5 Best Rune Farming Elden Ring Spots to level up fast

One of the best-tested methods to level up fast in Elden Ring is through Rune Farming.

After bagging the title Game of the Year, 2022, Elden Ring has managed to become one of the most popular Action RPGs worldwide.

Elden Ring is a fairly challenging game that requires the players to constantly level up in order to keep up with the enemies.

Elden Ring Rune Farming Spots
Elden Ring Rune Farming Spots

Best Rune Farming Elden Ring Spots (2023)

Players can level up faster by collecting runes and engaging with the enemy forces from a stronger winning edge. In this article post, we have compiled the Best Rune Farming Elden Ring Spots that you will find in the game.

Since Elden Ring is a huge Open-World game, it is easy to miss these Spots. That is why we have shortlisted the Best Rune Farming locations in the game.

5 Best Rune Farming Elden Ring Spots

Runes are rare items of significance that help level up the characters’ equipment in Elden Ring.

Equipping these runes help the players impart more damage and significant improvement in the progression of the gameplay.

Certain spots in the Elden Ring Map provide a more promising Rune collection than others.

1. Liurnia Rune Farm

Liurnia Rune Farm
Liurnia Rune Farm

So we’re starting our list with some of the most accessible spots in the game, which can be found very early in the Liguria region. We will briefly explain how you guys can obtain Runes at this location.

  • Make your way up the road to the east and visit the Liurnia Highway North Lost Grace after finishing the Stormveil Castle.
  • You’ll find a battlefield with spirit soldiers and a giant caught in eternal warfare in front of this area.
  • Simply take a step forward to activate the trigger that spawns the spirit soldiers. Then, step back and watch as they battle it out, ultimately earning you a generous sum of Runes.

This is a great way to net some Runes in the game, and now let us move on to the following location on our list.

2. Ordina Town

Ordina Town (Best Rune Farming Elden Ring)
Ordina Town

Now Ordina Town may not be a huge settlement area but it is surely a great spot for rune farming. Located in the southern region of the map, Ordina Town is the home to various ferocious creatures such as Mages and Archers.

Players have a huge explorative scope in this area with hidden mysteries and passages.

One of the best parts about targeting Ordina Town for rune farming is that the challenges are comparatively easier than other popular spots.

Before entering Ordina Town for rune farming, you should know:

  • There will be a lot of hidden passages in the area which you shouldn’t miss.
  • Proper strategizing can get you huge rewards.

3. Mohgwyn Palace Bird Farm

Mohgwyn Palace bird farm
Mohgwyn Palace bird farm

Mohgwyn Palace Bird Farm might be the game’s most beautiful Rune farming location. However, it is an end-game area that can be accessed early in the game, and for that, all you need to do is follow the Varre questline completion.

Fans have named this particular location as Elden Ring Bird Farm, and that is because you will need to eliminate a specific crow again and again. Sounds like a lot of hard work?

Now we will list the steps through which you can obtain Runes.

  • When you first enter the open world, you must speak to the Varre, as he will be standing right before you. Then you would need to track him down at his new location in Liurnia, but first, you will have to defeat Godrick at Stormveil and then speak to the Finger Reader at the Roundtable Hold.
  • Now head over to the Rose Church, located south of Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia, and there you’ll find Varre again. Yeah, finding him can be a hassle!
  • Speak to Varre and select the option, “They didn’t seem right” Then Varre will hand over some Bloody fingers, which you will need to use to invade three players. Once done, return it to him, and he will ask you to join his order. Say Yes, and you’ll receive the Lord of Blood’s favor item, which will be used in the next step.
  • Now you need to find a Maiden to use your item. To make it easier, head over to a place called the Four Belfries located on top of a hill in the west of Liguria. Just run up there while avoiding the enemies, then activate Lost Grace at the top of the hill.
  • You will also find a chest at the top of Belfry with an Imbued Stonesword key. Use the key to activate the teleporter of the second-highest Belfry. We have provided you with an image above to help you understand the locations better.
  • The teleporter will take you to where you began the game and give you a chance to get your revenge on the Grafted Scion Boss. Defeat them, head across the bridge, and head upstairs to get the Mainden’s blood from a nearby corpse.
  • Now you can return to Varre at the Rose Church and receive a Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This will allow you to teleport directly into Moghwyn’s Palace.
Moghwyn's Palace
Moghwyn’s Palace
  • Now head up the stairs and activate the Lost Grace before turning around and jumping.
  • Summon the Torrent and carefully ride along the edge of the area while avoiding enemies.
  • You will reach the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Lost Grace, where the Elden Ring Bird farm will take place. Phew! Finally, you will have reached. Simply take a step forward to activate the trigger that spawns the spirit soldiers. Then, step back and watch as they battle it out, ultimately earning you a generous sum of Runes in the process.
  • Just look over the edge of the nearby cliff, and you will have your large crow enemy there.
  • Shoot this enemy with a ranged weapon, and it will cause the enemy to fall off the cliff, which will net you around 13,000 Runes.

One great thing is that you can reset at the Lost Grace before repeating this and you will be able to earn millions of Runes in an hour. Yes, I know this method will be quite a hassle but Hey! How bad do you want the Runes?

4. Caelid Rune Farm

Caelid Rune Farm
Caelid Rune Farm

Our second Rune farming spot is in Caselid. However, newbies can also have access to this place. To do that, go to the Third Chruch of Marika in the Limgrave region, and from there, head northeast through the water, and you’ll find a portal in some bushes.

Activating the portal will teleport you to Greyholl’s Dragonbarrow, located northeast of Caelid, and there you have it. You will have finally arrived.

  • Once you’ve arrived, activate the Lost Grace, which will be next to you, and there will be a giant boss at the bottom of some stairs outside.
  • There’s no point in engaging with the boss; avoid it and head down the hill towards the large bridge and another site of Lost Grace.
  • Alright, it’s all set, and now you guys can build a Rune farm by simply killing small enemies that will provide you with 600 – 1000 Runes.

Be Careful! These small enemies can be dangerous, so take cover or stay on your horse. Doing this for an hour will get you over hundreds of thousands of Runes, which will surely benefit you.

We believe that some Boss fights in Elden Ring are annoying, and if you think the same way, check out the most annoying boss fights in Elden Ring.

5. Limgrave

Limgrave (Best Rune Farming Elden Ring)

When it comes to the best spots, it would be unfair to keep Limgrave out of the hustle. This location might be overlooked by the players due to its secluded placement on the map.

Limgrave is one of the challenging areas to explore but the rare runes and items make it all worth it in the end.

Things you should know before you go rune farming in Limgrave:

  • Some of the best spots for farming runes in Limgrave include Troll Caravan, Agheel Lake, Castle Morne Grounds, and Warmaster’s Shack.
  • Make sure to explore the area intensively to collect more runes.
  • Learn to use the Agheel dragon to your advantage by not killing it and letting it collect the runes. However, you need to save yourself from the dragon flames.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Golden Scarab do in Elden Ring?

Golden Scarab is a talisman that allows you to earn extra Runes while slashing through the enemies. You can find this talisman quite early in the game.

What Dragon gives 75k runes in Elden Ring?

The Sleeping Dragon is able to give 75k runes after the player has killed it.

Do you need to complete Elden Ring to start Rune farming?

Certainly not, there is no hard and fast guideline that requires you to complete Elden Ring in order to do Rune Farming. This method can be used to level up the character stats quickly whether you are playing the game for the first time or have completed it. Rune Farming simply saves you from the intensive grind and makes leveling up easier.

How to get to Mohgwyn Palace?

In order to get to Mohgwyn Palace you will need to reach the Gateway Teleporter or by using the Pureblood Knight’s Medal.


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