BGMI server status today (29th May): Are servers open today?

Check out the BGMI server status today (23rd May)

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most played video games in India and it was really shocking for many Esports gamers when the news about the game getting banned was broken up to them.

BGMI servers have been offline for the past couple of days and it might be because the developers are working on the game.

Today we will dive deep into all the information we have about the servers being offline and the game getting unbanned. So let’s get started.

BGMI Servers offline or online today?

The BGMI Servers are finally online on all Android devices as of 29th May 2023, and all the BGMI fans are aware that Krafton has recently confirmed that the staggering Battlegrounds Mobile India has been unbanned after being banned for almost 9 and a half months.

Now that the game is unbanned, gamers are not starting to enjoy the long-awaited game once more. However, IOS users are still not able to log in and the game isn’t available for download in the app store. We want all the IOS users to stay patient as the game might get re-released in a couple of days.

Whenever IOS gamers try to launch the game and try auto login, the game shows the following message

BGMI servers offline
BGMI servers offline

As you can see from the image that we have provided above, the message states that the servers will be unavailable for a while and will come up with a bigger and better experience.

Many IOS players believe that their account has been permanently banned but that is not the case as the developers are working on the game, the accounts will be safe and the progress will be retained as well.

If players try to log in manually then the game shows another following message.

The image we provided above shows the message that the game delivers whenever IOS gamers try to log in manually. The message states that the game’s server is not online yet.

We will advise all of you IOS players to wait a little bit longer as it is only a matter of time till the game is available on your devices. We don’t want you guys to get your hopes high after hearing a rumor.

BGMI Re-Release Date

So Krafton has officially announced that the game will be available for download on IOS & Android devices on May 29, 2023. BGMI is finally having a sigh of relief after waiting 9 months for the game to be unbanned and re-released for their mobile devices.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has already posted a lot about BGMI getting unbanned on their social media platforms and we will link them down below

This post made the BGMI community go crazy as gamers had almost lost their hopes of the game getting unbanned. Now many Esports tournaments will be held and many new gamers could earn their name in the Esports community through competing in numerous different tournaments.

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BGMI finally came back but with some conditions!

Yes, it is true that the game is finally back but there’s a twist. The game is back with a set of conditions. We will link down a tweet for you to understand better.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, GOI’s Union Minister stated in the tweet above that the game will be back but with a three-month trial approval. The government of India’s MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) will keep a close watch on issues like User harm, addiction, etc. If the game succeeds in the trial then the game will be permanently unbanned.

We advise you guys to play the game in a respectful manner as it might be a case that the game gets banned again if it doesn’t pass the trial period. Esports gamer and streamer Kanika Bisht also requested all the BGMI gamers to keep the toxicity at a minimum.

The upcoming three-month unban will bring many new features from the Global version of the game and according to our research some reports suggest that there will be a reduction of gore and blood in the game after the unban. We hope that every BGMI fan waits patiently and follows all the conditions. Now we will answer some FAQs down below for you guys

Frequently Asked Questions

When was BGMI released

BGMI was first released on July 2, 2021.

Can Ipad players compete in BGMI Esports tournaments?

No, Ipad players cannot compete in Esports tournaments as Ipad players will have a slight view advantage as compared to Mobile players.

Which is the best AR in BGMI?

The best AR in BGMI would be M416 as it is best for both close range and long range.

What is the real name of Scout (BGMI Player)

Tanmay Singh is the real name of Scout.


Alright so this was it for this article we hope that every BGMI player follows the set of playing conditions and we all can start earning our Chicken dinners soon. If you have any doubts regarding the information we have provided above, don’t forget to let your heart out in the comments.

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