Dragon Age Games in Order of Release Date [Complete 2023 List]

All Dragon Age Games in Chronological Order

There is hardly any game enthusiast who is not familiar with the legendary Dragon Age Games. First introduced in 2009, Dragon Age games have managed to woo Fantasy RPG fans worldwide.

Dragon Age Games have leaped ahead of their time since the start. A balanced experience of a great storyline is incorporated with powerful characters & decent graphics in the Dragon Age Series.

The hype of the franchise has been recently rekindled with the announcement of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. While we wait for the release of the upcoming Dragon Age game, it is best to replay all the games to spark up the story events so far.

Dragon Age Games in Order of Release Date
Dragon Age Games in Order of Release Date

Are you someone who is looking forward to playing the Dragon Age Games but doesn’t know the correct order to play? Then don’t worry because we got your back with the complete list of Dragon Age Games in Order. We have also included the Downloadable Content (DLC) & Spin-Offs on our list.

Dragon Age Games in Order of Release Date

The Dragon Age series is developed by BioWare & published by Electronic Arts. The credit for the mind-capturing narrative and storyline of Dragon Age goes to David Gaider. Mr. Gaider has greatly contributed to Bioware game storylines and concepts from 1999 to 2016.

The journey of the ongoing Dragon Age Series dates back to 2009 with the release of Dragon Age Origins. The perfect blend of Action and Fantasy roleplaying made a benchmark in the history of Action RPGs. The attention to detail, flawless gameplay & intriguing story hooked gamers to the series.

We have provided the entire Dragon Age Games in order for you which is released to date. You can use this Dragon Age Series Order to play the games in the correct timeline.

1. Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age Origins (Dragon Age Series Order)
Dragon Age Origins (Dragon Age Series Order)
Release Date3rd November 2009
DevelopersEdge of Reality, BioWare
Downloadable ContentThe Stone Prisoner
Warden’s Keep
Return to Ostagar
PlatformsPS 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows

The Dragon Age: Origins is where it all started in the Ferelden kingdom. There are a total of 6 races that are highlighted in the Origins. The game depicts the heart-touching background story of each race in an intricate manner. Dragon Age Origins is considered one of the best games in the franchise and delivers what we may call the ultimate Action Role Playing Experience. The developers added 3 DLC to the game.

Dragon Age: Origins is amongst the most popular games of the Dragon Age series so far. The game was truly ahead of its time with overpowering attention to detail that can’t go unnoticed. Being the first part of the franchise, it still holds the strongest impact in the hearts of the fans. You know what they say, in order to build a superstructure you must have a strong foundation. DA Origins provides just that!

1.1. The Stone Prisoner

The Stone Prisoner (Dragon Age Games in Order)
The Stone Prisoner (Dragon Age Games in Order)

The Stone Prisoner DLC was released for Dragon Age: Origins on 3rd November 2009. The game takes place in Honnleath where the entire village is taken over by Darkspawn. The only hope to reclaim the village away from the clutches of Darkspwan is a Stone Golem which is infused with magical powers. The player has to unravel the mystery of the golem and save Honnleath.

1.2. Warden’s Keep

Warden's Keep (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Warden’s Keep (Dragon Age Games in Order)

The Warden’s Keep DLC was added to the Dragon Age Origins on 3rd November 2009 just like the Stone Prisoner. This DLC provides an opportunity to explore the Soldier’s Peak fortress. The fortress is haunted by the spirits of deceased Wardens. The player has to choose whether to annihilate the monster that possesses the deceased body of Sophia or release it. In addition to this, the player also has to reseal the veil that is the gateway for monsters to enter the physical world.

1.3. Return to Ostagar

Return to Ostagar (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Return to Ostagar (Dragon Age Games in Order)

Return to Ostagar, the latest DLC of Dragon Age: Origins was initially released on 13th January 2010. This DLC depicts a scenario in which Darkspawn has taken over Ostagar. The player has to retrieve the Armor Set of Cailan and avenge his death by eliminating the Risen Ogre.

2. Dragon Age: Origins Awakening

Dragon Age Origins Awakening (Dragon Age Series Order)
Dragon Age Origins Awakening (Dragon Age Series Order)
Release Date16th March 2010
Downloadable ContentThe Darkspawn Chronicles
Leliana’s Song
The Golems of Amgarrak
Witch Hunt
PlatformsPS 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows

Dragon Age Origins Awakening is an expansion & sequel to Dragon Age Origins. The player can choose to continue from their saved ending of DA Origins. The game is set to occur 6 months after the canon ending of its predecessor. The gameplay unfolds in a brand new area called Amaranthine. The players take up the role of the head of Amaranthine and have to defend the area against horrific Darkspawns.

2.1. The Darkspawn Chronicles

The Darkspawn Chronicles (Dragon Age Games in Order)
The Darkspawn Chronicles (Dragon Age Games in Order)

Don’t we sometimes wonder what it would be like to join the dark side? Well, it is very much possible to experience this with the Darkspawn Chronicles where you play as Hurlock Vanguard. In this DLC you can partake ultimate strength & even execute mind-control on your enemies as this powerful character.

2.2. Leliana’s Song

Leliana's Song (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Leliana’s Song (Dragon Age Games in Order)

Unlike the other DLC expansions, Leliana’s Song is actually a prequel to the Dragon Age: Origins. If we talk in terms of the timeline of events, Leliana’s Song would be the first to occur in the entire Dragon Age Series. This expansion pack gives us the opportunity to learn about the back story of Leliana through a total of 8 quests.

2.3. The Golems of Amgarrak

The Golems of Amgarrak (Dragon Age Games in Order)
The Golems of Amgarrak (Dragon Age Games in Order)

The next expansion to the DA Awakening is The Golems of Amgarrak which takes place in Orzahammer. Released on 28th July 2010, this expansion dwells the players into exploring the mystery of golem construction. The explorative and rewarding journey is stretched within a total of 4 quests.

2.4. Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Witch Hunt (Dragon Age Games in Order)

The storyline of this expansion focuses on Morrigan, covering the events taking place after the death of the Archdemon. The true intentions of Morrigan are revealed in this part that caused her into helping the Grey Warden. The main quest in this game is to find Morrigan.

3. Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 (Dragon Age Series Order)
Dragon Age 2 (Dragon Age Series Order)
Release Date8th March 2011
Downloadable ContentThe Exiled Prince
Mark of the Assassin
PlatformsPS 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows

The player takes the embodiment of Hawke who is the Champion of Kirkwall. The players get to choose the race of the protagonist to Rogue, Mage, or Warrior. The race of the character governs different weapons and fighting styles during the gameplay. One of the main reasons that made DA 2 gameplay boring was the redundant environments. If we look beyond the obvious flaws of the game, DA 2 is still a pretty well-rounded game. Maybe not as impressive as the other parts of the franchise but it’s pretty enjoyable.

Despite receiving mixed feedback for the gameplay and the storyline, the protagonist of Dragon Age 2, Hawke was quite appreciated by the fandom. The emotional angle of Hawke’s family and his survival journey did impress many.

3.1. The Exiled Prince

The Exiled Prince (Dragon Age Games in Order)
The Exiled Prince (Dragon Age Games in Order)

The Exiled Prince expansion focuses on Sebastian Vael’s story of avenging his family’s massacre. Sebastian has a profoundly dark backstory that enfires the core strength in him to fight the murderers of his family.

3.2. Legacy

Legacy (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Legacy (Dragon Age Games in Order)

The Legacy expansion unfolds the events after reaching the Kirkwall. The game portrays the expedition of Hawke and their associates to the mighty Vimmarke Mountains. The player has to defend against the brutal attacks of the enemy cartel and defeat them while they proceed with their purposeful journey.

3.3. Mark of the Assassin

Mark of the Assassin (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Mark of the Assassin (Dragon Age Games in Order)

The Mark of the Assassin introduces a brand new character, Tallis. She is a strong and enigmatic assassin with outstanding combat skills. Tallis will accompany the player on a journey to Orlesian to retrieve a powerful relic.

4. Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition (Dragon Age Series Order)
Dragon Age Inquisition (Dragon Age Series Order)
Release Date18th November 2014
Downloadable ContentJaws of Hakkon
The Descent
PlatformsPS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

The Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the most legendary games of the Dragon Age franchise and an absolute fan favorite. The game thrives with ultimate action sequences that demand sharp combat skills from the players. The storyline of the game revolves around an explosion that has led to the creation of a breach. This breach acts as a portal between the physical world and the world of spirits. The player of the game is portrayed as the sole survivor of this breach and has apparently developed the ability to close the segments of the breach.

The player meets several challenges in his heroic mission to completely seal the breach. Do you have what it takes to stop the Darkspawn in their treacherous intentions? Find out in this action-packed Role Playing Game.

4.1. Jaws of Hakkon

Jaws of Hakkon (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Jaws of Hakkon (Dragon Age Games in Order)

The Jaws of Hakkon expansion can be unlocked after reaching Skyhold in Dragon Age Inquisition. The player goes on an expedition in the wild in pursuit of the last Inquisitor who apparently has gone missing. The last inquisitor was after a dragon before he went missing. Now, the player has to unravel the mystery of this disappearance while exploring the dynamic world in the mountains of Thedas.

This expansion has 8 Main quests and 16 side quests awarding a long gameplay experience to the players. Playing these quests will help the player gain special collectibles that will upgrade the character level significantly.

4.2. The Descent

The Descent (Dragon Age Games in Order)
The Descent (Dragon Age Games in Order)

The next DLC in the DA Inquisition is The Descent! This game sequence depicts a soul-shuddering expedition in dangerous terrains. The terrains, however, are not the only factor to worry about. There is an immense threat waiting to leap on you every second with bloodthirsty Darkspawn waiting for you.

The Descent offers 5 main quests in addition to 8 side quests. Apart from the extreme thrill and adventure this expansion also offers collectible perks to the player such as weaponry & skills.

4.3. Trespasser

Trespasser (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Trespasser (Dragon Age Games in Order)

Finally, the last expansion pack of the legendary DA Inquisition is the Trespasser. One important detail that you must know about this DLC is that you cannot return back to any other mission after you have entered the Trespasser. The World Map feature becomes inaccessible once you have activated this DLC. Trespasser is intended as the climax part of the game & all the previous segments of the game would not remain playable even after you have cleared the Trespasser.

5. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Dragon Age Dreadwolf (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Dragon Age Dreadwolf (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Release DateTo be out soon
Trailer StatusOut Now
Expected PlatformsPS 4, PS 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

The news that has caused the highest uproar amongst the Dragon Age fandom recently is the official confirmation of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. The cinematic trailer was launched during the 2020 Game Awards. The trailer hints at the possibility of a fight brewing between Solas & Varric. This speculation is based on the narrator’s voice sounding uncannily like Varric.

There have been countless story speculations surfacing since the trailer was released. According to various rumors that are circulating over the internet, the game may be released in 2023 or 2024 at the latest. We do not know exactly when Dreadwolf will be out. The graphic quality & intriguing storyline that is portrayed in the trailer is already spewing our excitement and level of expectations from Dreadwolf.

Dreadwolf has been under development for a while now. So, we can certainly expect the developers to reveal the release date very soon.

Dragon Age Spin-offs

We have covered all the main games of the Dragon Age franchise in the previous section of this post. Apart from the main storyline, Dragon Age also released Spin-offs and flash games from time to time to keep the fandom hooked. Unfortunately, the spin-offs did not succeed in harboring the legacy of this franchise. Due to this very reason, all these games led to the brutal fate of cancelation. However, we decided to cover these games in this section to commemorate the contribution they once added to the Dragon Age Franchise.

1. Dragon Age Journeys

Dragon Age Journeys (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Dragon Age Journeys (Dragon Age Games in Order)
Release Date22nd October 2009
DeveloperBioware, EA 2D
Current StatusCanceled

Dragon Age Journeys was the first tactical flash game made for free play by the joint venture of Bioware & EA 2D. The game did not receive the anticipated response from the players and was thus canceled after only 3 chapters. The game does still appear on some websites but does not load due to detachment from EA servers.

2. Dragon Age Legends

Dragon Age Legends (Dragon Age Series Order)
Dragon Age Legends (Dragon Age Series Order)
Release Date16th March 2011
Initial Release PlatformsFacebook, Google +
Game Cancellation2012

The Dragon Age Legends was a free-to-play flash game that was launched as a spin-off to the Dragon Age 2 main storyline. This game was released as a replacement for Dragon Age Journeys. Unfortunately, much like Dragon Age Journeys, Legends also failed to muster much success and eventually failed to retain its place on the game platforms. The game was then reduced to an offline download with a preset storyline & characters.

The game took place in the city of Kaiten where the protagonist plays beside an NPC named Ravi. The player had to devise a strategy to rescue the son of Ravi in their heroic expedition.

5. Heroes of Dragon Age

Heroes of Dragon Age (Dragon Age Series Order)
Heroes of Dragon Age (Dragon Age Series Order)
Release Date5th December 2013
DeveloperEA Capital Games
PlatformsiOS, Android
Game StatusCancelled on 24th January 2023

Heroes of Dragon Age was yet another spin-off of the legendary Dragon Age Series but specifically for mobile platforms. The game presented a role-playing element in the pre-existing storylines of various Dragon Age Arcs. Basically, this game provided an alternative angle to the main storyline. To keep players more interested in the game, developers added a card collection element in the game as well. The most outstanding feature of the game was probably the art style and stunning visuals that blew life into the otherwise simplistic gameplay.

Other than this, Heroes of Dragon Age did not provide any backstory or canon events to the main timeline of the story. The game had average user activity and the cancelation of the game did cause only a little uproar from the community.

6. Dragon Age: The Last Court

Dragon Age The Last Court (Dragon Age Series Order)
Dragon Age The Last Court (Dragon Age Series Order)
Release DateNovember 2014
Deactivation Date17th November 2020

The last spin-off of the Dragon Age franchise was Dragon Age: The Last Court. The game was also a part of the Dragon Age Keep expansion. The Last Court was a card game that comprises the player taking on challenges and earning rewards. The game could be easily played on your standard web browser without any advanced system requirements. The simple text-based game turned out to be a good time killer for the Dragon Age fans.

Fans did not hesitate to express their disappointment upon the cancellation of the game on various social media platforms. Despite all the attempts to make EA bring back the card game, fans have only tasted disappointment yet. However, with the soon-anticipated release of Dreadwolf fans have more exciting things to look forward to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dragon Age Inquisition the first game?

No, Dragon Age Inquisition is not the first game of the franchise. Dragon Age Origins is the first game according to the chronological order of Dragon Age Games.

Is there romance in Dragon Age Games?

Romance is one of the most anticipated elements we desire from any RPG. The great thing about the Dragon Age Games is that they provide plenty of love interests and romance screen time.

Do I start with Dragon Age Origins or Awakening?

You should start with Dragon Age Origins since it is the first game of the franchise and starting point of the storyline is important to understand the proceeding installments.

When will Dragon Age: Dreadwolf be released?

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will most likely be released in 2023. The developers last updated the game status in 2022. Bioware conveyed that the game would not be out in 2022 and is under development.

Does Dragon Age have different endings?

Well, yes Dragon Age provides different endings in accordance with the choices made by the player.


You have reached the end of this post. Thank you for sticking around till the end, we have included all the Dragon Age Games in order that have been released so far. We truly hope that this post was able to deliver its purpose and will assist in your gameplay experience. Feel free to drop by your feedback in the comments section below and help us improve the quality of the content at Benettonplay.


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