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Explore the list of Games like Call of duty. Here is the list of the top 11 games similar to COD. Try & play games similar to call of duty today!

Call of Duty is a videogame that revolutionized the first-person shooting category. This game received multiple games of the year game honours in 2003 as well as in 2004 during its first release in the year 2003. Call of Duty was developed by Infinity Research and published by Activision.

It was themed during Second World War and let people experience the conflict from the perspective of Soviet, American, and British soldiers. Call of Duty blended hard solitary objectives including multiplayer technology that poured fresh life together into series that had previously been dominated by games like Quake and Doom.

Best Games Like Call of Duty
Best Games Like Call of Duty

In this game, gamers will go through World War Two in a sequence of scenarios or compete over real opponents in the online multiplayer medium. To properly represent the entire battle, a warrior would’ve been part of a massive squad instead of battling solo, the individual play incorporated a casting of desktop comrades. Let’s get started with the Best Games Like Call of Duty.

The aim is to draw up and shoot weaponry, experience the final moments of a deceased comrade’s existence, and actually be shocked by adjacent blasts were all important elements that helped set the best game except its rivals.

What are First Person Shooting Best Games?

First Person Shooting (FPS) games usually track the player’s actions. It shows what a real person would have seen do in the gameplay. In a first-person shooter, the protagonist’s hands are normally seen at the last of the screen, holding whichever firearm is available. The player is required to use the gamepad to move his character through the play by dragging it forward, backward, diagonally, etc.

The character moves ahead through surroundings when the controller is moved forward, generally with a little left-right slight wobble to resemble human walking. Some games feature the sensations of respiration and walking. In addition to the basic sound effects to boost the sense of authenticity.

Mission or adventure level and online multiplayer medium are the two main genres of Shooter games. For a one-player game, the objective mode is generally the default choice. It generally entails the player fighting their way across increasingly difficult game stages in order to reach a final objective. Multiple players participate in the best game modes through a connection and play in a unified competitive arena.

Best Games Similar to Call of Duty

Players who’ve been enjoying Call of Duty for a while, you’re probably sick of playing this game time after time. Apart from Second World War, which is the best game, every Call of Duty gameplay delivers a very identical play to the preceding one.

Furthermore, all of the Tactical and Endless Warfare gimmicks are quite dull. If you’re seeking something like a unique Call of Duty videogame including some distinctive features, you’ve come to the right place.

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Halo Infinite

Given that the original Halo was released 2 years before Call of Duty. Similar to Call of Duty it’s intriguing to evaluate the various series’ progression over time. Halo Infinite, like its forebears, distinguishes itself among battlefield shooters by increasing weapon deployments, area size, and time-to-kill length.

games like call of duty halo infinite
Halo Infinite

However, you can’t even play the narrative collaboratively right now. A patch is in the process that will make it possible in the coming years. Meanwhile, players may browse an expanding range of PvP tracks where they might gain XP. And rank up the flight ticket to unlock goodies by completing each and every day’s missions.

Battlefield Franchise

There’s a reason Battlefield seems to be at the higher end of the scale. Whereas this franchise is primarily centred on online multiplayer. The set design and game are still on par with Call of Duty. The specific campaign option in Battle games has a decent plot.

games like COD Battlefield
Battlefield Franchise

The majority of something like the seasons of the show take place during World Wars 1st and 2nd. Such games like call of duty have enabled users to play the consequences of these conflicts in first-person since Battlefield 1942. Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield 2142, on either hand, are both set in a futuristic.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Games similar to Call of Duty. Valve and Hidden Path Productions collaborated on this game, which was distributed on Steam, Valve’s famous digital storefront. It keeps the game’s fundamental characteristics, also with 2 sides, terrorists as well as counter-terrorists, battling one another. The upper-tier easy game and tactics of CS: GO are well-known. That there were no plots or personalities in this game; it was just team on team combat.

Best Game Counter Strike
Games Similar to Call of Duty

Easy and Professional are by far the most successful game options. Two five-person teams compete in a best-of-30 match, switching sides halfway through. Terrorists want to place the explosive and protect it until it bursts. Whereas Counter-Terrorists want to avert the blast by killing the opponents while they place the weapon or trying to defuse the bomb.

DOOM Eternal

Games like Call of Duty, DOOM Eternal is also another FPS that could attract COD aficionados, as it has you traversing a variety of terrible environments full of devilish enemies just wanting to be blasted to bits. The sequel builds on the squeeze combat system of its original while enabling players to experiment with new techniques in the sandbox stages.

Doom Eternal

Locations are portrayed as gigantic playground equipment with maze-like routes that allow you to slither around foes until you get the edge on them, similar to Call of Duty. Mix all that with a new bungee cord that adds an extra layer of complexity to the game’s navigation system and better player mobility. Despite having a kid-friendly graphic design, Fortnite may be just as difficult as Call of Duty.

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Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is the latest edition in the Modern Combat genre. And it is unquestionably a masterwork. Including its gorgeous visuals and strong playability, this game seems a comprehensive console shooter.

Modern combat 5

This must be the nearest approximation to Call of Duty on a mobile phone. You may choose to play the fast-paced story mode to preserve your world from annihilation or get right into multiplayer to compete contrary to all other gamers from across the globe. The best game modes are reminiscent of Call of Duty, so you’ll feel most comfortable.


One of the games like COD, Valorant takes inspiration from famous shooters like Quake, Counter-Strike, & Call of Duty whilst providing one’s own fighting flavour and broad roster of playable characters. Rounds are played in a 5v5 strategic sniper mode, with gamers dividing into two teams to participate in appraisal based stages.


There are more than 15 Agents to fight as they can all be acquired inside the game and have a completely adjustable heavy load. If you think you know everything there is to know about Call of Duty, Valorant’s focus on top-tier players will offer you such a unique disruptive scale to ascend.

Metro Exodus

This really is the third season in the Metro franchise. Games like Call of Duty Metro Exodus is the first survival horror board game in a dystopian environment that was released in the year 2019 by Deep Silver. It picks up where the previous films left off, alongside the main figure Artyom in 2035 Moscow.

games like call of duty
Metro Exodus

Following the events of Metro: Last Light, Artyom embarks on a voyage to the far east with his comrades aboard the Aurora railway. Because of the faction’s immorality, Artyom has quit the Spartan Order. The gameplay might conclude in a positive or negative manner, as is typical with the series. At the 2020 Pegasus Prizes, Metro Exodus was shortlisted for numerous awards and got Best Foreign Game.

Critical OPs

Critical OPs seem more like a Counter-Strike replica than like a Call of Duty imitation. But since the two games have certain parallels, Critical OPs warrant being included on this list. It’s yet another videogame that reverts to the show’s fundamentals. There are now two multiplayer versions of the common game.

Critical OPs

Scatter and Team Deathmatch are indeed the two game modes. You may perform the blow-up play in the Defuse mode, identical to Call of Duty, or jump into the last remaining team contest and clear out everyone’s foes. Critical OPs have stunning visuals, responsive controls, and engaging activities which will hold you glued to your Android smartphone.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Some other widely played game is Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment created this videogame, which is set in the same world as the Titanfall series. Apex Legends was released in 2019 by Electronic Arts and rapidly is now one of the top combat royale as well as hero shooter games like COD on the market. 

Players participate in second – and third squads, selecting from a roster of available Legends, each with their own set of skills to aid in combat. Inside the Battle Royale game, sixty participants are dropped on an island and therefore must acquire ammo and supplies to eradicate all those other teams trying to beat them. The map’s accessible area gradually diminishes, forcing the team to finally discover and combat one another.


LawBreakers revolutionizes the shooter category games similar to call of duty by introducing the whole latest game style. The videogame is about aircraft warfare and navigation. You don’t simply go about killing guys on the ground. Players also could resist physics by jumping and gliding through the air, raining gunfire on their enemies from all angles.

games similar to call of duty

In this thrilling game, the authorities and the lawbreakers fight blow for blow. Prepare to utilize some spectacular techniques and win games with your competitors in every way possible to lead your side to success. If you’re weary of standard snipers, Lawbreaker is a videogame worth keeping an eye out for because of its unique gameplay and features.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

One of the games like cod mobile, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is amongst the most popular video games of all time. It is credited with popularizing the battle royale genre. A thousand people are dumped onto an island in PUBG, in which they must scavenge for guns, gear, as well as other items whilst attempting to murder other players. The playable or safe region on the enormous map diminishes with time, forcing players to encounter and battle one another.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

The match is won by the last person or group. The opportunity to scavenge dead people motivates people to compete rather than hide to stay alive. Every after the match, players gain in-game cash performance appraisals. The game soon rose to the top of the rankings and is now one of the most popular games in history.

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