10 Best Steel Type Pokemon Ranked [Ultimate List 2023]

Check out the list of the Most Toughest Steel Type Pokemon to exist!

Best Steel Type Pokemon: Steel Type Pokemon have been mongering as one of the most efficient pokemon types in all generations of Pokemon series till now. The Steel Pokemon Type derives its seamless potential from its unbreakable defense. Their solid outer body gives them a natural resistance to various combinations of attacks on the battlefield. This innate ability to radiate unshakable defense abilities makes Steel Type Pokemon an ultimate fan favorite. In addition to having a solid defense mechanism, Steel Types are also capable of delivering some very effective attacks.

10 Best Steel Type Pokemon
10 Best Steel Type Pokemon

In this article, we will focus on the Top 10 Best Steel Type Pokemon in the Pokedex. We have prepared this list on the basis of unbiased consideration of the overall statistics of each Steel Type Pokemon.

Best Steel Type Pokemon

Steel Type Pokemon are amongst the strongest in the series because of their high immunity against a wide range of attacks. These solid beings give you a high scope of victory against most of the Pokemon Types. Innately, Steel Type Pokemon provide the best chances of battling against Fairy, Ice, Rock, and Dragon Type Pokemon. However, like every other pokemon type, Steel Types also have a flip side, this is their weakness against Steel, Fire, Water & Electric-type moves.

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10. Probopass

Probopass (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
Probopass (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
TypeSteel, Rock
VulnerabilityFighting, Ground, Water
AbilitySturdy, Magnet Pull
Evolution ChartNosepass->Probopass

At the 10th position on our list of Best Steel Type Pokemon proudly rests the weird-looking but deadly combo of Steel & Rock Typing Pokemon, you guessed it, Probopass! This pokemon is proficient in defense because of the hard-to-penetrate combination of Rock and Steel. However, this Rock typing also puts this pokemon in a vulnerable position against the Water Type moves. Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock are the most effective moves of this Big-Nosed Pokemon.

9. Lucario

Lucario (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
Lucario (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
TypeSteel, Fighting
VulnerabilityFighting, Ground, Fire
AbilitySteadfast, Inner Focus
Evolution ChartRiolu->Lucario
Alternate VersionMega Lucario

Next on our list of the Best Steel Type Pokemon is the Ultimate fighting machine, Lucario. This pokemon is highly effective due to the mixed typing of Steel & Fighting Style. This unique combination makes the attack and speed of this beast almost unmatchable on the battlefield. This pokemon is highly agile in close combat due to its fighting proficiency. The signature moves of this solid beast include Aura Sphere and Bullet Punch. Apart from their physical skills, their competitive nature of Lucario keeps him highly motivated and violent on the battlefield.

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8. Empoleon

Empoleon (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
Empoleon (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
TypeSteel, Water
VulnerabilityFighting Electric, Ground
Evolution ChartPiplup->Prinplup->Empoleon

Empolean is our next pick in the Ultimate Countdown of the best Steel Type Pokemon. The physical appearance of this pokemon resembles a penguin except for the fact that Empolean has a ferocious look on its face. The pokemon typing of this elegant being is an effective combo of Water & Steel. The most effective moves of Empolean are Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, and Hydro Pump. Channeling these moves onto the enemy makes them lose significant HP. On the other hand, Empolean is able to resist many powerful attacks thrown its way due to its Steel Typing.

7. Mega Aggron

Mega Aggron (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
Mega Aggron (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
VulnerabilityFighting, Fire, Ground
Evolution ChartAron->Lairon->Aggron
Alternate versionAggron

Mega Aggron is a heavy-bodied pokemon that is carved out of pure steel typing, it is the mega evolution of Aggron. One of the best battle tactics used by this relatively sluggish pokemon is Filter which increases the defense resistance. Apart from this, the signature moves of this heavy pokemon include Earthquake, Heavy Slam, and Iron Head. That’s right, Mega Aggron is able to cause a full-fledged earthquake and send the enemy into shivers with its mighty prowess.

6. Magnezone

Magnezone (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
Magnezone (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
TypeSteel, Electric
VulnerabilityFighting, Fire, Ground
AbilitySturdy, Magnet Pull
Evolution ChartMagnemite->Magneton->Magnezone

Next on the list of Best Steel Type Pokemon is the evergreen Magnezone. This ultimate champion is actually a combination of Electric & Steel Typing which gives a significant upper hand in all types of battle. Magnezone is proficient in Electric-type moves such as Thunderbolt and Volt Switch. Its other ability, Magnet Pull, is yet another Steel-type move that Magnezone uses in battle. This makes it an excellent choice to counter specific types of opponents which are weak against electric and steel-type moves.

5. Registeel

Registeel (Strongest Steel Type Pokemon)
Registeel (Strongest Steel Type Pokemon)
VulnerabilityFighting, Fire, Ground
AbilityClear Body

Next on our list of Strongest Steel Type Pokemon is no ordinary being but a legendary pokemon, Registeel! This heavy-bodied pokemon is another defensive hero from the Pokemon franchise. The best moves of this legendary pokemon include Thunder Wave, Toxic, and Iron Defense. Apart from these skills, Registeel is also able to perform an ability called Clear Body. This ability makes Registeel considerably lower the Defense strength of the enemies. Keeping Registeel in your battle increases your winning chances significantly.

4. Heatran

Heatran (Strongest Steel Type Pokemon)
Heatran (Strongest Steel Type Pokemon)
TypeSteel, Fire
VulnerabilityFighting, Water, Ground
AbilityFlash Fire

Heatran is a legendary Fire Steel-type combination Pokemon. Its Fire typing makes it immune to Burn status and grants it resistance to several common types like Grass, Bug, and Ice. On the other hand, its Steel typing provides it with resistance to several other types like Normal, Flying, and Rock.

In battle, Heatran is a war machine with signature moves like Flamethrower, Earth Power, and Flash Cannon. It also has a solid Defense stat and the ability Flash Fire, which boosts its Fire-type moves and makes it immune to Fire-type attacks.

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3. Jirachi

Jirachi (Strongest Steel Type Pokemon)
Jirachi (Strongest Steel Type Pokemon)
TypeSteel, Psychic
VulnerabilityGround, Ghost, Fire, Dark
AbilitySerene Grace

Jirachi is yet another legendary Pokemon on our ultimate ranking list. Its Psychic typing makes it immune to Poison and grants it resistance to attacks like Fighting and Psychic, while its Steel typing provides it with resistance to several other types like Normal, Flying, and Rock attacks.

In battle, Jirachi can be a versatile opponent thanks to its well-rounded stats and signature moves like Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, and Psychic. It also has the ability to perform Serene Grace, which increases the chances of secondary effects of its moves, making it a useful support Pokemon.

2. Metagross

Metagross (Strongest Steel Type Pokemon)
Metagross (Strongest Steel Type Pokemon)
TypeSteel, Psychic
VulnerabilityGround, Ghost, Dark, Fire
AbilityClear Body
Evolution ChartBeldum->Metang->Metagross
Alternative FormMega Metagross

Metagross is one of the most powerful Steel Type pokemon with a combination of Steel & Psychic type which grants it a versatile skill set. This makes it a popular choice for competitive battles. This pokemon is resistant to several types, including Normal, Flying, Psychic, and Dragon. In addition to this, it’s high Attack and Special Attack stats allow it to dish out significant damage on enemies.

In battle, Metagross can be unmatched, all thanks to incredible moves like Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, and Bullet Punch. It also has a solid Defense stat and access to moves like Iron Defense, which can make it an excellent choice for Battle Raids and matches.

1. Dialga

Dialga (Strongest Steel Type Pokemon)
Dialga (Strongest Steel Type Pokemon)
TypeSteel, Dragon
VulnerabilityGround, Fighting
Alternate VersionDialga Origin Forme

And the Number 1 Spot on our list of Best Steel Type Pokemon is stolen by the legendary Dragon & Steel type Combo, Dialga! Its Steel typing provides it with resistance to several attacks including Normal, Flying, Psychic, Rock, Dragon, and Fairy. Not just this, its Dragon typing gives it access to powerful Dragon-type moves like Dragon Pulse and Draco Meteor.

In battle, Dialga can be a true ace due to its powerful Attack and Special Defense stats. It also has access to a unique move called Roar of Time, which deals massive damage but requires an additional turn to recharge thereafter. Dialga’s signature ability, Pressure, also put pressure on its opponents by reducing their vital stats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Pokemon Type moves are weak against Steel Type?

Fairy, Rock, and Ice Type attacks are the weakest against Steel Type Pokemon.

Who is the Steel Type Gym Leader?

It is Byron! He is the Gym Leader of Steel Type. Defeating Byron results in winning the Mine Badge.

Who is the cutest Steel Type Pokemon?

In our opinion, Cufant is undoubtedly one of the cutest pokemon out there. Cufant has an uncanny resemblance to a baby elephant. So, what’s not to love about this humongous and adorable creature?

Does Steel resist Fairy moves?

Well, Yes! Steel is actually very effective against Fairy Type moves.


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