10 Best Snake Pokémon Of All Time (Ranked 2023)

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Today, here at Benettonplay, we present a list of the ten best snake Pokemon in the Pokémon universe. Snakes have always been one of the apex predators in the real world and in the Pokémon universe.

Pokémon creators also drew inspiration from these hostile but beautiful creatures while designing Pokémon and there is plenty of snake Pokémon that exist in the Pokémon world.

Best Snake Pokémon

The Best Snake Pokémon in the Pokémon World (Ranked)

10) Ekans

Best Snake Pokémon
  • Type – Poison
  • Weakness – Psychic & Ground
  • Highest Stat – Attack (60)
  • Lowest Stat – Special Attack (40)
  • Evolutions – Ekans to Arbok

Let me ask you a question, What is SNAKE spelled backward? Yes, it’s EKANS, and that’s how ladies and gentlemen Ekans got his name and that is why it is the most snake-like Pokémon. Ekans were introduced in the 1st Generation. At the tip of its tail, it has a yellow rattle which it uses to intimidate and warn its enemies; once it evolves into an Arbok, it loses its rattle.

Ekans share many similarities with a real snake such as it can shed its skin, it also uses its tongue to test for the presence of the prey, etc. These snake Pokémon feeds are known to feed on Pidgey, Spearow, and their eggs, which it swallows as a whole. Evan’s most powerful moves that deal the maximum damage are Acid and Sludge Bombs.

9) Onix

Best Snake Pokémon
  • TypeRock / Ground
  • Weakness – Steel, Fighting, Water, Ice, Grass & Ground
  • Highest Stat – Defense (160)
  • Lowest Stat – Special Attack (35)
  • Evolutions – Onix to Steelix

Onix, a Rock Snake Pokémon, usually lives underground. These 463 lbs (210.5kg) beasts have a rock head and are sturdy. These large Pokémon eat boulders and other stones as they dig. They also have a compass in their brain that helps them tell the direction they face while digging. It is believed that Onix can dig through the earth at 50mph.

Onix is the 1st Generation Pokémon; in the Anime series of Pokémon we see Brock receiving an Onix from his father on his 10th birthday; Onix is still Brock’s most powerful Pokémon. For a rock-type Pokémon, Onix traverses at a decent pace and it also has high defense stats, but every other stat is quite low. Onix In the Pokémon universe, it is the tallest Pokémon that is capable of evolution.

8) Arbok

Best Snake Pokemon
  • Type – Poison
  • Weakness – Psychic & Ground
  • Highest Stat – Attack (95)
  • Lowest Stat – HP (60)
  • Evolutions – Ekans to Arbok

Let me ask you another question, What is COBRA spelled backward? You got it again, it indeed is ARBOC, and this is again how Arbok got its name and it is the final entry in the list of best snake Pokémon. This poison-type Pokémon was introduced in the 1st Generation and is very vengeful; once it marks its prey, it will not give up on chase no matter how far it has to go.

The terrifying pattern on its belly is believed to vary from place to place, with six confirmed variations. Arbok uses the pattern on its belly to intimidate its opponents. It increases the intensity of intimidation by making hissing sounds. Once it paralyzes its enemies, it wraps itself around them with a crushing force that is said to be capable of flattening steel drums. Arbok’s most powerful move is the Gunk shot.

7) Seviper

Best Snake Pokemon
  • Type – Poison
  • Weakness – Psychic & Ground
  • Highest Stat – Attack (100) & Special Attack (100)
  • Lowest Stat – Defense (60) & Special Defense (60)
  • Evolutions – Does not evolve

Zangoose’s arch-enemy Seviper was introduced in Generation III. It is a poison-type Pokémon with a horrible venom that it also uses to slash its enemies out of its sharp tail. It has the sharpest fangs among all the snake-like Pokémon. Like real snakes, it wraps its body around enemies so it cannot make any movements. Although they are known for their hostile behavior, they are very loyal to their trainers.

Seviper’s Belch move is the strongest followed by Poison Jab. These serpent-based Pokémon can never be underestimated.

6) Sandaconda

Best Snake Pokémon
  • Type – Ground
  • Weakness – Water, Grass & Ice
  • Highest Stat – Defense (125)
  • Lowest Stat – Special Attack (65)
  • Evolutions – Silicobra to Sandaconda

Sandaconda is a ground-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VIII with Pokémon Sword and Shield. This curled-up Pokémon resembles a diamondback rattlesnake. It evolves from Silicobra and can evolve into Gigantamax Sandaconda. It can shoot 220 lbs of sand from its nostrils; when it loses all of its sand, it gets sad and disheartened.

In its Gigantamax form, it stands upright on its tail and takes and looks a lot like a tornado. Around its neck, it has a dark green pouch that protects its sensitive head when inflated. The pouch as mentioned earlier holds 220 lbs (100kg) of sand which it can shoot from its nostrils. Its most powerful attacks are Mud-Slap and Earth Power.

5) Serperior

Best Snake Pokemon
  • Type Grass
  • Weakness – Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison & Bug
  • Highest Stat – Speed (113)
  • Lowest Stat – HP (75), Attack (75) & Special Attack (75)
  • Evolutions – Snivy to Servine to Serperior

Serperior is a grass-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. Serperior is known to severely intimidate its opponents and halt its enemies’ movements just by gazing at them. These snake Pokémon evolve from Servine which in turn are evolved from Snivy. Serperiors are rare but they can be found in densely forested areas.

Unlike Seviper and Arbok, Serperior is non-venomous since it is loosely based on Pythons which are also non-venomous. However, it can learn a few venomous moves including Gastro Acid and Toxic. Solar Beams and Leaf Storms are the most destructive moves of a Serperior. Since it is a grass-type Pokémon, it uses photosynthesis to boost its energy.

4) Milotic

Best Snake Pokémon
  • TypeWater
  • Weakness – Grass & Electric
  • Highest Stat – Special Defense (125)
  • Lowest Stat – Attack (60)
  • Evolutions – Feebas to Milotic

Based on a sea serpent, Milotic was introduced in Generation III. It is believed that Milotic is the most beautiful Pokémon to ever exist on Earth. Milotic is a pacifist Pokémon that appears only when there is a conflict between two Pokémon to calm them with its beauty.

It resides at the bottom of the deepest lakes. Milotic’s most powerful move is Iron Tail which hits the opponent 3 out of 4 times. Milotic’s other powerful moves include Aqua Tail, Dragon Pulse, and Iron Head. Its natural ability as stated above is its beauty that can calm down boiling hearts.

3) Gyarados

Best Snake Pokemon
  • TypeWater / Flying
  • Weakness – Electric (4×) & Rock
  • Highest Stat – Attack (125)
  • Lowest Stat – Special Attack (60)
  • Evolutions – Magikarp to Gyrados

Evolving from a small fish Pokémon Magikarp, Gyarados is an attacking Pokémon that believes in brute force. Introduced in the 1st Generation, Gyarados is an atrocious Pokémon that has a serpentine build. This havoc-causing pocket monster destroys anything and everything that comes in its path.

Although these Pokémon are known to be really violent, they can be loyal and loving to their trainers. Gyarados can burn down everything that stands in the path of its Hyper Beam (its most powerful move). Its other powerful moves include Thrash, Hydropump, and Hurricane. Gyarados can evolve into Mega Gyrados using the mega stone Gyarodosite.

2) Giratina

Best Snake Pokemon
  • Type – Ghost / Dragon
  • Weakness – Ghost, Dark, Fairy, Ice, Dragon
  • Highest Stat – HP (150)
  • Lowest Stat – Speed (90)
  • Evolutions – Does not evolve

Giratina is a member of the creation trio alongside Dialga and Palkia. It can exist in two forms – serpentine and dragon-like. This ghost Pokémon, introduced in Generation IV, resides in the Distortion world, a world on the opposite side of ours. If Giratina decides to use Shadow Force, which is its signature move, it hits the opponent without fail.

Giratina is both the biggest and the heaviest Ghost-type Pokémon in both of its forms. It switches its attack and defense stat when it switches from one form to the other. In its origin forme, it has higher attack stats whereas, in its altered forme, it has higher defense stats.

1) Rayquaza

Best Snake Pokemon
  • TypeDragon / Flying
  • Weakness – Fairy, Dragon, Ice & Rock
  • Highest Stat – Attack(150) & Special Attack (150)
  • Lowest Stat – Defense (90) & Special Defense (90)
  • Evolutions – Does not evolve

A long green snake type also known as the Sky High Pokémon, Rayquaza was introduced in Generation III. These Pokémon dwell in the Earth’s ozone layer and do not prefer to descend. It has a special Air Lock ability, so it can stay afloat in the air for however long it likes. Rayquazas are known to be very aggressive Pokémon and they defend their territory fiercely.

Though these Pokémon do not evolve normally, they can evolve into Mega Rayquaza if they learn the Dragon Ascent move. Given that it lives at such a high altitude in the earth’s atmosphere where temperature can fall to -60°F (-51°C) it has a weakness against ice-type Pokémon, which is ironic.


Which is the strongest Snake Pokémon?

We believe that Rayquaza is the strongest Snake Pokémon, although you might hear that it is Eternatus. Eternatus is more of a dragon-based Pokémon rather than a snake-based; although Rayquaza is also dragon-based it looks more like a snake.

Has Seviper evolved from Arbok?

Seviper is not an evolved form of Arbok, although it is a popular misconception. Sevipers do not evolve nor are they an evolved form of any Pokémon. On the other hand, Arbok is an evolved form of Ekans and does not evolve into any other Pokémon.

Which is the fastest snake Pokémon?

The fastest snake Pokémon is Rayquaza which Serperior closely follows. Rayquaza

What does Giratina evolve into?

Giratina does not evolve into any other Pokémon. It is a legendary dragon-ghost-type Pokémon that belongs to the Pokémon creation trio alongside Dialga and Palkia.


This marks the end of our post. All the info about the stats of the Pokémon has been taken from the official Pokémon Database.

So, which is your favorite snake Pokémon, Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, let us know if we missed any other snake Pokémon. While you’re here, you might want to take a look at more of our Pokemon Posts. We will be back with more fresh and exciting Gaming News soon.

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