water. The tiny fish shadows that are encountered near the river are usually not worth the effort and maybe a huge gamble for a low amount of bells. However, choosing tiny fish shadows on the beach side can turn out as successful as there is a high probability of catching sea horses in this region.

However, these trends keep on changing with time so you may experiment to know what works out the best for you.

10. Do not forget to shake the trees

Shake the trees
Shake the trees

Most of us have discovered this hidden reward system accidentally. However, if you discover this feature at the beginning of the gameplay, it may be highly advantageous to you. By shaking the trees you can retrieve bells, which is a prominent game currency. You must, however, keep in mind that this works on Non-fruit bearing trees only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play Pocket Camp on PC?

Well, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is originally a game limited to mobile platforms only. If you still wish to play it on your PC, there is a way. For this, you will have to download an Android Emulator such as BlueStacks. Now, all you need to do is visit the Play Store and Download the game. You will now be able to play Pocket Camp on your PC.

Is Pocket Camp an offline game?

Nope! Pocket Camp is an online social simulation game that

Is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp free to play?

Yes, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a free to play game. All you need is an active internet connection to play this game. There are in-app purchases available in the game. However these are completely optional

How popular is Pocket Camp?

Pocket Camp is the mobile version of the popular Animal Crossing Franchise. Just like its predecessors, Pocket Camp has a huge fanbase and has managed to earn over $250 million of revenue.

Can a 6 year old Play Animal Crossing?

Well, Animal Crossing has a rating of PEDI 3 which makes it suitable for all children above the age of 3. There is no concerning content in this game that may trigger the tender mind of a child. However, you should avoid letting your child spend too much time on the game as it may reflect on their health.


You have reached the end of our article on The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Beginners Guide! We want to give a special shoutout to Reddit User ‘eskim’ for sharing their insights and starting a wonderful Discussion Thread which helped us refine this post.

We hope that you found this article helpful and this will help you elevate your Pocket Camp gameplay experience. If you have any suggestions that we can incorporate into this post, do not hesitate to write them down to us. We will soon be back with more Game Guides and Latest Gaming News. Till then, Happy Gaming!


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