Best Upcoming Xbox Series X Games 2022 (And Beyond)

Best Upcoming Xbox Series X Games– Want to find out more regarding the upcoming Xbox Series X titles that will be released around 2022 but also later? If so, users are unquestionably on the perfect site. Because although winter is almost here, a number of enormous upcoming series x games coming out later this year.

In terms of Xbox Series S as well as Xbox Series X launches, 2022 isn’t the engaged year so far, although there are a few majors to glance at for more, escorted by Gotham Knights or Plague Tale: Requiem amongst some of the eagerly awaited titles scheduled to debut soon in the year’s end.

It is indeed difficult to stay on top of which Xbox video games are launching when, given the large number that will be released there in the upcoming year as well as the frequent setbacks.


Although it might be challenging to stay on top of how, and when videogames upcoming games Xbox Series X will release considering the number of new titles. All future Xbox Series X videogames value your consideration in 2022 and far off are featured in the section underneath, along with information on when players can get them.

Best Upcoming Xbox Series X Games

The appropriate method to play videogame is simply to own every platform. However, among PS-only versus Xbox-only enthusiasts, the Xbox camp is the more popular choice. The Bethesda Game and Xbox conference, are you familiar with it?

If not, you ought to look over the information mentioned in this article. Several of these incredible titles that are arriving on that same Xbox Series X but aren’t available on the PS5 as well as the Switch may have slipped your mind.

Whereas the majority of the upcoming Xbox Series X games listed here won’t be released until after 2023, a substantial portion of them is definitely wonderful releases that everybody ought to keep an eye out for. They should also serve as a major motivator for players to normally purchase an Xbox Series X.

The Chant

Among the most crowded industries within videogame industry right these days is horror-style games. There are generally lots of games available for horror game aficionados, such as the current Resident Evil or perhaps an independent horror title. Brass Token, a brand-new production firm, is currently putting forth an effort to enter this industry well with Chant, an evocative thriller game.


The Chant is a “3rd person horror intervention” title, according to Brass Token. Portrays the character of Jess Briar, an under-age lady who has experienced trauma and therefore is searching for help throughout her existence. She ends up at the Multifaceted Science Spiritual Camp in such a distant location. They experience a ceremony gotten out of control, forcing them to fight against a horde of “psychoactive” celestial creatures.

Releasing Date: 03 November 2022
Developer Name: Brass Token

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The core of such a 6-hour mission takes place in Mexico rather than the Middle Eastern field of battle of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (Xbox Series X games coming soon). This is because the Las Almas crime syndicate, who play the exact worn-out clichéd characters you’ve witnessed all around, has been added to the roster of enemies.


They are deeply involved in a conspiracy that entails the cooperation of special forces from several other countries, and an Iranian weapons transaction, including seized US warheads. This narrative’s caliber is noticeably lower compared to that of its previous one, Modern Warfare, which addressed the people tales that result from military invasion, and considered giving up some of one’s morals to preserve the corporate workforce.

Releasing Date: 28 October 2022
Developer Name: Infinity Ward

Goat Simulator 3

After its original launch in the year of 2014, Goat Simulator justifiably grabbed the web’s attention. It served as a spoof of the simulation mania of such a moment and a remarkably enjoyable experience in and of itself.


As even the name implies, throughout Goat Simulator, your role was that of a goat, and your only goal was to wreck even much devastation as you possibly could on a gullible wealthy suburb. Nevertheless, this Xbox Series X upcoming games idea, quick wit, and numerous Easter eggs made it popular on digital networking sites to the point that a follow-up, Goat Simulator 3, is already in development. Playing in Goat Simulator 3 appears to be significantly more insane in comparison to the original.

Releasing Date: 17 November 2022
Developer Name: Coffee Stain North

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The Callisto Protocol

Among the most eagerly awaited best upcoming Xbox Series X games is The Callisto Protocol. In order to address a void inside the sustenance gothic genre, the creator of this game Striking Distance Studios intends to create a game that is essentially a wonderful tribute to the first Dead Island. The Callisto Protocol pits players facing secrets that hide within the lifeless moon of Jupiter’s depths as well as the monsters that are imprisoned behind its confines as users struggle to live.


The 3rd-person psychological horror videogame The Callisto Protocol has stomach-churning degrees of mutilation, amazing sci-fi settings, with several extraordinary weapons. The Callisto Protocol puts extra effort into generating a tense, frightening atmosphere via gloomy, thick layers of atmosphere.

Releasing Date: 02 December 2022
Developer Name: Striking Distance Studios


Pentiment takes great pride in its capability to offer many scenarios to suit various player preferences, much like any decent role-playing game. Because of this, regardless of the omission of insects, Super Mutants, or even the terribly unappreciated mechanisms found within the terribly neglected Alpha Protocol, it still seems like such an Obsidian videogame.


This goes further than the intricate RPG mechanics underlying Pentiment’s core. Considering that Maler has been a hedonistic understand exactly without concern for his surroundings, it might have been simple for the showcase of being incredibly ridiculous. It was successful in certain respects. Pentiment has a kind of wild comedy that maintains it lively despite its quieter periods, with interjections like “Fuck the church!” to boys dragging sick days out from the grounds.

Releasing Date: 15 November 2022
Developer Name: Obsidian Entertainment

Evil West

A third-person adventure videogame called Evil West offers both assaults as well as distant battle choices. To destroy foes, players will now have recourse to firearms, gloves that can generate thunder, and other equipment. The nearer action is intriguing, however, the third-person firing appears to be quite standard. Quick, elegant, and appears to possess a pleasing degree of weight, force, and crimson splash, melee combinations sound impressive.


Opponents may be launched by straight punches, and then juggled using gun fire, captured, or indeed smashed into by another opponent. Regardless of the adversary or equipment, ending techniques also appear rewarding and distinctively different. Jesse is also capable of performing a dodge which transforms him and he becomes lightning for a moment, as well as a restrict or counter that, disengages other potential attackers.

Releasing Date: 22 November 2022
Developer Name: Flying Wild Hog

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Need for Speed: Unbound

Need for Speed with just an emphasis on a one-player adventure as well as a story, Unbound sees the Need for Speed brand revert towards the realm of illicit excessive speeding. The cop pursuits in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit seem to have been as influential again for playing the concept of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.


The videogame places the player in the role of a motorist who is competing in the Lakeshore town’s fantastic local racing competition & aspires to conquer. Unbound will also have a plethora of modern vehicles with customization possibilities, including types of vinyl, color palettes, lighting, body customization, and plenty more, similar to the standard through each Need for Speed videogame.

Releasing Date: 02 December 2022
Developer Name: Criterion Software

High on Life

According to High On Life via Game developers conference 2022, the shooter might likely get an intervention aspect, enabling users to travel the cosmos and take out numerous alien reward seekers until they draw near to discovering in which the adversary Garmantuous resides. You’ll save several different speaking weapons along the way, expanding your inventory over time.


Along the trip, you’ll probably run into a lot of strange and quirky people that could help or hurt you. Players will likewise have the chance to chase down interplanetary crooks for added prizes. Basically, it appears like your best components for both fighting and non-combat situations will indeed be chatting firearms from High On Life. High On Life includes boss bouts against chosen target seekers who demand expert use of your weapon, much like the boss confrontation in Borderlands.

Releasing Date: 13 December 2022
Developer Name: Squanch Games

Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers just received a definite premiere date as well as a magnificent video that featured the event’s story and protagonist as well as the flawless platforming sections that Sonic players will develop a fondness for. The Tokyo Television Show 2002 SEGA Group provided the latest playable demo for Sonic’s next action adventure.

Fans can see the numerous detailed and exquisitely created stages that are perfectly incorporated into the free universe of the forthcoming adventure inside the gaming preview. The fluidity of the abilities and overall play becomes an element that stands out right away out from gaming shown displayed at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. A rapid slasher needs a videogame that thinks and appears wonderfully smooth, that’s what this one has.

Releasing Date: 08 November 2022
Developer Name: Sonic Team


Another best upcoming Xbox series X games called Somerville will be released soon which is the work of indie developer Jumpship.  Somerville seems to be a third-person strategy videogame, much the same as Inside as well as Limbo, that occasionally plays like a platformer. Throughout the aftermath of a post-apocalyptic catastrophe involving the planet, the user commands a three-member family including a dad, mom, plus their teenage son, along with a beloved dog.


In order to secure protection for the household, the player has to lead a particular protagonist through all the wreckage of humanity while dodging bizarre alien objects which attempt to murder people. The videogame is delivered with no spoken words; alternatively, it tells its tale through the scenery, graphics, as well as setting.

Releasing Date: To be announced
Developer Name: Jumpship

Gungrave G.O.R.E.

Gungrave is a stunning third-person intervention sniper that incorporates the finest of western and Eastern gamification since its makers put it: “In Gungrave, perform the bolt action rifle kickass anti-hero of ones aspirations as users chase down massive amounts of adversaries inside a gruesome ballet of gunshots but also feel a narrative of retribution, love, and devotion.”


Grave somehow doesn’t flee or hide from his enemies such as many snipers wherein concealment is an important element; instead, he confronts them head-on with unrestrained bravado. In contrast to firing weapons, Grave is a skilled martial artist. Additionally, there is a variety of firearm and cartridge enhancements that may be paired in distinct manners, allowing for a variety of gameplay modes and approaches. There are more than twelve hours of playtime throughout “Gungrave Gore.”

Releasing Date: 22 November 2022
Developer Name: Iggymob

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns

However, we certainly encounter a few famous characters out of that squad here either, featuring Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man, Marvel’s Midnight Suns (new Xbox games coming out) offers a more transcendental approach mostly to the comic book industry and are somewhat similar to a magical-focused counterpart of an Avengers.


The major actual threat will come from an offspring of either the underworld and the narrative would be noticeably cooler than those of other Superhero products. Hydra has roused Lilith, the Queen of Evil, following her protracted dormancy, and she is set off on an independent mission to call up Chthon, a whole worse demon. To deal with all of this esoteric invasion, the Avengers resort to the Midnight Suns, a group of superheroes having unique extraordinary powers.

Releasing Date: 02 December 2022
Developer Name: Firaxis Games, Virtuos, Firaxis Games, Inc.


Will there be a new Xbox in 2023?

By 2023, Xbox will redesign the home screen and UI. Along with a completely modern, remodeled homepage.

What do you think is Xbox one s outdated?

The majority of Xbox One systems, according to Xbox, will remain functional by 2025, although as time goes on, hardly they’ll design additional software.

Will you tell us if cyberpunk is fixed or not?

You don’t have to worry, although technically imperfect, Cyberpunk 2077 has been “fixed” in this regard.

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