Dead by Daylight sequel: Is DOD 2 coming?

Dead by Daylight sequel: This year in June, Dead by Daylight will be 7 years old. Typically, by this time, a video game dies which might be because of the end of support from the developers for that game or due to the dying interest of gamers in the game. After this much time, people start questioning, will there be a sequel to this game? The same thing is happening with Dead by Daylight or DBD. The game is almost 7 years old already, and there are no hints for a Dead by Daylight sequel. Is the studio working on it secretly or will they even make a Dead by Daylight sequel, we will be discussing just that in this post.

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Dead by Daylight: Overview

Dead by Daylight Overview

Behaviour Interactive, a Canadian studio, developed Dead by Daylight– an asymmetrical online survival horror game. It’s a one versus four battle where one person plays as the Killer and the other four act as Survivors. The Killer’s aim is to catch each Survivor and sacrifice them to a sinister being known as the Entity by hanging them on hooks while Survivors must escape being captured and activate five generators in order to unlock the exit gates. Initially released for Windows in 2016, it has since been made available for most major gaming consoles.

The game has a pretty stable base of players. On average, it has 50,000 monthly active players. The game is far from “dead”, thanks to the dedicated team of developers at Behaviour Interactive who keep on bringing patches for bugs that may show up at any point in time along with recent updates that add new characters, items, and maps to the game.

But the question is, will there be a Dead by Daylight 2, or is the Dead by Daylight sequel coming?

Is the Dead by Daylight sequel coming?

Dead by Daylight 2

Cutting directly to the chase, the short answer is No, there will not be a Dead by Daylight sequel, at least not for the next couple of years. Dead by Daylight is doing just fine as of now and with that healthy player base and all the efforts that Behavior Interactive is putting in, it will keep the game alive for quite some more time.

Furthermore, in an interview with The Loadout, the creative director of Dead by Daylight, Dave Richards said –

“Dead by Daylight as a project and as a team has been built to be supported for as long as we could,” Richard says. “If there are players supporting it and a growing community, it makes sense to us to continue to update and support the title rather than move to a sequel. As we have seen through the years with the massive visual rework of maps and characters, with effort and know-how it is possible to update a title even in major ways to support it even longer.”

Dave Richards

Rather than creating a sequel to Dead by Daylight, the developers are focusing on enhancing the current game through updates that include new features, mechanics, and visuals. The most recent DLC will add a new Killer – The Knight – and Survivor – Vittorio Toscano, as well as a brand-new map: Shattered Square, which will be available to all players. Behavior Interactive will continuously be providing support to the game for multiple years.

When can we expect the Dead by Daylight sequel?

when to expect DOD2

As long as Dead by Daylight is receiving continuous updates, it’s unlikely we will ever see a sequel. If the developers did create a new game, then the players would have a choice between two games. If the sequel was to fail and not meet the expectations, it could have a negative impact on the original game as well. The risk is just too high.

GTA 5 was released in 2013 and to this date, there is no sequel to the game, why? Because the game was just too great if the devs would have made a sequel after just 3-5 years, and if it would have failed (which is probably likely, since passing the GTA 5 standards for Rockstar themselves will not be easy), the devs and publishers would have faced huge losses.

The point that I’m trying to make here is that the sequel to great games comes later than you would expect. When the devs at Behavior Interactive feel that the game is dying out, then they will start working on a new game. So, don’t expect a Dead by Daylight 2 for the next 2-3 years.

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