Best Pokémon Fan Games 2023

If you are looking for the best pokémon fan games you are on the right blog. Pokémon is among the most well-known trademarks in anime and game consoles. Pokémon as a genre has lots of supporters worldwide & is amongst the most popular games. If you’re a Pokémon enthusiast, you’re probably aware that there are numerous gameplay in the brand, all of which are successful. One of the crucial facets of the game is managing pokémon. And using the dupe functionality, game designers have produced various games, many of which are especially fan-made.

Numerous follower-based games have been influenced by the innovative model of Pokémon games in recent memory. Several games offer numerous task levels that will assist you in becoming a Pokémon master.


You’ll always seem to have your treasured Pokedex with you on this lengthy adventure. Pokémon Supporter Games are highly entertaining and engaging for the general public. We’ll go through some of the greatest and perhaps most famous best Pokémon fan games inside this post, although you must try at a minimum sometimes.

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Best Fan-Made Pokemon Games 2023

Many of them have the same fundamental premise of capturing Pokémon and employing them in combat. A few, however, play with the pattern in unusual ways. Other games add altogether fresh components to the blend, setting them apart from the competition.

Such initiatives reflect the originality and enchantment of the Pokémon franchise in a manner that authorized editions in the genre occasionally miss the mark. And it’s a shame that so many people of such fan activities are so difficult to find. Nintendo is merciless whenever it comes to safeguarding its intellectual property, and many inventors have had to put their ideas down as a result of threats of legal action from the firm.

In the gaming franchise, there are already over 120 Pokémon enthusiast games accessible. All Pokémon fan strategies depend on the exciting Pokémon Game’s world series and ideas. The following types of the best Pokémon fan games & characters were assembled from a variety of online websites, including Higher GroudGames and Technology Rush & Making Use Of.

Among the most common concerns among Pokémon fanatics, they are that Game Maniac’s creators are unwilling to launch fresh features and ideas into their video games. Such names have changed significantly during the last 2 decades, although improvement is already sluggish.

1. Pokémon Godra

Although most Pokémon video games focus on the Pokémon’s growth as well as levelling, Godra one of the best pokémon fan games takes a different approach, stressing the master instead. As a gamer, you are not limited to becoming a Pokémon trainer. Having your Pokémon at your side, you may select from a variety of jobs including War Leader Of a party, Army General, Safari Area Controller, and many others.

Pokemon Godra Best Pokémon Fan Games
Best Pokémon Fan Games

Godra is basically a Pokémon RPG game, making it a fantastic entry point for newcomers to the franchise. The game has a substantial percentage of Pokémon from many eras and games. Godra includes extra places with distinct tales and objectives in inclusion to the main maps.

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2. Pokémon Uranium

Gamers were ready to hop on board whenever anyone devised a game featuring entirely new varieties of Pokémon. The new Nuclear Categories are utterly unique to this game. This one of the best fan-made pokemon games offers a different level of sophistication to the already intricate metagame. Nuclear is extremely efficient even against types besides Nuclear and Steel, even though it is ineffective over everything apart from Poison.


Aside from that, it is a standard Pokémon game. There was a major core secret to uncover, as well as gym commanders to battle and additional legendaries to capture. It may not always take a lot to spice up a sequence that has been static for much too prolonged.

Tragically, these are the kind of Pokémon fan games that generated a lot of buzzes since it was first launched, catching Nintendo’s notice. The corporation then carried out a series of DMCA lawsuits against the designers, forcing them to halt work on the game. Although a new game apparently remains on the internet, this hasn’t been updated in a while.

3. Pokémon Prism

The Pokémon Prism a good pokemon fan game, set inside the Naljo area, is among the top pokémon fan video games of 2023. The game kicks with players controlling the child of a well-known dragon rider. He is now on a minecart ride when the minecart instantly loses power.

pokemon prism best fan made pokemon games
best fan made pokemon games

It eventually comes to rest on an old path in the Najlo area. Whenever you overcome the obstacles to gather different emblems and Pokémon varieties, the fun really starts. You may receive bonus money for every pokémon monster you acquire, which you may use to activate several in-game enhancers.

4. Pokémon Clockworks

Because without a game, any list of approved Pokémon fan games would be meaningless. This game was made with Pokémon Elements and is situated in the little town of Rosari. People and Pokémon live side by side in this location. Celebi, the legendary Pokémon, calls you for battle; Celebi has gone back in time for a reason as well as to alert you about it because it is approaching.


You must avoid whichever calamity is expected to take place in the future. New actions, time machine techniques, and the development of fluid Pokémon inside the midst of combat are among the new elements in this Pokémon fan game.

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5. Pokémon Reborn

Pokémon Reborn another best fan pokemon games isn’t a modified firmware of a recently released game. It’s a whole new game created from scratch with the RPG Maker XP technology. One of the most remarkable aspects of this gameplay is how different it appears from every Pokémon game you’ve seen before.

pokemon reborn good pokemon fan games
best fan pokemon games

It does have a considerably deeper universe and mood, and it delves into a number of serious topics that are definitely geared for a more adult audience. This change in tone might have been absurd, but the authors have tried to ensure that the plot isn’t too tense for surprise value’s purpose.

6. Pokémon Light Platinum Version

This would be the gameplay for you if you’ve often imagined what might occur if you matched ancient Pokémon versus modern Pokémon. The ROM modification is modelled on Pokémon Ruby & includes a plethora of new features. Players may acquire 16 gym tokens, compete in 2 Pokémon competitions, and perhaps win a global title if they work hard enough.

Pokemon Light Platinum Version best fan pokemon games
Best Pokémon Fan Games

It is near impossible to become tired or run out of options to do. Whether you’ve exhausted all of the authorized Pokémon games yet want that traditional Pokémon feel, Pokémon Light Platinum is among the greatest pokemon fan games the franchise has produced. This is classic enough to elicit nostalgia, yet fresh enough now that you won’t really like to put it down.

7. Pokémon Rejuvenation

Pokemon Rejuvenation Best Pokémon Fan Games
Best Pokémon Fan Games 2023

Some other excellent fan-based Pokémon video games from the creators of Pokémon Resurrection. The gameplay has various graphics enhancements and other comparable improvements. Nevertheless, the plot of this game is inspired just by the Aevum area, which was ravaged by Storm-9. Since that day, the density of population has been reconstructing the land, and you, like the leading character, will assist them. Because this game has a considerable gaming period, it will be extremely comparable to the Reborn franchise.

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8. Pokémon MMO 3D

This game is one of the few 3D Pokémon fandom games available on the internet. This game offers you the most realistic possible experience. The 3D settings are fully adventured mode, but you may combat Pokémon in real-life graphics.

Pokemon MMO 3D Best Pokémon Fan Games 2022
best fan made pokemon games

This game was first released in the year 2015, and it has had multiple upgrades ever since. The developers have already been striving to integrate new elements to keep it fresh. The user inside this best fan-made Pokémon game has the authority to influence all of the Pokémon throughout a fight. Another intriguing aspect is that it allows the player to leave a certain setting, including a wild and surprising meeting.

9. Pokémon Phoenix Rising

Pokémon Phoenix Rising is an ongoing Pokémon simulation in which the setting and plot are influenced by the player’s actions. Hawthorne is a war-torn land controlled by a despotic monarch. Instructors are entrusted with exploring the countryside in search of Ho-Oh, a fabled Pokemon said to end the conflict and create stability for Hawthorne.

Best Pokémon Fan Games phoenix best fan made pokemon games
good pokemon fan games

Each action you take will have an impact on the game’s outcome and your interactions with some other NPCs. Abilities may be spent in skill tree trunks to get different talents tailored to your playing style. Phoenix Rising also has well-designed adventures, new cities, and Pokemon. The game is a substantial bundle that will wake you up for a long.

10. Pokémon Xenoverse

This game is being created by a huge Italian team of fifteen people. The actual fan game was written in Italian, though as of 2021. It has been translated into English. “Xenoverse,” a gorgeous and quite well-polished game with hours of playtime, has become a favourite of so many. “Xenoverse” is a completely different Pokémon adventure, with excellent narrative writing as well as a diverse range of material.


WEEDle Team has released three DLC packages so far (the most recent in December 2021), with several on the way. They also want to enable internet play in the near future. There’s never been a good opportunity to immerse yourself in the tale and enjoy everything Pokémon Xenoverse has to provide.

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The simplest approach to forming a Pokémon fan club is to seek out more members. If you’ve identified such a community on social networking sites. You should promote your game by including well textual data. But the point seems certain that you must adhere to the sales gimmick best pokemon fan games diligently.

Which Poke Ball is perhaps the most efficient inside the match?

If you’ve gotten this far in whatever Pokemon gameplay, you’ve come across the most powerful Poke Ball ever created.

Which technological instrument is often used to capture and distribute data about a specific Pokémon genus?


Which Pokémon from Generation 1st is notorious for its devastating fists?

Hitmonchan is known for its punches.

Did you know in a Pokémon combat, who is not a possible condition ailment?

Vertigo is that Pokémon.

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