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Best Upcoming PS5 Exclusives 2022 (And Beyond)

Are you looking for PS5 upcoming games on the internet? Probably yes. Then we suggest you get all the necessary information concerning the topic in this article.

Best Upcoming PS5 Exclusives: Are you looking for PS5 upcoming games on the internet? Probably yes. Then we suggest you get all the necessary information concerning the topic in this article. The prospect of PS5 seems quite promising as Independent media such as Stray, and Forspoken. Unfortunately due to the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is some kind of holdup in the announcement and release of upcoming ps5 games in 2022.

However, we are tracking all the crucial details regarding the gameplay that is scheduled to come out this year. After compiling all the information about the PS5 game release we have made a list of upcoming ps5 exclusive games. So no need to worry get relaxed and get all upcoming data here without any hurdles.

As you all know that Sony Interactive Entertainment has created the gameplay console named “PlayStation 5”. In short, it is also known as PS5 in which gamers can play different types of upcoming games PS5. This game console belongs to the 9th generation all over the world. In the year 2020 PS5 have released in different countries like South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, and so on.  PlayStation 5 is like any other videogame console such as  Xbox Series S and Series X developed by Microsoft.

Details about PS5 Upcoming Games

Here in this portion of the passage, we’ve gathered the whole list of PS5 upcoming games in 2022 or even beyond. The list of games will be updated as soon we will find any fresh news related to upcoming PlayStation 5 games.

Hogwarts Legacy

  • Date of Release: In 2022
  • Name of Producer: Warner Bros
ps5 upcoming games
Hogwarts Legacy – Upcoming PS5 Game

As you have seen in the movie Harry Potter, Hogwarts Legacy has a somewhat similar universe. This game is role-playing as well as an open-world videogame. During the year 1800, players will discover different things in Hogwarts. The character which is granted to gamers is the student from the school.

He will have all the charge of the key that leads to an ancient mystery box. This secret intends to destroy the whole magical world. All you have to do is to think that how can you take over the control and save the wizarding world.

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Final Fantasy XVI

  • Date of Release: In 2022
  • Name of Producer: Naoki Yoshida
upcoming ps5 games 2022
Final Fantasy XVI – Upcoming PS5 Game

Final Fantasy XVI is among the best upcoming ps5 games. Four years ago Final Fantasy XV has delivered to the fans. Like that, FFXVI will also contain some thrilling content which is completely satisfying. An interesting narration of love and friendship lost in the colonial war conflict is the major chapter of the series of Final Fantasy XVI.

Inside the gameplay, gamers will play the character of Clive. He endeavours to rid Valisthea of the Blemish and kill all the evil creatures. Clive has supernatural powers and uses blade weapons for fighting in a real-time manner.

The Quarry

  • Date of Release: In June 2022
  • Name of Producer: Supermassive Games
best upcoming ps5 games
The Quarry – Upcoming PS5 Games

From the category of immersive monster film, The Quarry videogame is the latest come back. Only a single player can play this game which involves the woodlands summer program allocated in New York. For another night, players can take control of the instructor position in nine camps. These summer camps are filled with horrifying conditions in which players have to take some important judgements concerning life and death.

The Serpent Rogue 

  • Date of Release: In 2022
  • Name of Producer: Sengi Games
upcoming ps5 exclusives
PS 5 game in upcoming months -The Serpent Rogue 

Morbus are an otherworldly creature who controls the botanical experience of the world, Serpent Rogue is developed for mass collapse. This evil thing contaminates the wildlife of the world and creatures that die, it brings them back to this world. Usually, more unpleasant events occur in presence of him. After taking the form of a mighty storm, it ripples all over the place in different ways, which compels players to run relentlessly for their survival.

To finish Mission Morbus, players will have the character of Warden, Solomon, and reclaim the planet to its original greatness. The location in this game will be terrible and scary also there are hazardous monsters. Gamers have to battle with all these creatures and discover new skills.

Valkyrie Elysium

  • Date of Release: In 2022
  • Name of Developer: Soleil
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In this game, players will be seen playing as the character of a Valkyrie, chosen by the All-Father to save the fate of the entire world. The All-Father is the supreme among all the gods and the ruler of creation. As soon as Valkyrie lands on the ground, the gamers will have to face all the enemies with all their skills. You will engage in fast-paced battles, using different weapons or your magical powers to fight and win against your enemies.

There are some ending techniques in Valkyrie Elysium that includes the features of the previous version of gameplay. This game is a complete interactive system which links players to the real-time world and teaches them how to react and make clever decisions.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

  • Date of Release: In 2023 Tentative
  • Name of Developer: Insomniac Games  

There is no gameplay included in 1st trailer of Spider-Man 2nd as gamers have already seen it. There are not many details mentioned in a trailer in order to assume the game prequel. For the very first-time gamers will play the role of Miles Morales and Peter Parker simultaneously.

upcoming games ps5
2023 PS5 Game- Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

There will be two unique techniques/ actions of Peter as well as Miles which players can use during the play. Miles consumes some mystical abilities whereas Peter Parker’s powers rely on different gadgets. It is good news that you will be able to exchange the avatar in the ongoing game.


  • Date of Release: I will Announce it Soon
  • Name of Developer: BlueTwelve Studio
upcoming playstation 5 games

In the game Stray, players will play the character of a cat. Although it is unquestionably adorable sometimes it may not sound as fascinating as the average standard AAA high-octane. Gamers have complete the task and solve the riddles in order to explore the detonations.

For defending themselves, players need to acquire certain objects opposing Zurks swarms. This creature will attack fatally when you find B12. There is no other option of escaping all you have to do is fight against them and get B12. After getting B12 players will unlock various opportunities for participation.

Marvel’s Wolverine

  • Date of Release: 2022
  • Name of Developer: Insomniac

We are hoping that gamers who are interested in Marvel’s Wolverine trailer which is among our upcoming ps5 games list. There is a cowboy type in of a man in the bar wearing a checked shirt and hat. In the released teaser, that man is all drunk and has fighting scars as well as surrounded by blood. Among the injured people one man gets up and takes out a blade within the backdrop.

Suddenly bartender recognizes the attacker, he scrunches his knuckles, which generates a long metallic fang to sprout off from his cist. And then you all are thinking that It’s Wolverine, which is obviously true. There is no gameplay of Marvel’s Wolverine shown in the trailer. But we are assuming it will something like the movie story.

Season PS5

  • Date of Release: Available Soon
  • Name of Developer: Scavengers Studio
ps5 upcoming games

In the datasheet of Season, players will research, shoot, create, and capture the existence on a solo bike journey having the motive of conserving the population and natural assets of the world. This game is a third-person game that travels gamers to many societies, enabling users to learn skills, and mysteries and obtain treasures.

In this game, there is a motto allotted to each player to understand what has been driving the disasters on the planet. With the stunning views, the universe seems like a “beautiful imaginary land” having an influential plotline.

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