Civilization 7 Release Date, Gameplay, Story, Trailer, Rumors & More [2023]

Civilization 7 has been officially confirmed!

If you are a fan of turn-based tactical games then you must be already familiar with the Civilization Series. The series had its last game released in 2016. This long gap kept the fandom speculating if there is even going to be a new installment or not. The studios finally broke the silence on the matter recently and confirmed the game development of the rumored game.

Civilization 7 Release Date
Civilization 7 Release Date

If you are wondering about the Civ 7 Release Date then you have landed on the correct webpage. In this post, we will spill out all the beans regarding the Civilization 7 Release Date. We will be also providing insights on the Civilization 7 Gameplay, Trailer, Story, and more. If you wish to stay thoroughly updated on the game’s progress, make sure to bookmark this post.

Civilization 7 Release Date

Firaxis Games studio confirmed the game development of Civilization 7 on 17th February 2023. This news has been reciprocated with the thunderous excitement of the fans. Their joy seems to be boundless on news of the return of their beloved tactical turned-based game series.

Despite the confirmation of the game, there is still no clue of the Release Date for Civilization. It is hard to predict the exact time frame of the Civ 7 Release Date since the game is still in the early stage of development. However, we believe that the game might be released sometime in 2024.

I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to carry on the studio’s storied legacy, beginning with the announcement that Firaxis is in development on the next iteration of the legendary Civilization franchise

Source: Heather Hazen, Studio Head, Firaxis Games (IGN Interview)

Even though we don’t have the Civ 7 Release Date yet, there have been enough confirmations that the game is under development. We have already waited 6 years for the return of the franchise, what’s a few more? While we are in the grey area about the release date, we ensure you that we will be actively tracking any latest game updates or leaks about the upcoming Civ 7. You just sit back and relax while we bring all the information to you.

Civilization 7 Trailer

The announcement of the Civ 7 is still pretty fresh and the game seems to be in the early stage of development. So, it may not be shocking to you that the developers have not released Civilization 7 Trailer yet. There are no other footage leaks from the studios either.

But do not worry, things are not going to stay this way forever. The developers will surely give us a peak at the upcoming Civ 7 game very soon and you can count on us for updating the trailer right here in this post.

Civilization 7 Story Speculation

Civilization 7 Story
Civilization 7 Story

The storyline of the Civilization games has been known to be taking inspiration from real-life historical events. However, being an interactive game where the player is able to manipulate the game events based on their choices, the storyline is not a constant. However, the historical events in this game are not intended to provide any concrete validity.

Civilization 7 Gameplay

We do not know much about the Civilization 7 gameplay yet due to the lack of leaks from the developers and little progress in the game development. It is a mighty possibility that Civilization 7 will follow similar gameplay mechanics as its predecessors. So we can assume that the upcoming game will be a turn-based single-player game. The theme of the game is based on battle enforcement. The player has to compete against other civilizations in order to rise above the mightiest.

Civilization 7 Gameplay
Civilization 7 Gameplay

The game may demand tactical skills from the players as building an appropriate attack & defense strategy is a constant attribute in the game.

Civilization 7 Platforms

Well, the game development studios have not disclosed the platforms that they will be targeting Civilization 7 with. We are sure this information will be brought to us very soon when the game development has reached a more mature stage. Meanwhile, we will be speculating the possible game platforms that Civ 7 will most likely target.

If we talk about the possibility of Civ 7 for PlayStation it seems pretty positive. We can establish this assumption on the release platforms targeted by previous Civilization games. So it is safe to assume that we will receive a PS 4 & PS 5 version of the upcoming Civilization 7.

Civilization 7 Platforms
Civilization 7 Platforms

Next, coming to Xbox consoles there is a rich chance that Civilization 7 will be out on Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S. The Xbox version of the previous installments of Civilization was a little glitchy. So, we hope this issue doesn’t persist in the upcoming game. Civilization 7 for Nintendo Switch is a possibility that we should definitely not rule out. As far as the PC front is concerned, there is no reason to skip this platform. Civilization games have always been customized for PC devices and this tradition seems to be continued in the game as well.

So, to conclude our analysis of the possible Civilization 7 Platforms, we can expect the game to be released on PS 4, PS 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S & PC devices. If you guys are a fan of the Watch Dogs games then don’t forget to check out Watch Dogs games in order.

Civilization 7 News & Rumors

We have found an interesting piece of information regarding Civ 7 game development. It is speculated that the game development for Civ 7 already began back in 2021. This rumor was speculated due to a job posting for a narrative lead with a knack for World history. This fact doesn’t however ensure that the game development had begun before the game confirmation.

Next, an important update regarding the upcoming Civ 7 is the change of the Firaxis Games President. Heather Hazen recently replaced Steve Martin to lead the game development company. Heather is quite excited about the upcoming Civilization game and the future projects of the company.

There is no other major news or rumors regarding the forthcoming game yet. We will mention any leaks small or huge in this article as soon as there is any tea related to the release date for Civ 7. Now we will answer some FAQs down below for you guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Civilization 7 Trailer out yet?

Unfortunately, No! We still have not been rewarded by the Civilization 7 Trailer despite 6 years of waiting. However, we are sure that the developers will not make us wait unnecessarily and release the trailer as soon as there is significant progress in the game development.

Does Civilization 6 ever end?

Well, Yeah! Civilization 6 does end in 2050 AD. However, if the players do not manage to win by this timeline, then the highest scorer wins automatically on reaching 2050.

Are Civilization Series AAA games?

Yup, you guessed it right! Civilization series is a big-budget game franchise with expert teams and narrative writers designing the game.

When will Civilization 7 be released?

Oh Well, there is no way to exactly predict when Civilization 7 will be out. This is because there is still no trailer of the game or any exact insights into the progression speed of the game development. All we know so far is that the game is officially confirmed. But, based on the fact that Civilization is a huge franchise and has a reputation to live up to, the studios may take their sweet time.

Who is developing Civilization 7?

The upcoming Civilization 7 game is being developed by an expert team of game designers and narrative lead in the Firaxis Games Studios. The game development is being conducted under the supervision of the studio’s President Heather Hazen.

What type of game is Civ?

Well, Civ or Civilization is a tactical turn-based game that operates in single-player mode only. The players are required to build and protect their empires from other civilizations. To achieve this purpose of the game, the players have to devise a tactful attack and defensive scheme. Incompetence can lead to brutal consequences for the player. This game is inspired by real historical events. However, the storyline differs significantly based on the choices made by the players.


You have reached the end of this article, we hope this information resolved any query that you had pertaining to the Civilization 7 Release Date. We will ensure to update this article from time to time so that you can find all the gaming news on Civ 7 under a single webpage. Meanwhile, feel free to drop by your feedback in the comments section so that we can improve the quality of the content.


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  1. I have played Civilization! since the board game version — which I still have. One feature I loved back in the beginning was the growth and expansion of tribes [pre-cities] into neighboring provinces with opportunities for conquest and city founding if/when a tribe within a particular province became numerous enough. It should be possible for a successful tribe to found more than one city … this, of course, pre-dated the ‘settler’ unit. — thinking here, it might be possible to have the mix of tribes present in a province when a city is founded determine that new civilization’s basic characteristics and characteristic units. They’d, in my thinking, have an automatic affinity for other civilizations which whom they partially share parent tribes … which would set up initial conditions of trade, rumor, friendship, and knowledge exchange. After that, the player is on her/his own … [but there’s a penalty for attacking a partially similar civilization …] — cheers

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