Dirt 6 Release Date, Trailer, Cars, Rumors & More [2023]

Will the legendary Dirt Series be back?

Dirt 6 Release Date
Dirt 6 Release Date

This article thoroughly examines the probability of the Dirt 6 release date. Codemasters’ DiRT franchise is a specialized racing game. Established in 1998, Dirt surely has come a long way. The series’s latest installment is Dirt 5 (released in 2020). The latest installment of Dirt Series could only muster mixed reviews from the gaming community. To re-experience the charm of classic Dirt games like Dirt Rally 2 & Dirt 3, gamers have been looking forward to the release of Dirt 6.

There is much confusion about the release information of Dirt 6. So, we compiled the most relevant info for you in this blog post.

What is the Dirt 6 Release Date?

There is no Dirt 6 release date right now and there is no evidence pointing to the game development. But that doesn’t mean we should rule out the possibility of Dirt 6 yet. It may be possible that we may get a Dirt Rally 3.0 instead. We will discuss this possibility further in this post.

A major uprise of uncertainty grew amongst the Dirt Fandom after Electronic Arts took over Codemasters. There have been variable speculations from an advanced version of Dirt to the cancellation of the franchise altogether. The only party capable of resolving this muddle of confusion is Electronics Arts, who is unfortunately still silent on this matter.

We will update the Dirt 6 Release Date in this section as soon as we find a solid clue on the matter. Now, we will be speculating on what we can expect in terms of Dirt 6 Gameplay, Rumors & Latest News.

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About Dirt Series

The Dirt Racing Game Franchise originated back in 1998 as Colin McRae Rally. Codemasters have developed Dirt Games from the very start. The series has launched 14 games, possibly 15 if Dirt 6 or Dirt Rally 3.0 gets confirmed. You can check out the entire Dirt/Colin McRae Games list so far.

Game TitleRelease Year
Colin McRae Rally1998
Colin McRae Rally 2.02000
Colin McRae Rally 32003
Colin McRae Rally 42003
Colin McRae Rally 20052004
Colin McRae: Dirt2007
Colin McRae: Dirt 22009
Dirt 32011
Dirt: Showdown2012
Colin McRae Rally 20132013
Dirt Rally2015
Dirt 42017
Dirt Rally 2.02019
Dirt 52020

Dirt 6 Trailer

The entire fandom of the Dirt series stands united in anticipation of the Dirt 6 Trailer. The developers have not released any trailer or teaser of Dirt 6 yet. We aren’t even sure if and when EA will launch the Dirt 6 Trailer.

The Dirt 6 Trailer will provide full-fledged insights into the gameplay, graphic quality, game modes & Dirt 6 Platforms. Until then, we can only make assumptions about what Dirt 6 possibly has to offer.

Dirt 6 Gameplay Speculations

We can speculate the Dirt 6 Gameplay based on the mechanics in the previous installments of the series. If we talk about Dirt Games in general, they majorly incorporate off-road racing in diverse terrain & weather conditions. The Gameplay Mechanics of Dirt Rally has found the most fan praise until now.

Dirt 6 Gameplay
Dirt 6 Gameplay

The latest installment of the series, Dirt 5, could not deliver that well in the Gameplay Department. This is one of the reasons we look forward to the changes EA will incorporate into the game.

We can expect new tracks, gameplay mechanics advancements, cars & additional modes. Dirt 6 will most likely feature multiplayer mode like its predecessors.

Dirt 6 Cars Speculations

Dirt Games are popular for featuring the latest models of racing cars. In addition to this, Dirt Games have not shied away from experimentation, whether it is gameplay or even vehicles. We can expect a lot in the Dirt 6 Cars department with EA in the picture.

Dirt 6 Cars
Dirt 6 Cars

Just like the previous parts, we can expect Dirt 6 to include Sprint, Cross Raid, 90s Rally, 80s Rally, Modern Rally, Super Lites, and much more. We will be able to flash some more light on this matter once the official trailer is out.

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Dirt 6 Platforms Speculations

We will be basing our Dirt 6 Platforms Speculations on the basis of the previous Dirt Games and the latest Codemasters’ racing games.

Starting from the PS platform. Dirt 5 was released on PS 4 & PS 5 while FI 22 (one of the latest games from EA) was released on PS 4 as well. So, there is a high chance to have Dirt 6 for PlayStation.

Next up, let us discuss Dirt 6 for Xbox. Based on the same prediction factor, there is a probability of having Dirt 6 on Xbox One.

PC gamers do not need to feel left out as the release trends ensure a high chance of Dirt 6 for PC. These are, however, just speculations based on our best guess and do not assure anything.

Dirt 6 News & Rumors

One of the most concerning news that is circulating on the web is about the possible cancellation of the Dirt Franchise by EA. This rumor came into existence after EA announced the cancellation of Project CARS 4. There is still no official announcement on the cancellation of Dirt 6 but there isn’t any anticipatory news either.

It is also a possibility that the release of Dirt 6 takes place under a different title. The sequel is also circulating under the title Dirt 3.0. There is no definitive way to predict what developers exactly have in mind. All we can do is wait for the official update. We will update this section once we gather more vital info about the Dirt 6 Release Date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be a Dirt 6?

Honestly, there is no way to say if there will be a Dirt 6. There are various contradicting rumors on the internet and we will have to wait for the developers to release an official update.

Is the Dirt 6 Trailer released?

No, the Dirt 6 Trailer has not been released yet. We have no information from the studio/developers about the possible release date of the Dirt 6 Trailer yet.

Has Dirt 6 been canceled?

Well, the studio has no specific announcement about the Dirt 6 cancellation. However, this rumor has been seriously established ever since EA canceled Project CARS 4.

What will be the next Dirt game?

We can’t say for sure yet, but based on speculations, it may be Dirt Rally 3.0 or Dirt 6.


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