CSGO Source 2 Release Date, Update, Gameplay, Rumors & More [2023]

CSGO Source 2 will be out any time now!

CSGO Source 2 Release Date
CSGO Source 2 Release Date

CSGO Source 2 Release Date: The subtle hints directed towards Source 2 of the 2012 CSGO game have taken the internet by storm lately. The Counter-Strike fandom can barely contain their excitement and has flooded Twitter and Reddit discussing Source 2. The CS developers have dropped plenty of hints directing at a huge update for this more than decade-old game.

The real question is when can we expect this update to be released? This post will provide you with insights on this matter. We have compiled the news about CSGO Source 2 Release Date from all the legit sources and put them together for you.

CSGO Source 2 Release Date

The speculations about the CSGO Source 2 release reached a violent outbreak when two executable files stood out in NVIDIA drivers. The names of these files directly point to the possibility of a Source 2. You can check out the detailed information about these files in this tweet by renowned Content Creator, Gabe:

Where some fans are really psyched about this leak some fans refuse to get excited over a mere possibility. However, according to the news article of Veteran British journalist, Richard Lewis Source 2 is more than a possibility and a done deal.

The journalist gathered from an anonymous source that there is indeed a CS 2 under development for quite some time now. According to the same source, the game will most probably be releasing its Beta version by the 1st of April this year. A recent tweet by Aquarius (Developer at CS GO) openly states that Source 2 may be out on or around 18th March. So things are looking very positive with this confirmatory tweet by the game developer himself.

This mystery will be unraveled as the rumored CSGO Source 2 Release Date is approaching soon.

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CSGO Source 2 Update

Now that we know that Source 2 will be coming out soon. Let us get to all the updates and leaks we have gathered on Source 2 so far. Ever since the CS Source 2 has been confirmed, it’s a thinker if there will be a new Counter-Strike game or just an update to the existing version. This doubt was clarified by Gabe Follower on 5th March 2023.

So now we know that there is not going to be a new game but an additional source will be added to the existing format of the game. The good news about this revelation is that all the purchases and skins that the players have collected over this vast duration of time will remain available in this source.

Source 2 has already been updated on the pre-release branch of the CS Global Offensive. In addition to this, the game developers had recently changed their profile pictures on steam which seemed to be related to the progress of CS GO Source 2.

So, it is safe to say that there has been more than enough confirmatory news to state that the CSGO Source 2 Release date is commencing soon.

CSGO Source 2 Gameplay

The leaks pertaining to the CSGO Source 2 Gameplay have been coming out a lot before the confirmation of the update. All thanks to Gabe Follower for timely insights into the game development of Source 2.

This undeniably authentic leak targets the gameplay in the upcoming development. The CSGO game developer, Aquarius decided to further reveal the entire progress at that point seeing no point in keeping the leaks a mystery.

This was followed by the grand revelation of the maps that have been designed for the Source 2 update. These are named:

  • ar_shoots_s2
  • cs_italy_s2
  • de_inferno_s2
  • de_lake_s2
  • de_overpass_s2
  • de_shortdust_s2

This information regarding the map designs of source 2 dates back to 2022 and it is quite obvious that the developers have added more maps to the update by now. It has been established by an anonymous source that the upcoming CS update has already surpassed the development and testing mode. A few minor bugs were been fixed as the final follow-up of the game testing. This confirms that the game is about ready to be released anytime.

We do not know much more about the CSGO Gameplay apart from these leaks. However, we do not have to struggle to find these answers as the update will be out any time now.

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CSGO Source 2 Rumors

The wait for the CSGO Source is about to be over any time now with all the hints linked to its final reveal. So, Valve changed its Twitter profile banner to the CSGO logo recently. This fact backed by the tweet of Aquarius stating that the game will most probably be out today (18th March) or by this week only strengthens the possibility of the CSGO Source 2 Release Date being today.

The only major concern of the CSGO players so far has been if they will have to give up their cherished skins, stickers, and other game assets if they port to the upcoming update. The answer to this has emerged as No through various reliable sources. The update will allow the players to import their game assets into the new version of the game without any trouble.

CSGO Source 2 Gameplay Rumors
CSGO Source 2 Gameplay Rumors

It has been officially confirmed that the upcoming Source 2 will be released in the form of a DLC (Downloadable Content). This source is going to be a Beta version where players can openly participate and help the developers perfect the final game.

We already know that Valve has a huge reputation to live up to and the studios do not rush the game development or release in any case. Even so, the rapid hints and insights indicate that developers have already reached the final stage and are ready to hit fans with the most anticipated update so far.

We have huge hopes tied to this one and certainly believe that Valve will not disappoint us after so much hassle. With everything looking set in stone, it is very unlikely that the developers are forced to delay the CSGO 2 Source Release Date. In any case, we will be updating the current status of the source release right here. You are encouraged to bookmark this page to save yourself from the tedious rush of searching for accurate information on the internet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will CSGO Source 2 be out?

Well according to the recent tweet made by the game developers at Valve, the much anticipated CSGO Source 2 will be out on 18th March 2023. If not on the 18th then the game update will be released within the same week. Looking at the development progress news of Source 2, it is highly unlikely to see more delays in the release.

Is CSGO no longer free?

Unfortunately, this is very true. Our beloved CSGO is no longer playable without purchase. The money foundation was implemented by the game studios back in 2021 and there is no chance that the game is made free in the near future.

Will I lose my skins after downloading CSGO Source 2?

No, do not worry, it has recently come to light by very reliable sources that the upcoming CSGO Source 2 Beta version will not make the players lose access to their old skins, stickers, and other entities they have gathered over the years. The update will be released in the form of a DLC that will be easily accessible to the CSGO players.

What is the most popular version of CS?

The most popular version of the world-famous Counter Strike series is undoubtedly the CSGO! The game was out back in 2012 and even after over a decade-long run, there are a significant number of active players. The game has not lost its reputation with the sincere regular updates and improvements made by the developers. However, a big update was due for the game for a long time. This missing element will also be fulfilled with the upcoming Source 2 release for CSGO.

Is the CSGO Source 2 Release Date confirmed?

Yes, CSGO Source 2 Release Date has been confirmed as 18th March by the game developer Aquarius on Twitter a few hours ago. The Source 2 update will be out by the end of this week if somehow the developers fail to release the beta version today.


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