10 Best Games Like Call of Duty

Explore the list of Games like Call of duty. Here is the list of the top 11 games similar to COD. Try & play games similar to call of duty today!

Call of Duty is a videogame that revolutionized the first-person shooting category. This game received multiple Games of the Year awards in 2003 as well as in 2004 during its first release in the year 2003. Call of Duty was developed by Infinity Research and published by Activision.

Players who’ve been enjoying Call of Duty for a while, you’re probably sick of playing this game time after time. Call of Duty isn’t the only FPS game that will deliver you a great experience and if you are bored of playing the same Call of Duty game all over again then you have landed at the best page as we will provide you with a list of the 10 Best games Like Call of Duty.

Best Games Like Call of Duty
10 Best Games Like Call of Duty

Best Games like Call of Duty

1. Halo Infinite

Release DateNovember 15, 2021
Developer(s)343 Industries
Platforms Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

We’re starting our list with the stunning Halo Infinite. The storyline of this game takes place right after the storyline of the legendary Halo 5 ends in December 2559. The UNSC’s ship is assaulted by some mercenaries operated by the Banished. The gameplay of this game is quite impressive and players will be able to use weapons and vehicles that are usually present in the Halo series such as the Warthog.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode has numerous different match types like capture the flag, deathmatch etc. The ability to pick up in this stunning game allows players to activate their special powers. The powers in this game include dashing, camouflage, etc. Overall the game received okay reviews from gamers and critics worldwide. However many gamers worldwide complained about the graphics of the game saying it wasn’t really up to the mark. We highly recommend every COD fan give this game a try.

2. Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Release DateMarch 1, 2010
Platforms PS3 Xbox 360, PC

The next game on our list is Battlefield Bad Company 2. The storyline of this stunning game takes place in 1994 when a group of US commandos infiltrate an island controlled by the Japanese Army and they later secure a Japanese scientist who was working on a secret scalar weapon. The gameplay is impressive for a 2010 game and the visuals are just exquisite. There are many lethal cutscenes and spine-chilling moments in the game.

This game received tons of great reviews from gamers and critics worldwide and is considered one of the best Battlefield games of all time. We highly recommend you guys give this game a try as we are pretty sure that it would not disappoint you guys.

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Release Date August 21, 2012
Developer(s)Valve Corporation
Platforms PC

CSGO is a multiplayer free-to-play game for PC where players can team up with the Terrorist or the Counter terrorist squad. There are numerous different match modes in this game like deathmatch, casual, hostage, etc. Many different Esports tournaments are being held for CSGO and numerous players are earning their name in the Esports community through this game.

Counter-Strike GO is also one of the best-optimized games of all time and it is easily playable on a low-end PC. There are various weapon skins available in the game as well. The physics, visuals, and gameplay of this game are just top-notch. If you are a fan of Call of Duty games and are interested in playing some Esports titles as well then CSGO might be the right pick for you. If you wanna know more about the weapon skin in this game then don’t forget to check out the Best weapon Skins in CSGO.

4. DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal
Release Date March 20, 2020
Developer(s)Panic Button Games
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Eternal is also another FPS that could attract COD aficionados, as it has you traversing a variety of terrible environments full of devilish enemies just wanting to be blasted to bits. The sequel builds on the squeeze combat system of its original while enabling players to experiment with new techniques in the sandbox stages.

Locations are portrayed as gigantic playground equipment with maze-like routes that allow you to slither around foes until you get the edge on them, similar to Call of Duty. Mix all that with a new bungee cord that adds an extra layer of complexity to the game’s navigation system and better player mobility. Despite having a kid-friendly graphic design, Fortnite may be just as difficult as Call of Duty. Now let us jump on to the next game on our list.

5. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5
Modern Combat 5
Release Date July 21, 2014
Platforms Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, IOS

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the latest edition in the Modern Combat genre. And it is unquestionably a masterwork. Including its gorgeous visuals and strong playability, this game seems a comprehensive console shooter. The storyline of this game takes place in Venice where a terrorist organization had attacked to steal the chemical weapons held by the United Nations. The gameplay of this game is impressive with some great quick-time events as well. The overall visual quality of the game is also impressive.

This must be the nearest approximation to Call of Duty on a mobile phone. You may choose to play the fast-paced story mode to preserve your world from annihilation or get right into multiplayer to compete contrary to all other gamers from across the globe. The best game modes are reminiscent of Call of Duty, so you’ll feel most comfortable. The game has received mixed reviews from gamers and critics worldwide. Now let us move on to the sixth game on our list.

6. Valorant

Release Date June 2, 2020
Developer(s)Riot Games
Platforms PC

One of the games like COD, Valorant takes inspiration from famous shooters like Quake, Counter-Strike, & Call of Duty whilst providing one’s fighting flavor and broad roster of playable characters. Rounds are played in a 5v5 strategic sniper mode, with gamers dividing into two teams to participate in appraisal-based stages.

There are more than 15 Agents to fight as they can all be acquired inside the game and have a completely adjustable heavy load. If you think you know everything there is to know about Call of Duty, Valorant’s focus on top-tier players will offer you such a unique disruptive scale to ascend. There are also many tournaments held for this game. This was it for Valorant now let us move on to the next game on our list.

7. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus
Release Date February 15, 2019
Developer(s)4A Games
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

This is the third season in the Metro franchise. Metro Exodus is the first survival horror board game in a dystopian environment that was released in the year 2019 by Deep Silver. It picks up where the previous game left off, alongside the main figure Artyom in 2035 Moscow. Following the events of Metro: Last Light, Artyom embarks on a voyage to the far east with his comrades aboard the Aurora railway. Because of the faction’s immorality, Artyom has quit the Spartan Order.

The gameplay might conclude positively or negatively, as is typical with the series. At the 2020 Pegasus Prizes, Metro Exodus was shortlisted for numerous awards and got Best Foreign Game. The game was met with positive reviews with players praising the overall visual quality of the game. We recommend you give this game a try as we are pretty sure that it would not disappoint you.

8. Critical Ops

Critical Ops
Critical Ops
Release Date August 14, 2015
Developer(s)Critical Force Ltd.
Platforms IOS, Android

Critical OPs seem more like a Counter-Strike replica than like a Call of Duty imitation. But since the two games have certain parallels, Critical OPs warrant being included on this list. It’s yet another videogame that reverts to the show’s fundamentals. There are now two multiplayer versions of the common game.

Scatter and Team Deathmatch are indeed the two game modes. You may perform the blow-up play in the Defuse mode, identical to Call of Duty, or jump into the last remaining team contest and clear out everyone’s foes. Critical OPs have stunning visuals, responsive controls, and engaging activities which will hold you glued to your Android smartphone. If you are into mobile games then this might be the right pick for you.

9. Apex Legends

Apex Legends
Apex Legends
Release Date February 4, 2019
Developer(s)Respawn Entertainment, Panic Button Games
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Nintendo Switch, Anroid, IOS

Some other widely played game is Apex Legends. This game is set in the same world as the Titanfall series. Apex Legends was released in 2019 by Electronic Arts and rapidly is now one of the top combat royale as well as hero shooter games like COD on the market. 

Players participate in second – and third squads, selecting from a roster of available Legends, each with their own set of skills to aid in combat. Inside the Battle Royale game, sixty participants are dropped on an island and therefore must acquire ammo and supplies to eradicate all those other teams trying to beat them. The map’s accessible area gradually diminishes, forcing the team to finally discover and combat one another. This was it for Apex Legends now we will spill some beans about the final game on our list.

10. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Release Date March 23, 2017
Developer(s)PUBG Corporation, KRAFTON
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Android, IOS

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is amongst the most popular video games of all time. It is credited with popularizing the battle royale genre.

A hundred people are dumped onto an island in PUBG, in which they must scavenge for guns, gear, as well as other items whilst attempting to murder other players. The playable or safe region on the enormous map diminishes with time, forcing players to encounter and battle one another.

The match is won by the last person or group. The opportunity to scavenge dead people motivates people to compete rather than hide to stay alive. Every after the match, players gain in-game cash performance appraisals. The game soon rose to the top of the rankings and is now one of the most popular games in history. This was it for PUBG now we will answer some FAQs down below for you guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PUBG the best Battle Royale game?

PUBG is not the best but surely one of the Best battle royale games out there.

When was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 released?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was released back on November 11, 2011

When was Battlefield 3 released?

Battlefield 3 was released back on October 25, 2011


This was our list of the 10 Best games like Call of Duty. We hope that you enjoyed the list and if you guys have any doubts regarding the information that we have provided above then feel free to write them down in the comments.

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