Best Early Game Weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom You must know before you start

The Legend of Zelda series has managed to keep the players hooked on the thrilling adventures for over a decade now. Tears of the Kingdom is successfully carrying this legacy.

Weapons and inventory play the most crucial role in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It is always helpful to know which weapons are the ultimate game changer.

Best Early Game Weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Best Early Game Weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Are you ready to make your Tears of the Kingdom journey epic? Then behold our ultimate list of the Best Early Game weapons which will give you an advantage from the very start of the game.

Best Early Game Weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Your ranking is significantly impacted if you progress your TOTK journey with weak weapons. Even though the game is about progress and discovery, there is no way you want to feel incompetent. And this is why for your personal satisfaction and the best gameplay experience we have specially curated this list of the Best Early Game Weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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By using these weapons during the early game, you will proceed through the game challenges and rank flawlessly. So what are we waiting for? Let’s find out!

1. Bow and Arrows

Bow and Arrows are quite handy in the early gameplay of TOTK as they allow you to execute ranged attacks. This is beneficial as close combat with a wide number of enemies can be tricky during the early part of the game. Ranged attacks help the player save their HP and score better rankings. You can easily find bows and arrows by enemy drops, side quests, mini-games, chests, forest shrines, and Hyrule Outpost.

Construct Arrows

Construct Arrows Zelda TOTK
Construct Arrows Zelda TOTK

Construct Arrows are special types of arrows that possess distinct abilities as compared to the normal bow and arrow in the game. Getting your hands on these gives you a wider strategizing window. You can find the Construct Arrows early in the game by locating the hidden Shrine of Constructs.

You can find the clues to get to the Shrine of Constructs by interacting with the NPCs in the village early in the game. The Shrine is usually discovered in a secluded area, so you should explore the location accordingly. You will have to undergo a number of challenges in order to reach the heart of the shrine. Upon completion of all these challenges, you will be rewarded with the Construct Arrows. You will also receive the recipe to craft your own Construct Arrows after this.

Some of the best Construct Arrows you can use include:

Tower ArrowsThese arrows help you to create tall platforms which help you elevate to higher locations and you can have a better look at your surroundings.
Bridge ArrowsIf you encounter a chasm or similar hurdle in your path, you can use bridge arrows to create temporary bridges.
Platform ArrowsThese arrows allow you to create a floating platform in the air. This is extremely useful for ranged attacks.
Wall ArrowsThis allows you to create a huge protective barrier against enemy attacks.
Pillar ArrowsThese help you with holding on to trigger switches.

2. Ancient Blade

When it comes to the best close-combat weapons early in the game, you cannot leave out the legendary ancient blades. These dual-wielded swords are known to deliver lethal damage and remarkable speed. In order to obtain these Ancient Blades, you need to locate the Ancient Forge.

Once again you will find the clues to locate the Ancient Blades by interacting with the NPCs. The clues can also be found in inscriptions. You will have to follow the lead for clues pointed toward ancient technology.

Ancient Blade
Ancient Blade

Further, you will have interactions with experts and scholars who will guide you toward the Ancient Forge. Once you uncover the location, you will need to activate the Forge by solving puzzles. Now, you will be able to craft Ancient Blades by combining the necessary materials.

Ancient Blades are a superior weapon of choice and not just for the early part of the game. The immense upgradation scope and versatility offered by these blades make them one of the best weapons in the entire game.

3. Elemental Rods

Tears of the Kingdom features a special weapon range called the Elemental Rods. These rods help you to execute extremely powerful elemental attacks such as Lightning, Ice, and Fire. You can get your hands on these Elemental Rods by locating the Elemental Shrine in the game.

Elemental Rods Blizzard Rod
Elemental Rods Blizzard Rod

Now the process to locate the Elemental Shrine is similar to the previous two weapons on this list. That is, interacting with the NPCs. You may want to pay attention to the weather patterns and environment while on the pursuit of the Elemental Shrine.

4. Hylian Shield

We have been focusing on offensive weapons till now. So, it’s only fair that we discuss one of the finest early-game defense weapons as well. Getting a hold of the Hylian Shield during the early progress of Tears of the Kingdom gives an excellent defense to the player. This shield helps to deflect the projectile attacks of the enemies.

Hylian Shield
Hylian Shield

In order to find Hylian Shield you will need to follow the lead on any rumors about missing artifacts or legendary weapons. As you will pursue these clues, you will have to face a number of challenges that will test your worth to wield the Hylian Shield.

If you are lucky enough, you can also find Hylian Shield as enemy drops by powerful game bosses. Then there are also options to trade and purchase. Participating in game tournaments can also open the door for you to own this Shield.

5. Rock Hammer

The Rock hammer is a powerful tool that specializes in breaking through hard surfaces such as rocks, walls, and boulders. That’s not all, this powerful hammer can help you uncover some of the hidden mysteries in the game such as treasures and shortcuts.

Apart from this, the versatile weapon can also be used in solving puzzles and smashing enemies on the battlefield.

Rock Hammer
Rock Hammer

So, you can figure out how many purposes this single weapon fulfills. This is why it is highly recommended by us to get this weapon as early as possible.

You can find the clues to this hammer by listening intently to the NPCs. The most common occurrence of Rock Hammer is in caves, mines, and other underground areas of the game.

Rock Hammer can also be obtained as enemy droppings while fighting powerful bosses.

6. Boko Blade

The reason we decided to place the Boko Blade on this list is because of the ease of accessibility and the damage output of this weapon.

You can execute some very powerful attacks and combo attacks by using the Boko Blade against the enemies. The performance of the blade only improves with the gradual degradation options.

Boss Boko Blade
Boss Boko Blade

You can find this versatile blade in chests, loots, and defeating Bokoblins. If you aren’t fortunate enough to find Boko Blade in the gameplay, you can simply buy it from the Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weapon in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Master Sword is evidently one of the best weapons in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where do I go first in Tears of the Kingdom?

There is no hard and fast guideline as to where you should go first in the game. However, Rito Village is a good location to start with.

Is Tears of the Kingdom an open-world game?

Yes, Tears of the Kingdom is an open-world game.


You have reached the end of our Post on the Best Early Game Weapons in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. We have included the most useful weapons which will help you advance in the early gameplay. If you want to share any other beginner-friendly weapon in Tears of the Kingdom, then write it down in the comments section below. We will be back with more woke Game Guides soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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