Arena of Valor Tier List [March] 2023: Characters Tier List

Arena of Valor Tier List: A 3-dimensional, 3rd-person, online multiplayer combat video game for cellular devices is called Arena of Valor. The game has various gaming options, including Rated team, Great War, Abyssal Clash, Delta Assault, and many others.

Such battles, typically run twelve to eighteen minutes on average during Grand Battle, include gamer competition. Players try to take down opponent structures on the battlefield, and taking down the opposing base is the only way to win.

Heroes are the avatars that players manage; every character has a particular set of skills. They begin the action at a minimal concentration, and they can gain money and exp in a variety of methods, including by slaughtering enemies and perhaps other non-player characters, killing other gamers, and progressing quietly over time, including using specialized goods that may be bought inside the store.


Participation increases the warrior’s strength by unlocking and enhancing skills. Since things bought inside the store don’t transfer between several games, each player starts each battle on an even playing field.

Gamers get prizes from battles, like gold, that they can spend to purchase a selection of characters or arcana. Furthermore, players may participate in a rate, which matches them against their rivals of a similar level of ability and evaluates them based on the hierarchy. Players may get stars via winning games; however, they could equally lose stars if they fail.

Arena of Valor Tier List

The fantastic videogame Arena of Valor was created for portable devices and therefore is freely downloadable from the Play Store.  The videogame types in Arena of Valor require players to engage in combat with adversaries and deal them the greatest devastation.

To combat the enemy, the gameplay includes a large number of characters who are divided into several categories based on their talents as well as strengths. Players may assemble their squad in combat by selecting the greatest characters.

Inside the game, every protagonist has a unique combination of skills. They possess firearms, and several of them are skilled enough with sorcery to overcome the opposition and conquer the conflict. One can simply eliminate the adversary at this moment.

AoV Tier List

Certain characters are excellent, while others are only mediocre. Therefore, one could not be able to predict which strategy would result in success. It’s indeed straightforward and truthful. Six areas make out the Arena of Valor tier list S, A, B, C, D, & F. While we move forward, we will go into information around each category.


Gamers may practically select and select any character they need while embarking on a new match in the entertaining and quick 5v5 MOBA system known as Arena of Valor. Yet, certain champions are superior to others. It would only be normal that certain characters to receive buffs while others receive nerfs with each update. All who receive buffs typically have a larger total victory rate % compared to other players.

Name of ProtagonistClass TypeRole Info
RiktorWarriorDark Slayer
VioletMarksmanAbyssal Dragon


Characters from the Arena of Valor best heroes A are incredibly powerful and may be utilized in a wide scope of scenarios. They could, nevertheless, be less powerful than warriors of the S level. This category is appropriate for your way of playing unless you’re seeking characters who can control the game while also doing devastation.

Name of ProtagonistClass TypeRole Info
HayateMarksmanAbyssal Dragon
OmenWarriorDark Slayer
VeresWarriorDark Slayer
LavilleMarksmanAbyssal Dragon
Wonder WomanWarriorRoamer
YornMarksmanAbyssal Dragon
YenaWarriorDark Slayer

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In your squad, the Arena of Valour tier list 2023 B is an excellent pick. They aren’t always as well-known or eye-catching as Rank A or S characters, however, they are still extremely helpful in particular circumstances and group setups.

Characters that may be applied under particular circumstances belong throughout this tier. These might not be effective against all opponent compositions or on all maps. Still, they may be excellent options when you learn processes to utilize them properly.

Name of ProtagonistClass TypeRole Info
FlorentinoWarriorDark Slayer
SupermanWarriorDark Slayer
Lu BuWarriorDark Slayer
AiriAssassinDark Slayer
ArthurWarriorDark Slayer
BrunhildaMarksmanAbyssal Dragon
SlimzMarksmanAbyssal Dragon
Tel’AnnasMarksmanAbyssal Dragon
Kil’GrothWarriorDark Slayer


Warriors of AoV hero list C are somewhat weaker compared to those at the upper tiers. Considering collaboration and planning are crucial in Arena of Valor, players will be required to fight harder to prevail in matches with any of these heroes.

You might succeed with some of these characters, though, if you’re able to put together the ideal group and perform properly. Do not really quit even though your favorite fighter is placed poorly in category C; this is still possible for them to get there in AoV.

Name of ProtagonistClass TypeRole Info
ValheinMarksmanAbyssal Dragon
MorenMarksmanAbyssal Dragon
QiWarriorDark Slayer
ElsuMarksmanAbyssal Dragon
The JokerMarksmanAbyssal Dragon
DextraWarriorDark Slayer
RoxieTankDark Slayer
AllainWarriorDark Slayer
ThorneMarksmanAbyssal Dragon


These characters from the tier list Arena of Valor are regarded as a few of the least powerful. They are typically less powerful, than other champions and shouldn’t be the focus of your rank-up strategy overall.

Such characters are ineffectual or too challenging while acting alone because they demand substantial teamwork. They are typically chosen for their capacity to defeat rival characters. These characters are uncommon in video games requiring heightened levels of skill and needing a considerable amount of effort to master.

Name of ProtagonistClass TypeRole Info
AstridWarriorDark Slayer
SkudWarriorDark Slayer
MaxTankDark Slayer


The worst characters in AoV are said to be the following ones. They do not possess many excellent talents, and their victory percentages just weren’t absolutely excellent. If you don’t realize how to operate or don’t genuinely enjoy playing with either of these characters regardless of their weaknesses, it’s better to stay away from them. Unless you still desire to compete with these characters since they are your favorites, attempt to concentrate on a setup with things that will assist in counteracting their flaws.

Name of ProtagonistClass TypeRole Info
ErrolWarriorDark Slayer
ArduinWarriorDark Slayer
TaaraTankDark Slayer

Riktor as well as Yan, two warrior category characters, are presently the top Slayer Lane characters within Arena of Valor. Only with the assistance of such a group’s tank, they may defeat adversaries despite going solo inside the slayer zone with ease.

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Baldum, Thane, but also Xenial are indeed the competition’s three biggest tank-category fighters at the moment. The powerful warriors from the Mage category, such as Lorion, Zata, or Krixi, are the finest choices for such mid-lane. They may surround the opposition when necessary while assisting their squad in the opposing zones.

The Abyssal Dragon Alley is the ideal place for the sharpshooter plus supports warriors. Even with the assistance of TeeMee or Zip, Hayate or Capheny could fight the enemies on this side. Additionally, they may help a squad battle in whatsoever lane.

Mostly in subsequent phases of the videogame, Marksman may be lethal using expensive equipment out from the shop and therefore can probably beat the whole opposition players inside the Abyssal Dragon Lane.

At the moment, Keera, Kriknak, or Butterfly, belongs to Assassins legendary swordsman and are the greatest Jungle zone characters in the gameplay. They may launch assaults for their squad in either patch and kill forest creatures to get money as well as experience.

Each successful encounter throughout the Arena of Valor requires an excellent squad with the ideal composition. It is crucial to choose the greatest characters for the squad since they will strengthen your selection or weaken the enemy’s selection in respect of capabilities and skills.

In order to offer everyone, the best answer concerning the multiple reliable options for the latest gaming scenario that may assist you to easily succeed in the battle, we have outlined the AoV tier list for 2023 as per their respective responsibilities throughout this post. So, we sincerely believe that you’ll find it informative.


What is the best class for Arena?

Core, Blackrock Mountain, and Kobolds & Catacombs are among the best class for Arena.

Who among warrior and paladin is better?

Paladins create excellent and simpler tanks to handle, whereas Warriors excel in DPSing by a wide margin.

Who is the number one assassin in AoV?

We think the best assassin in Arena of Valor is Butterfly.

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