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Here is everything we know about the upcoming AAA MMORPG!

Today in the post we will be listing down everything that is there to know about the upcoming MMORPG title including ArcheAge 2 release date, gameplay, trailer, news, and more.

The groundbreaking original ArcheAge, an MMORPG from Kakao Games and XLGames released in 2014, quickly gained a large following of MMO fans. In 2020, the announcement of its sequel, ArcheAge 2, was made; yet since then, no further details have been shared about it. What made the first game so unique was its true sandbox experience that allowed players to explore and do as they pleased.

ArcheAge 2 Release Date

ArcheAge 2 Release Date
ArcheAge 2 Release Date

XLGames CEO Jake Song released some details on the upcoming sequel to the massively popular action MMORPG Archeage 2, including that it will be available for both PC and consoles. Along with this news, a stunning teaser trailer was presented showcasing some of the gameplay. Unfortunately, no ArcheAge 2 release date or window was specified other than “soon” as an indication of its projected launch.

Despite this, XLGames has said that fans can expect the game sometime in 2024. The game is still in its early development stages with more than 100 developers working on it.

ArcheAge 2 Trailer

ArcheAge 2 Trailer

The first official ArcheAge trailer was dropped on November 17, 2022, which showed us the open world of the game and some combat elements. The graphics of the game are “Unreal”(pun intended). Enjoy the awesomesauce trailer provided above.

ArcheAge 2 Gameplay

ArcheAge 2 Gameplay
ArcheAge 2 Gameplay

XL-Games CEO Jake Song and Executive Producer of ArcheAge 2, has shared that numerous fundamental elements of ArcheAge will remain intact, including the freedom for players to explore. As a multi-platform title set as the sequel to the global success ArcheAge, this Action MMORPG will take place in a separate timeline from both ArcheAge and Unchained though it is within the same world.

The trading system in ArcheAge I was a fan favorite, yet it had some shortcomings. For its sequel, ArcheAge II, Studio is upgrading the system so that gamers can do trade runs by themselves, collaboratively with others, or in raids.

Another popular component of ArcheAge I was the housing feature; Studio plans to upgrade it by adding more personalization options for players to pick from when designing their homes. Additionally, they are permitting players to inhabit towns with friends and form their own towns with guildmates.

ArcheAge 2 Storyline

ArcheAge 2: Executive Producer Jake Song Interview

In the interview video embedded above, Executive Producer, Jake Song talks about the game. According to him, the timeline of ArcheAge II will be similar to that of its predecessor, but the story progression will be different. Rather than a narrative-focused plot, this installment will revolve around individual quests and stories.

The game takes place when Auroria first becomes known and is being populated by settlers; part of the storyline involves uncovering and solving secrets from an ancient civilization that has been lost for millennia and blended with nature.

ArcheAge 2 Platforms

All we know is that the game is being developed for both PC and consoles. There is no word from the developers at XLGames whether the game will be released for current generation consoles (PS5, Xbox X/S) or will also support previous generation gaming consoles (PS4, Xbox One & Switch). Notably, the predecessor of ArcheAge 2 was only released for Windows PC.

ArcheAge 2 News

ArcheAge 2 News
ArcheAge 2 News

Kakao Games is thrilled to reveal their publishing agreement with XLGAMES for the highly anticipated MMORPG ArcheAge 2, set for launch in 2024. Following its predecessor’s success and captivating gameplay, the game has been gaining traction since 2020. Jake Song, CEO of XLGAMES, is heading the development team which consists of over 100 members devoted to providing spectacular action and AAA-level storytelling. Characteristics that define this game are its immense open world and combat action.

It has also been confirmed that several races that were developed for ArcheAge and features in some early artwork, but not in the actual game, will make an appearance in ArcheAge 2. For more updates and news we suggest you keep track of Kakao Game’s Twitter handle.


  1. Is ArcheAge 2 coming out?

    ArcheAge 2 is in its early development stages and will remain so for quite some time. There is no fixed release date or window but according to XLGames, the game can be released sometime in 2024.

  2. Will ArcheAge 2 be cross-platform?

    As of now, it is not clear whether the game will enable crossplay or not. So far all we know is that the game is being developed for PC and consoles.

  3. Will ArcheAge 2 come to PS4?

    The developers at Kakao Games are yet to answer this query. All we know is that the game will be released for PC and consoles. They haven’t made it clear if the game will support the previous generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One & Switch) or not.

  4. On what engine is ArcheAge 2 being made?

    ArcheAge 2 is being developed using Unreal Engine 5. Earlier UE4 was being used but later the game was shifted to UE5

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