10 Best Bloodborne Builds in 2023 [Top Picks by Players]

Here is the Ultimate List of the most effective Builds for Bloodborne based on the popular opinion of fans!

Bloodborne is a shining star in the world of Action RPGs since its release in 2015. Bloodborne offers a number of build styles to the players so that they can create a character of their preference.

10 Best Bloodborne Builds in 2023
10 Best Bloodborne Builds in 2023

However, having too many Build Options can be overwhelming at times, especially if you are new to the game.

If you do not like error and trial methods and want to go with a stronger force in the game, we got your back.

We have gone through various polls and discussions on social media such as Reddit to compile this list of Bloodborne Builds in 2023.

You can create a number of build styles in Bloodborne with a variety of races, weapons, armour, and skills. For having the best gameplay experience, it is absolutely necessary to pick a superior Build.

Your Build should match your playstyle so that you can ace through the challenges and quests smoothly.

If you haven’t found your go-to Bloodborne Build yet, then you may want to check out our list of the Best Bloodborne Builds.

10. Whirligig Saw Build

Whirligig Saw Build
Whirligig Saw Build

The central weapon that is the signature trait of this Build is the Whirligig Saw. This is a huge weapon that can slice through enemy defenses with great ease.

You can retrieve Whirligig Saw from the Hunter’s Nightmare area of the game. In order to make this Build style work, you will need to prioritize the Strength and Skills stats.

Doing this will increase the efficiency of your attacks.

For the offhand weapon, you can go with the Hunter Pistol which pairs really well with the Whirligig Saw. This build style is all about aggressive attacks and is recommended for players who like to blast off all the way.

9. Logarius Wheel Build

Logarius Wheel Build
Logarius Wheel Build

Next on the Best Bloodborne Builds front is the Logarius Wheel Build. This style involves the Logarius Wheel as the main weapon. In order to pull off this style you will need to focus on the Strength & Arcane Stats.

You may also want to maintain your Vitality and Endurance stats for the best outcome. This is a highly versatile fighting style that allows you to outshine in both PvE as well as PvP modes.

The best part about using this Build Style is the durability against enemies, giving you a scope to strategize during your fights.

If you wish to have a character build that can last longer in the battlefields then certainly go with this one.

8. Holy Moonlight Sword Build

Holy Moonlight Sword Build
Holy Moonlight Sword Build

Holy Moonlight Sword is no ordinary weapon, it is a source of ultimate power ready to be unleashed.

In order to yield this legendary weapon, you should pick the correct character race (Noble Scion, preferably).

Once you have picked the race, your next task should be to raise your Strength, skill, and arcane statistics. Do not forget to choose the correct attire to pair with your character and skills.

This build style offers a variety of combat opportunities, making it a preferred choice amongst players who like experimentation.

7. Vileblood Build

Vileblood Build
Vileblood Build

Next up, we have the Vileblood Build who are a faction of Cainhurst Knights. The main combat style of this faction relies upon inflicting blood damage on the enemy.

The primary weapon of Vileblood Build is Chikage which is a huge katana blade, this weapon specializes in executing huge amounts of damage.

The secondary weapon you may want to pair with your Chikage is the Reiterpallasch, which is a rapier with a built-in gun.

The fighting style of this faction is quite aggressive and will suit players who do not like to hold back. If you enjoy bloodbaths and extreme combat, then this fighting style will complement your gaming style.

6. Beasthood Build

Beasthood Build
Beasthood Build

You may want to pick the Waste of Skin Class for using this build style. This is yet another aggressive build style that relies on inflicting maximum damage on the enemy troops.

The best choice of weapons for this style is the Saw Cleaver, Beasthunter Saif, Beast Cutter, and Whirligig Saw. Next, you have to improve your Bloodtinge and Skill statistics for the maximum advantage of this build.

One of the perks of using this build style is the Beast Mode, which allows the players to fully berserk against the enemies.

In order to do so, you will have to fill up your Beasthood meter. This playstyle will suit you if you want to unleash your inner beast on the battlefield.

5. Strength Build

Strength Build
Strength Build

Strength Build is an excellent choice if you prefer a more balanced attack and defense opportunities. This Build is all about delivering massive amounts of damage to the enemy alongside long-lasting endurance against the counterattacks.

When it comes to the central weapon, Kirkhammer is the most popular choice. However, you can also pick Hunter Axe and Logarius Wheel. It is absolutely necessary to pick heavy and durable armor when opting for this build style.

If having a huge amount of core power is something that fascinates you, then Strength Build is just the right pick for you.

4. Skill Build

Skill Build
Skill Build

Skill Build in Bloodborne is all about speed and precision. Rather than relying on attacks with core strength, Skill Build gives an opportunity to introduce different strategies into the fighting style.

If you do not like to sit back and defend the enemy attacks and are more into dodging and counter-attacking, then this build style has your name written all over it.

One of the best Classes that will make your Skill Build Journey epic is the Lone Survivor. Endurance, vitality, and strength are some of the key statistics you need to enhance. The central weapons for this build can be Threaded Cane, Blades of Mercy, Burial Blade, and Rakuyo.

If you enjoy thrilling and fast-paced combat style then you should consider picking Skill Build for sure.

3. Bloodtinge Build

Bloodtinge Build
Bloodtinge Build

If you wish to try Bloodtinge Build, then you should consider picking Lone Survivor, Military Veteran, or Professional race.

This build style is all about blood-based attacks and requires you to enhance your Bloodtinge stats for the best experience. The central weapon for this attack style is the Firearms and blood-based weapons.

If you wish your combat style to be unique and promising at the same time, then Bloodtinge Build is the one for you.

2. Arcane Build

Arcane Build
Arcane Build

If you enjoy the concept of magic and spells then Arcane Build will give you the opportunity to explore this playstyle.

In order to deliver strong spells and attacks on the enemy you will need to upgrade your Arcane, Vitality, and Endurance Skills.

You will get a number of unique items and runes when it comes to Arcane Build. One major factor that you need to keep in mind is choosing compatible attire when opting for the Arcane Build.

Players will be given an opportunity to use elemental gems and blood gems to upgrade their weapons and arcane stats.

All in all, this build style is best for players who enjoy mysterious and unique combat styles.

1. Quality Build

Quality Build
Quality Build

Quality Build is amongst the most preferred battle styles that the players prefer while playing Bloodborne. This is a pretty balanced Build that requires you to enhance both Strength and Skill statistics.

When it comes to picking the best class that compliments this Build, you can go with the Lone Survivor. For the main weapon in this build, you may choose from Saw Cleaver, Ludwig’s Holy Blade, and the Kirkhammer. You can pair your weapon with firearms for the best experience.

One of the best parts about the Quality Build is that you pair it with different fighting styles such as Arcane and Bloodtinge.

So, if you enjoy actively experimenting throughout your gameplay, you will not go wrong with Quality Build.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Bloodborne Class is the best?

Well, based on popular opinion, ‘Military Veteran’, ‘Violent Past’, ‘Professional’, and ‘Troubled Childhood’ are amongst the best classes in Bloodborne.

Which is the most powerful weapon in Bloodborne?

Ludwig’s Holy Blade and Whirligig Saw are often debated as the most powerful weapon in Bloodborne.

Which is the coolest weapon in Bloodborne?

In our opinion, Chigake is one of the coolest weapons in Bloodborne.

Which is the most difficult enemy in Bloodborne?

Well, as far as our knowledge goes, Orphan of Kos is probably the most difficult enemy in Bloodborne.

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