Dishonored Games In Order [Complete List]

Dishonored Games In Order:- The Dishonored digital game franchise, developed by Arkane Studios as well as licensed through Bethesda Softworks, has won several awards. Assassins Daud, Empress Emily Kaldwin, Billie Lurk, and Imperial Defender Corvo Attano’s voyages are followed throughout the narrative.

Which presents numerous government machinations via their points of view alongside revealing the several secrets of their enormous universe. The franchise’ unusual aesthetics and layout are major features.

Dishonored Games In Order

The “moving painting” type of art has been acclaimed by numerous commentators for its originality and profundity. The gaming however has received praise, largely because of the flexibility it gives users to make the best of the event’s specific perspectives. In video games, there are several role-playing components that allow teams to experience decisions with significant non-linear consequences.

Dishonored Games in Order

A comparatively tiny group of island communities located during an archipelago that covers the majority of the world, the mechanized Empire of the Isles, wherein modern civilization solely thrives upon that Isles, seems to be the setting for the Dishonored franchise.

All dishonored games in order were initially intended to be in medieval Japan in its beginning stages of creation. Unfortunately, due to promotional problems and also the production team’s overall lack of knowledge well with the scenario.

Arkane Studios finally switched to a scenario resembling seventeenth as well as ultimately 19th-century London. This article will examine every Dishonored game order so that is suggested to play them in order to fully comprehend the Dishonored storyline.

All Dishonored Games in Order


Release Date: 9th October 2012
Available on Platforms: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Windows


This FPS with espionage features takes place in some kind of steampunk atmosphere. Arcane Studios, a corporation most recognized for its work on Dark Master of Might & Power, is the producer of Dishonored order.

Corvo, the show’s main character and the empress’s trusted security, is wrongfully accused of killing his boss. Because he is among the most frightening men in the world, he must utilize his incredible talents to restore his reputation and get revenge on the criminals.

The primary portion of Dishonored consists of carrying out well-organized killings. The character can help oneself within this mission by utilizing his extraordinary skills. Dishonored has fantastic audiovisuals alongside Unreal Engine 3-powered visuals.

Dishonored: Definitive Edition

Release Date: 25th August 2015
Available on Platforms: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Windows

Dishonored Definitive Edition

A 1st-person sneaking videogame by Arkane that has been completely reworked for PC & eighth-generation platforms. Inside the videogame, players take over the character of Corvo Attano, a previous guardian of the slain queen who has been forced to clear his identity and seek retribution on the real killers after being wrongfully convicted of murdering her.

The game is defined by a great deal of operational flexibility and the ability to accomplish a task in many approaches. The videogame will adapt the storyline to your decisions and thoughts, allowing you to operate inside the darkness or participate in a frontal battle.

The version has improved visuals over the earlier design and includes every one of the downloadable content all of which were produced since the debut of the vanilla version of the software, featuring two significant advancements: The Brigmore Witches, and The Knife of Dunwall.

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Dishonored 2

Release Date: 11th November 2016
Available on Platforms: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Windows

Dishonored 2

Another finest first-person perspective stealth game successor set in a world that merges steampunk and nineteenth-century period fashion. The event’s distributor, Bethesda, with Arkane Studios worked together to create the videogame. The character of such prior league’s title, Corvo, teams up alongside Emily Kadwin, the deceased empress’s child and the series’s primary character.

The daughter wants to regain the stolen throne and seek retribution for everyone who caused her mom’s murder. Users continue to have a lot of leeway in how they accomplish the game’s goals because the playing fundamentals haven’t changed that significantly.

Players can choose to participate in open confrontations or covert tactics, relying upon their inclinations. All the protagonists may be used to finish the challenge, and they all have somewhat distinct skills and combat techniques. Dishonored 2 has no cooperative option and, as though its predecessor, is solely a single-player experience.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Release Date: 15th September 2017
Available on Platforms: Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox One, PS4, Windows

Dishonored Death of the Outsider

Adventure video game Dishonored: Death of the Outsider features the Dishonored video game world. Billie Lurk, a fresh character, is who players act as. She would be a supernaturally gifted assassin who serves as Daud’s most important accomplice. Daud is among the franchise’s main enemies as well as the person we took control of during the initial order of Dishonored games first 2 DLCs.

Your mission will be to chase down the enigmatic stranger, who gives the protagonists of the story their superhuman abilities. The plot is chaotic, therefore user decisions greatly influence how the game spins out. Players explore the town of Karnaca of Dishonored 2 in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Throughout the journey, you may stop at a wide range of places, including sect hideaways and basement combat bars. The playing principles are identical to those found in the genre’s past games and haven’t changed. Yet again, you have the option to strike your foes in clear view or act like the quiet assassin.

Gamers get access to brand-new skills and tools as they improve. Once you complete the game, you may enjoy it once more in the Classic Play Plus option, which allows you to use Dishonored 2 (Dishonored series in order) skills.

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Does anyone need to play Dishonored 1 before 2?

Absolutely not, it’s just that, if you’ve played Dishonored before, many aspects may be more obvious to you.

Do you think will there be Dishonored 3?

Currently, there is no such news about the Dishonored 3 release by officials. As soon we get any information regarding it we will let you know.

What is the skill difference between playing as Emily or Corvo?

The abilities that Emily and Corvo possess exposure to are among their primary contrasts. The whole of Emily’s abilities is brand-new and fascinating. Gamers who are sick of the mystical powers from the original video game have different game-style options.

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