Electric Type Pokémon Weaknesses & Resistances

Check out the Vulnerabilities and Resistances of generic Electric Type Pokemon!

Electric Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances: Electric Type Pokemon are amongst the most popular and influential types in the Pokemon Realm. Electric Pokemon possesses tremendous speed and special attacks that can knock down the opponent in the blink of an eye. However, like all Pokemon types, Electric-type Pokemon have vulnerabilities as well.

Electric Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances
Electric Type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances

If these vulnerabilities are known to the Pokemon trainer, they can create a stronger team for themselves. And this is why in this article, we’ll be exploring Electric Weaknesses and Resistance and the best methods to counteract these weaknesses.

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Electric Type Pokemon Weaknesses

Despite being one of the strongest Pokemon Types out there, Electric Type Pokemon have some undeniable weaknesses. Electric Types are unable to withstand these moves and remain potentially weak against the following types of moves.

1. Ground Type

Ground Type (Electric Type Weakness)
Ground Type (Electric Type Weakness)

One of the most profound weaknesses of any generic Electric Type Pokemon is Ground Type Attack. Ground Type moves are able to inflict double damage on the Electric Types. The reason behind this is rather factual, Earth’s natural conductivity leads to the absorption & neutralization of electric energy. The same concept works on an Electric-type Pokemon while dealing with a ground-type attack.

2. Rock Type

Regirock (Strongest Rock Type Pokemon)
Rock Type (Electric Type Pokemon Weakness)

The next generalized weakness of Electric Type Pokemon is Rock Type Move. Since Rocks are natural insulators and stay basically unaffected by electric charge, Rock Type Pokemon are able to withstand and even drain out the strongest of the Electric Type moves. Rock Type moves are mostly delivered through physical contact, which heavily injures the Electric Types.

3. Ice Type

Ice Type (Electric Pokemon Weakness)
Ice Type (Electric Pokemon Weakness)

Ice is yet another profound weakness of Electric Type Pokemon. This is simply due to the fact that ice induces cold temperatures, which leads to the disruption of electrical conductivity. The cold, sluggish environment created by Ice Type moves slows down the speed of electric types and makes it difficult to channel their attack toward the opponent.

Electric Type Pokemon Resistances

Now, there are certain Pokemon types that Electric Types are resistant against. Electric Type Pokemon are able to withstand these types to a remarkable extent.

1. Flying

Electric Type Pokemon Resistances
Electric Type Pokemon Resistances (Flying)

Electric Type Pokemon are naturally resistant to Flying Type attacks. Air is a poor conductor of electricity and is unable to displace the attacks made by Electric-type Pokemon. This is why Flying attacks are only able to deliver half of the damage intended.

2. Electric

Regieleki (Best Electric Type Pokemon)
Electric Type Pokemon Resistances (Electric)

Electric Pokemon are naturally resistant to Electric-type moves and only take half of the damage meant to be inflicted on them. The reason behind this resistance is that their own electrical energy acts as a natural defense against other Electric-type Pokemon moves.

3. Steel

Magnezone (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
Electric Type Pokemon Resistances (Stee)

Electric Type Pokemon are resistant to Steel Type attacks. Steel is a good conductor of electricity and is easily affected by Electric moves. However, when on the delivering end of the spectrum, Steel Type moves hardly make a real impact on the Electric Types.

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Best Counters for Electric-Type Pokemon

1. Grass Type

Chikorita (Strongest Grass Type Pokemon)
Grass Type (Electric Type Pokemon Weakness)

Grass Type Pokemon are very good counters when it comes to facing Electric Type Pokemon. Even though, Grass Types are not innately immune to Electric moves but are still highly resistant to them. The real counter ability of Grass Type against Electric Pokemon lies in the attack power. Grass Type moves are super effective against Electric Types inflicting double damage single-handedly.

2. Ground Type

Ground Type Pokemon (Electric Weakness)
Ground Type Pokemon (Electric Weakness)

Ground Type Pokemon are undoubtedly the best counter when it comes to Electric Type Pokemon. Ground Types are innately immune to Electric Type moves and are thus barely affected by even the deadliest electric moves. Ground-type moves are able to inflict double times damage on Electric Type Pokemon. Earthquake is a special Ground Type move that is able to inflict a whooping 4 times damage on Electric Type Pokemon.

3. Steel Type

Mega Aggron (Best Steel Type Pokemon)
Steel Type Pokemon (Electric Type Weakness)

Steel Type Pokemon is a decent counter against Electric Type Pokemon. The damage inflicted by Electric Type Pokemon is halved when received by the Steel Type Pokemon. And likewise, the damage inflicted by Steel Types is doubled when used over a Steel Type Pokemon.

4. Dragon Type

Dragonite (Strongest Flying Type Pokemon)
Dragon Type Pokemon (Electric Type Weakness)

Dragon Type Pokemon stand undefeated against Electric Types due to their high defense abilities. Dragon Types are immune to the paralysis status effect which is a result of various Electric Type moves. Dragonite, Garchomp, and Salamence are some of the best Dragon Type Pokemon that are best against the Electric Types.

You have reached the end of this article on Electric Weakness & Resistance. We truly hope you were able to learn about Electric Type Weakness and will experience better gameplay in the future. Do not hesitate to drop by your feedback in the comments section and help us improve the quality of the content at Benettonplay, Cheers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the weakest Electric Type move?

Well, Nuzzle is probably the weakest Electric Type move with a measly 20 damage points.

Why does Grass Pokemon resist Electric Type move?

Well, naturally lightning and electricity are fully capable of destroying trees and grass but somehow in the Pokemon Universe the odds have been reversed. Probably the idea of the grounding nature of the earth has been taken into consideration for creating this logic.

Which Pokemon Type is unaffected by Electric?

The Pokemon Type which remains the most unaffected by the Electric Type move is Ground Type. Dugtrio, Mudsdale, and Sandlash are some of the best Ground Type picks that can be used against Electric Types.

Which is the strongest Electric Type Pokemon?

According to the Pokedex, Zekrom, Zapdos, and Regieleki are amongst the strongest Electric Type Pokemon to exist. These Pokemon have very impressive overall battle stats which make them undefeated champions in their forte.

Which is the weakest Dark Type Move?

There are many weak moves when it comes to Dark Type Pokemon. But if it comes to picking one, Power Trip is most probably the weakest of all.


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