Exos Heroes Tier List: Best Characters (September 2023)

Best Characters in Exoes Heroes

Oozoo Inc. created the smartphone roleplaying game called Exos Heroes. Despite the globe appearing to be calm, issues are yet developing.

In order to realize his desire of being the monarch of such rest of the world, North von Freeze’s King Shufraken intends to kill the Majesty.

For accomplishing this, he maneuvers among groups to incite uprisings in neighboring countries simultaneously attempting to gather every relic in hopes of gaining the authority of Accor.

Within those scary times, the protagonist with his companions set out on a quest to locate the artifacts of Accor primarily for personal reasons.

Exos Heroes Tier List
Exos Heroes Tier List

Start your exploration to find “Exestruk,” the king’s lost weapon, and end the wrath of the legendary serpent. You may engage in intense combat in this system’s fantastical, extraterrestrial journey. Due to this, it frankly has attracted the interest of several video game lovers globally.

Yet, choosing which characters to remain on your squad could be extremely challenging given the game’s active lineup of over 250 warriors.

However, you need not be concerned about it since the tier list will be of assistance to everyone.

Exos Heroes Tier List

Any RPG game’s go-to resource is a level chart, as well as Exos Heroes, which isn’t any different. It’s simple to choose the finest characters for the specific way of playing with this ranking, which groups the characters based on their attacking ability and squad makeup.

The levels range in size from S to F. This S category, which has an excellent star rating, comprises a numeral of the game’s most potent characters.

The A grade offers a solid blend of statistics and is the 2nd-highest star rating (Exos Heroes best characters tier list).

Although they have less strength as compared to the first two levels, even B, C, & F levels are nonetheless helpful.

The characters in the Exos Heroes level ranking with the top-scoring talents are those who inflict the most harm and defeat the most opponent heroes.

These best heroes in Exos Heroes are frequently regarded as being among the most powerful in the game.


SS Tier List
SS Tier List
Name of CharactersElement TypeRole Type
FateCore AnastasiaFrostSupport
FC ReraNatureChaos
FC AnnieFireOffensive
FC HekinFireChaos
FC LepinFrostSupport
FC BathoryFrostOffensive
FC IrisLightSupport
FC ShufrakenDarknessDefensive
FC AdamsDarknessOffensive
FC MagiFireOffensive
FC ScarletFireOffensive
Blue FC BarakaMachineChaos
FC TantaloNatureDefensive
FC LukeFireChaos
FC Ramge (1st Guardian)DarknessSupport
FC UloomMachineDefensive


S Tier List
S Tier List
Name of CharactersElement TypeRole Type
FC RudleyNatureOffensive
FC BaileyshDarknessChaos
FC ValarrNatureDefensive
FC JinnMachineChaos
FC ZeonFrostOffensive
FC RachelFireOffensive
Black FC BarakaMachineChaos


A Tier List
A Tier List
Name of CharactersElement TypeRole Type
FC Ramge (Awakening)DarknessSupport
FC DevaMachineChaos
FC MaharMachineDefensive
FC EmmaShadowHealer
FC XiakhanFrostDefensive

Exos Heroes Tier List: B-Tier

B Tier List
B Tier List
Name of CharactersElement TypeRole Type


C Tier List
C Tier List
Name of CharactersElement TypeRole Type

Exos Heroes Tier List: D-Tier

D Tier List
D Tier List
Name of CharactersElement TypeRole Type
Range (Awakening)DarknessSupport
Baraka (Awakening)MachineChaos
Bernadette (Melting Ice)FrostOffensive 

Please leave a message here for any Exos Heroes best heroes advice and recommendations on ways we can make the ranking list better.

Additionally, the Exos Heroes trend is constantly shifting, so among each latest announcement to the title, you could notice that specific of these heroes fall in position or rise to a more elevated level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get misty in Exos Heroes?

You can absolutely get the “Misty” character if you accumulate 280 Epic miles. For every 280 miles, legendary travel prizes may be reassessed.

What are Fatecore Exos Heroes?

Fatecore refers to both heroes and outfits. They are available for both in-game money purchases and as prizes during activities.

How strong is awakened Talene?

Talene delivers 150 percent more destruction to surrounding foes every second during the Fireball phase. Talene is reincarnated with 10 percent strength later in 12 secs.


You have reached the end of our Exos Heroes Tier List. We hope this information will be useful to you. We will bring you more fresh and exciting gaming news soon. Till then. Happy Gaming!

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