Dirt 6 Release Date, Trailer, Cars, Rumors & More [2023]

Dirt 6 Release Date
Dirt 6 Release Date

This article thoroughly examines the probability of the next game in the popular Dirt franchise, Dirt 6 release date. Codemasters’ DiRT franchise is a specialized racing game that was established in 1998, and since then, this series has been able to gather a sizable loyal following.

The series’s latest installment, Dirt 5 (released in 2020), could only muster mixed reviews from the gaming community, so to re-experience the charm and aesthetics of classic Dirt games like Dirt Rally 2 & Dirt 3, gamers have been looking forward to the release of the next game in the series, Dirt 6, in the hope that it will bring back the gameplay aspects that made the series popular in the first place.

So to throw some light on all the questions fans of this series might have regarding the game and its release date, we at BenettonPlay, have brought to you the most up-to-date pieces of information that people can rely on.

So without any more delays, let us jump right into the details:

What is the Release Date of Dirt 6?

Dirt 6
Dirt 6

At the time of writing this article, there seems to be no Dirt 6 release date as of right now, and there is also no evidence pointing to the fact that a new Dirt game is even in development.

As things stand, a new Dirt game is not going to be released anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean we should lose hope and rule out the possibility of Dirt 6 ever getting released. It may be possible that we may get a Dirt Rally 3.0 instead. We will discuss this possibility further in this post.

Furthermore, A major cause for concern and uncertainty grew among the fans of this game after Electronic Arts took over Codemasters. There have been various rumors circulating the web regarding a new, enhanced version of the Dirt series, but there have also been some reports that indicate the cancellation of the entire franchise altogether. The only party capable of resolving this muddle of confusion is Electronics Arts, who are unfortunately still silent on this matter.

Here, take a look at the tweet from Electronic Arts’ official Twitter account:

We will update this section as soon as we find more concrete news regarding this topic.

Now that we know what the release date situation of the game is, let’s take a little look at the history of this game series to know more about it.

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Dirt Series History

Dirt Series History
Dirt Series History

The Dirt Racing Game Franchise originated back in 1998 as Colin McRae Rally and has been developed by Codemasters from the very start.

The series consists of 14 games, and possibly 15 if Dirt 6 or Dirt Rally 3.0 gets confirmed soon.

Here, check out this table inserted below to learn about all the games in the entire Dirt/Colin McRae games franchise over the years:

Game TitleRelease Year
Colin McRae Rally1998
Colin McRae Rally 2.02000
Colin McRae Rally 32003
Colin McRae Rally 42003
Colin McRae Rally 20052004
Colin McRae: Dirt2007
Colin McRae: Dirt 22009
Dirt 32011
Dirt: Showdown2012
Colin McRae Rally 20132013
Dirt Rally2015
Dirt 42017
Dirt Rally 2.02019
Dirt 52020

Dirt 6 Trailer

Dirt 6 Trailer
Dirt 6 Trailer

Passionate fans of the Dirt series have eagerly been waiting for the announcement of Dirt 6 for a couple of years now, but at the moment, no official news or reveal trailer has been published by the developers regarding this game.

Whenever it is released, however, Dirt 6’s reveal trailer will provide gamers with a great idea of what players can expect to see in the upcoming Dirt game in regards to its gameplay, graphic quality, game modes, platforms, and much more. Until then, we can only make assumptions about what Dirt 6 possibly has to offer.

Dirt 6 Gameplay Speculation

Dirt 6 Gameplay Speculation
Dirt 6 Gameplay Speculation

Speaking about Dirt 6’s gameplay, based on the gameplay mechanics of the previous games in the series, barring the 5th part, we can safely speculate that this forthcoming sequel will once again look to live to the iconic off-road racing circuits they are very well known for.

As much as people must’ve liked Dirt 5, it never felt connected to the entire Dirt game franchise at all with its jazzy lighting effects and urbanized setting. In our opinion, the game strayed a little too far away from the core mechanics and aesthetics that made the Dirt series famous in the first place, but we strongly hope that the developers have realized the error of their ways, and are now fully committed to bringing the series back to its rural settings in Dirt 6.

Players can expect to see new tracks, the addition of numerous new gameplay mechanics and advancements, cars & additional game modes.

Dirt 6 will most likely feature multiplayer mode like its predecessors as well, but we have yet to confirm that piece of information just like we have to do for the game’s release date.

Dirt 6 Cars Speculation

Dirt 6 Cars Speculation
Dirt 6 Cars Speculation

Dirt Games are popular for featuring the latest models of racing cars. In addition to this, Dirt Games has not shied away from experimentation either, whether it is gameplay or even vehicles, so players can expect a lot when it comes to the department of cars with EA also in the picture.

Just like the previous parts, we can expect Dirt 6 to include Sprint, Cross Raid, 90’s Rally, 80’s Rally, Modern Rally, Super Lites, and much more. We will be able to shed some more light on this matter once the official trailer is out but we can be sure of the fact that every car used in the series so far will look and perform better than it has till now.

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Dirt 6 Platforms Speculation

Dirt 6 Platforms Speculation
Dirt 6 Platforms Speculation

We will be basing our Dirt 6 Platforms Speculations on not only the previous Dirt Games but also on the latest racing games released by Codemasters as well.

Starting with the PlayStation platform, Dirt 5 was released on PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5, while F1 22 (one of the latest games from EA) was released on PlayStation 4 as well. So to put things into perspective, there is a high probability of Dirt 6 being released for PlayStation devices.

Next up, as far as other devices are concerned, by looking at the platforms the last Dirt game released on, we can safely speculate that the upcoming Dirt tile, Dirt 6, will also be released on platforms like Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PC, and Stadia.

Will update this section of the post if any new platforms are added to the supported platform’s list.

Dirt 6 News & Rumors

Dirt 6 News and Rumors
Dirt 6 News and Rumors

One of the most concerning news that is circulating on the web is about the possible cancellation of the Dirt Franchise by EA. This rumor came into existence after EA announced the cancellation of Project CARS 4. There is still no official announcement on the cancellation of Dirt 6 but there isn’t any release news either.

It is also a possibility that the release of Dirt 6 takes place under a different title. The sequel is also circulating under the title Dirt 3.0.

There is no definitive way to predict what developers currently have in mind regarding the Dirt franchise, so we urge all the fans of this game series to wait for official updates from the developers themselves. We will update this section once we gather more vital info about the Dirt 6’s release date.

Dirt GamesOfficial Website
CodemastersOfficial Website

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That was all the information we had regarding the release date of Dirt 6.

At the time of writing this article, it is still unclear when the next part of this iconic racing game series will be released, but please do keep coming back to this post occasionally, as we will update this with all the latest news and updates, as and when they become available to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be a Dirt 6?

Honestly, there is no way to say if there will be a Dirt 6. There are various contradicting rumors on the internet and we will have to wait for the developers to release an official update to be sure if it is happening or not.

Is the Dirt 6 Trailer released?

No, the Dirt 6 Trailer has not been released yet. We have no information from the studio/developers about the possible release date of the Dirt 6 Trailer yet.

Has Dirt 6 been canceled?

Well, the studio has no specific announcement about the Dirt 6 cancellation. However, this rumor has been seriously established ever since EA canceled Project CARS 4.

What will be the next Dirt game?

We can’t say for sure yet, but based on speculations, it may be Dirt Rally 3.0 or Dirt 6.

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