Dark Souls 4 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, Rumors & More [2023]

Dark Souls 4 Release Date: Dark Souls Series has been one of the most legendary Action Role Playing Games of all time. The series delivers a perfect blend of Action & Role Playing with challenging gameplay. The latest game in the franchise was Dark Souls: Remastered which is a remake of the 2011 release Dark Souls game. Before this, we were blessed with Dark Souls 3 in the year 2016.

Dark Souls 4 Release Date
Dark Souls 4 Release Date

It is about time that the franchise extends its legacy by creating Dark Souls 4. There have been no intentions revealed by the game developers yet in the light of a new Dark Souls game. However, the worldwide appreciation gained by Elden Ring, which takes inspiration from Dark Soul Games and comes from the very same studios has sparked the anticipation of Dark Souls 4.

We have compiled all the factors that will help us in predicting the possibility of the Dark Souls 4 Game. We will be discussing Dark Souls 4 Gameplay, Trailer & Platform Speculations in this post.

Dark Souls 4 Release Date

Well, there has been no trace of the Dark Souls 4 Release date yet by the Bandai Namco Studios. Even though there has been no official confirmation about Dark Souls 4 yet, there is no reason to rule out the possibility either. Dark Souls is a huge franchise that has marked its place amongst the best Action RPGs worldwide. There is a high chance that the studios will keep the possibility of Dark Souls 4 open until they have a strong reason to conclude the series as a trilogy.

Dark Souls 4 Release Date Information
Dark Souls 4 Release Date Information

The studios are busy with other projects right now and the game development of Dark Souls can only be seen as a possibility in the future. If by some miracle, the studios decide to revive the Dark Souls Trilogy still we wouldn’t be able to get Dark Souls 4 before 2027.

Anyhow, we prefer to look at the bright side of the picture and hope that Bandai Namco considers the revival of our beloved Dark Souls Series in the near future.

We will make sure to update the release date speculations and possibilities right here in case any official sources reveal something significant.

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Dark Souls 4 Trailer Speculations

Well, this fact wouldn’t come as a surprise that there have been no Dark Souls 4 Trailer since the game development status is quite questionable at this point. Apart from this, there are no leaks from the game developers or the studios.

Even all this has not disheartened the fans. Instead of pouting about the lack of information on the game release, many creative fans went out of their way and created their own versions of the trailer. We have shared this incredible trailer made by the Youtuber: Enfant Terrible. The remarkable creation using Unreal Engine 5 earned this video over a million views.

Dark Souls 4 Trailer (Fan-made)

Exhilarating right? The creativity of Dark Souls fandom never fails to amuse us. Even if the studios do not plan on developing the game right now, these fanmade trailers will keep us entertained.

We will make sure to update any leaks or trailer footage that the studios send our way in this post without fail. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest and authentic information on Dark Souls 4, make sure to bookmark this page.

Dark Souls 4 Gameplay Speculations

The Dark Souls 4 Gameplay will most likely follow the legacy of its predecessors. It can be expected that Dark Souls 4 will be another Action RPG that will operate on challenging game design with a deep intricate storyline. The classic third-person perspective may be retained in this game.

Dark Souls 4 Gameplay
Dark Souls 4 Gameplay

Dark Souls 4 will most likely be an interactive Role playing marvel, which will be sensitive to the choices made by the players during the game progression. There will be sequential endings based on these choices.

Knowing the standard of Bandai Namco Studios, it is safe to say that if they decide to make another Dark Souls Game, it will definitely stand out.

Dark Souls 4 Platforms Speculations

Now, speculating the Dark Souls 4 Platforms is quite tricky and vague since we don’t even know when the game development will initiate, let alone the release date. So, we are going to throw our best guess based on the existing game release platforms of the Studios.

Playstation has always been an ideal choice that the Dark Souls Games have been targeting. It is safe to assume that Dark Souls 4 may target PS 4 & PS 5 to show off its excellent graphics and aesthetically pleasing visuals.

Dark Souls 4 Platforms
Dark Souls 4 Platforms

Next up, coming to Xbox, it seems like a fair possibility that the game studios will choose Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S to release their upcoming game. It may not be surprising to see a Nintendo Switch Version of Dark Souls 4 since Dark Souls Remastered was proudly released on Switch.

The entire trilogy of the Dark Souls franchise has been customized for PC devices so far. It may feel stingy if the studios decide to hold off on the PC release of Dark Souls 4. So there are high chances of Dark Souls 4 for PC as well.

To conclude our assumption, we may say that Dark Souls 4 will most likely be out on PS 4, PS 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S.

If and when the studios will release any information on the release platforms of this rumored game, you will certainly find it here.

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Dark Souls 4 News & Rumors

The first news that has been outed regarding Dark Souls 4 may not be very positive in the context of our expectations. However, this news dates back to 2015 and does not hold as much relevance as it once used to. So, Hidetaka Miyazaki (Dark Souls 3, Lead Director) revealed in an interview that according to him Dark Souls 3 is the concluding part of the series and the studios will be better off focusing on newer game projects.

However, there is still a possibility that the studios may assign the Dark Souls 4 game development to a different developing team this time. So, it may not be completely fair to treat this press release as a hard dead end of the Dark Souls Franchise.

Then again in 2018, Miyazaki hinted at an unnamed game being under development. Many fans believed this hint to be directed towards none other than Dark Souls 4. However, this game turned out to be Armored Core 6. So, Miyazaki has not deceived us about the status of the game development of Dark Souls 4.

Lastly, the final rumor is regarding the possibility of the Dark Souls 4 Release Date falling around 2026. This is quite a baseless assumption and holds little to no relevance in the game release.

You have reached the end of this article. We would like to thank you for sticking by till the end. We hope this article on Dark Souls 4 Release Date was able to resolve the doubts regarding the possible game release. Help us improve the quality of content here by dropping by your precious feedback in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Has the Dark Souls 4 Trailer been out yet?

Unfortunately, No! The Dark Souls 4 Trailer has not been out yet. We do not have any concrete information on the Dark Souls 4 Release Date either.

Will there be Dark Souls 4?

Well, it is not possible to say for sure if there will be a Dark Souls 4. The Lead Director of the Dark Souls 3 has stated in a former interview that the franchise may not be continued. However, looking at the latest releases made by the studios fans are speculating about a possible release of Dark Souls 4 as well.

Is Elden Ring more difficult than Dark Souls Games?

Well, Elden Ring surely has challenging gameplay but the difficulty level of Dark Souls surpasses the former.

What is the next Souls Game after Elden Ring?

The latest impending Souls Game that will follow the Elden Ring is Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. The game development of Armored 6 was mistaken as the game development of Dark Souls 4 by many fans.

Is Elden Ring Successful?

Elden Ring? Successful? Well, Yeah!! Elden Ring has destroyed all its competitors by winning the Best Game Award in 2022.

What will be Dark Souls 4 Gameplay be like?

Well, the Dark Souls 4 Gameplay will most probably be just like its predecessors. What we can expect to be different is the graphics quality and speed of the combat mechanics.

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