10 Best Operating System For Gaming PC in 2023

Best OS for gaming PC: The video games industry has recently become significant to several genuine individuals spending monotonous lives from their homes amid the Covid-19 epidemic. Numerous individuals have put money into cutting-edge techs, such as glimmering gaming PCs that come equipped with each of the necessary tools to improve playing spectaculars.

Who wouldn’t desire to spend the best time possible? An OS that best satisfies every requirement for video games? Yes, however, most individuals overlook the fact that there are different operating systems than Windows – that may offer a more profitable outcome, making them worthwhile to investigate.

10 Best OS for Gaming PC in 2023
10 Best OS for Gaming PC in 2023

To just that purpose, here is a thorough examination of such fundamentals of OS, that extreme players appreciate, and the best OS for gaming PCs that are offered as choices.

The OS refers to the software that launches as soon as a PC turns on, which then handles out as effectively as it could still be the basic operation of the machine. It allows the individual to arrange, explore, and access the vast array of multiple documents in that system in expansion to the desired programs.

Best OS for Gaming PC

Playing video games is a significant source of revenue for Microsoft, and thus the Windows technology was created specifically for it. For entertainment, the majority of consumers prefer Windows to Linux and Mac.

Since Windows 10 represents Microsoft’s latest and top gaming-optimized edition of its operating system, installing Windows for console gaming is straightforward. Several users, regardless, might be confused over which software edition of Windows is appropriate for specific gameplay requirements.

Rather than just choosing Linux or some other operating system, use Windows in case you intend to construct a playing computer. Other individuals share our sentiments. Microsoft makes sure that its OS is designed especially for players since it realizes the value of the gaming business.

1. Linux


Linux is unique because it refers to a multitude of platforms each of them is dependent upon that accessible Linux kernel instead of just one OS. Linus Torvalds developed all of this in 1991 well with intention of providing users with a cost-free, adaptable operating system.

Despite being primarily used on mobile devices and tablets, Google’s AndroidOS is perhaps the most well-known operating system using Linux. The much more widely used operating systems on computers are Valve’s Ubuntu, SteamOS, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Debian, Arch Linux, and numerous others.

Each of these is freely available and has been improved on by other professional designers. Therefore, because of its advanced capabilities, adaptability, and reduced system needs as Windows, Linux is eventually targeted more often at professionals and hobbyists.

2. Windows 10

Windows 10
Windows 10

Due to the fact that Windows 10 is now the popular edition, we must concentrate especially on it. During 2022, Windows XP, 7, and 8 will be essentially unusable. Microsoft no longer develops or upgrades Windows 7 or XP, as well as Windows 8.1, and will indeed continue to get security patches through the beginning of 2023.

The most recent incarnation, Windows 10, will always get maintenance and safety upgrades. Windows continues to be a great suggestion now in part because it’s been available for more than three centuries. It is simple in operating, works with both old and new computers, is modified often, and therefore is safe.

Usually, software design businesses, especially those that create video games, keep in mind their app is optimized for Windows initially rather than launching it on another OS because of its wide use and significant business dominance.

This is also the reason that Windows is suitable for numerous video games nowadays. In this article, have a glimpse at a few of the alternatives before deciding whether Windows is the best operating system for PC.

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3. Ubuntu


Ubuntu is the best OS for gaming that is built on Linux that offers all features you are likely to require. It’s indeed ideal for use in businesses, classrooms, and homes. The fact that somehow this program is downloadable, operating, and promoting ought to be reason enough to install it.

It is supported by Canonical, a large international software firm, as well as the top Ubuntu network operators right now. Because Ubuntu is an open-source technology, people are permitted to get it for free, employ, and distribute it.

This is the safest OS available since it has a firewall with malware prevention programs already installed. 5 years’ worth of updated software and fixes are included. Including all current computers, desktops, as well as touchpad gadgets, it functions and thus is compliant.

4. Fedora


Another further Linux-based platform that competes with Ubuntu’s accessible characteristics is Fedora. About any desktop or portable computer, Fedora offers quite a dependable, approachable, and efficient OS. Fedora is designed for regular gamers, including experts who work in business settings as well as academics and enthusiasts.

A modern user-friendly system that enables programmers to concentrate on actual programming inside the Gnome 3 ecosystem. It provides a wide range of fully accessible utilities, including linguistics, applications, and equipment, all accessible with a single tap or instruction. It helps to utilize robust virtualization techniques to create and operate virtual computers.



Despite having 1984 beginnings, the current version of macOS wasn’t introduced until 2001. Its biggest distinction from Windows is solely present on Apple’s iMac as well as MacBook devices, making it the other most popular operating system after Windows.

Apple enjoys maintaining its tech below locker, which has both perks and drawbacks for this operating system. Foremost and primarily, macOS is highly effective because it is designed to operate with Apple devices.

Besides, it is designed to run as near flawlessly as practical, resulting in such an OS that is incredibly safe & viewer friendly as well as a favorite of several people, both commercial and leisure.

6. Solaris


The flexibility and privacy characteristics of the transparent, Unix-based OS Solaris are well acknowledged. It’s surely user-friendly since several tasks may be completed with such a centralized controller. This industry-leading OS seems to have a sizable group that creates other OS that relies on Solaris but also routinely updates and manages the safety.

Users can execute native and non-native apps on Solaris thanks to its fusion kernel. Probably adopt Solaris if your business requires a lot of data acquisition owing to its information analysis features. Solaris continuously encrypts user details to keep them safe.

Internet, server, and Java-based program performance could all be improved with Solaris. This best operating system for gaming PC includes both safe cloud computing and anti-virus tools. It has sophisticated safety mechanisms that keep track of customer permissions.

7. Android


Furthermore, this Android possesses its own benefits and drawbacks, comparable to the other choices in such article of the best OS for gaming 2023. This variation proved competent and sufficient to be listed throughout this collection after all factors were taken into consideration. Specifically, because it is less complicated than others.

The feature that everyone enjoyed the most about the operating system is it allows users to disable the obnoxious gaming alerts hence they don’t need to constantly nag themself with these. Additionally, users may link this to television set-top devices to improve their gameplay experience.

There seem to be problems with this OS as well, just as there are with the best operating system for pc. This particular compatibility problem may be ideal for inferior-quality videogames, though it isn’t for various high-quality videogames.

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8. Steam OS

Steam OS
Steam OS

Everyone is fully aware of Steam is used by serious gamers. They have limitless options for playing many things on it, making it feel like such an entirely different universe to them. In reality, once users launch the operation system, this would give the impression that they’re entering a battlefield that they’ll have to take control of through countless game sessions.

This system may undoubtedly be regarded as the best operating system for gaming pc. However, it shares several flaws with the other choices discussed above. Windows might undoubtedly be crowned the winner once we compare the two as the protagonist of such a narrative.

9. Windows 7

Windows 7
Windows 7

Even though Windows 10 currently reigns supreme throughout the Microsoft enterprise, Windows 7 continues to be a favorite among several players. The ease of such an OS, which has provided a fluid foundation for some of the multiple complicated video games, could be the most likely cause of all this resemblance.

It might be fair to argue that Windows 7 remains the finest operating system for playing for quite a lot of consumers. So many players need is a framework that doesn’t lag during intense playing sessions. Windows 7 also performs the same thing. It maintains a quick reaction time, thus, it is possible to play these games with it without interruption. 

10. Linux SuperGamer

Linux SuperGamer
Linux SuperGamer

The Linux SuperGamer, the best operating system for pc is yet another member of the Linux group. The edition is solely devoted to playing since it is evident from the name alone. This particular open-source OS is often used for managing servers as well as other activities.

SuperGamer uses the idea underlying UNIX, along with the other Linux OS Ubuntu, because this is essentially the single thing that makes together its design. The crucial query is the cause it is being referred to as the best OS for gaming PC.

The experience of gameplay is significantly improved over that of competing for the version of OS by its greater extent of visual understanding. The number of video games that work with this operating system is, though, limited.

We have constructed the choices we have provided above while considering all factors. Therefore, by this point, you have to be aware of the best OS for gaming 2023.

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Is Windows 11 bad for gaming?

From our point of view, Windows 11 is just an average-level OS for playing different types of games.

Is Linux good for gaming?

The quick response is that a decent gameplay computer runs Linux. Steam has a huge variety of video games available for Linux, from which players can purchase or install.

Is 1TB enough for gaming?

Users must have at minimum 500GB of storage if they intend to put video games over SSD to achieve a quick performance.

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