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Far Cry is definitely no doubt one of the best FPS open-world video game franchises worldwide. This franchise transcended FPS titles and had everyone talking about it. Each installment in the Far Cry franchise is better than its predecessor in terms of story, gameplay, or graphics. Today we will spill some beans about the Far Cry 7 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, News & More (2023)

So Ubisoft has not made any official announcement about Far Cry 7 but let’s dive deeper into the topic today and discover a lot about the Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, and more about Far Cry 7. So without any further ado let’s get started.

Far Cry 7 Release Date

Far Cry 7

According to a Leaker on Twitter Far Cry 7 is not currently in development by Ubisoft, this information may leave fans disappointed but keep in mind that this information is coming from a Leaker and is not confirmed by the Developers. Given that Far Cry 6 was only recently released, we may assume that initial phases of production are currently being put into the upcoming title. We speculate the release Date for Far Cry 7 to be somewhere around the summer of 2024.

We believe that Ubisoft is focusing on some different games for now as they have been continuously releasing Far Cry titles in the past. Maybe Ubisoft starts off their development for the new Far Cry title after the Avatar: Frontiers on Pandora’s Release Date. Nevertheless, Ubisoft also stated that it plans to create extra free games based on its most popular franchises.

Far Cry 7 Gameplay

new far cry game 2023

As we speculated that there will be a gap of quite some time between Far Cry 6 & 7 so we can also speculate that Ubisoft will take its time developing the game and the gameplay might be different than the recent Far Cry game. The gameplay in the recent Far Cry 6 was not bad at all in fact it was pretty impressive but we hope that Ubisoft keeps the major gameplay elements and improves the gameplay a little but more so players will have an exquisite time playing the game.

The gameplay in every Far Cry game was better in every aspect than its predecessor. We hope that the developers add more features in the gameplay of Far Cry 7 with NPC and other characters reacting to the environment as well. This was it for Far Cry 7 Gameplay now let us discuss the different types of Platforms on which Far Cry 7 will be released.

Far Cry 7 Platforms

Platforms for the new Far Cry 7

So the recent Far Cry titles have been released on various different platforms worldwide with some platforms performing better than others now we will list down the platforms on which Far Cry 7 might be released.

Far Cry 7 for PlayStation

Far Cry 7 for PlayStation is something that is bound to happen if the game releases as almost all the installments in the Far Cry franchise have been released on it. So PS gamers can now have a sigh of relief and need to stay patient for some time.

Far Cry 7 for Xbox

Again Far Cry 7 for Xbox will happen for sure as the recent Far Cry installments were released for the Xbox consoles which ran them flawlessly without any stuttering issues. However, Xbox gamers need to wait quite some time as the game’s release date is not out yet but Xbox gamers need not worry about the game not releasing for their consoles.

Fat Cry 7 for PC

PC gamers can chill as the Game will surely be released for their PCs but we hope that Ubisoft optimizes their game really well so that even midrange gaming PCs could run the game flawlessly without any lags or stuttering issues.

Far Cry 7 Trailer

As we stated above that the development of Far Cry 7 has not started yet so it is pretty obvious that the Trailer for Far Cry 7 has not been out yet. As we speculated that the game might be released in the summer of 2024 so we can get to see an official Trailer for the Game by the end of 2023. We will actively update you once the Trailer for Far Cry 7 launches so all you guys need to do is sit back, relax, and stay tuned to our page.

There are tons of Fan-made Far Cry 7 Trailers available on different platforms and we will provide you with one down below.

Keep in mind that these Trailers are Fan-made and just for entertainment purposes so do not get your hopes high after watching them. Now let us spill some beans about Far Cry 7 News.

Far Cry 7 News

Far Cry 7 News

Whether this trend continues, followers of the Far Cry 7 news game will probably have to pause till 2025 after Ubisoft releases the following installment. Throughout the ideal plan, 2023 may bring players a new “Far Cry” spin-off title.

Though it’s reasonable to assume that enterprises will abide considerable time examining these next-gen features due to the renewed tech that programmers currently have at their fingertips, clearly a huge funding business like Ubisoft.

Gamers needn’t anticipate a speedy transition in “Far Cry 7” as well as “Far Cry 6,” as there is currently no concrete data about it available. Therefore, any update that Ubisoft decides to promote in the meantime wouldn’t be covered by this schedule.

Far Cry 7 Rumors

Rumors about Far Cry 7

There are tons of Far Cry 7 Rumors Floating Across the internet like fire and people believe them. Many gamers believe that Far Cry 3’s Vaas may make a comeback in a future complete videogame. We advise you guys to take every rumor about Far Cry 7 with a grain of salt as most of the leaks turn out to be false once the game releases. Most of the Rumors about Far Cry 7 seem too good to be true and we hope they turn out to be true once the game releases.

Despite claims Far Cry 7 will simply not be released for some time, ComicBook asserts that it’d be surprising if a follow-up did not happen soon. Even though Far Cry 7 is allegedly MMO, it could yet improve over earlier games more like counterparts.

Far Cry 7 rumors may have what it takes to become the following big Ubisoft game thanks to its celebrity cast, well-planned story missions, and people and weapons that don’t make any sense.

Far Cry 7 Leaks

Far Cry 7 Leaks

There are numerous leaks about Far Cry 7 floating across the internet like fire. As we stated above that a Leaker on Twitter posted that Far Cry 7 is not under development as of now and the leaker even stated that the wait between Far Cry 6 & 7 will be much more than the wait between Far Cry 5 & 6. The long wait between Far Cry 6 & 7 could be due to Skull and Bones Release Date being delayed over 6 times and that is understandable.

It’s unclear what Ubisoft’s prolonged ambitions seem to be in light of the fact that Far Cry 7 is said to follow an approach identical to that of Assassin’s Creed Infinity. It’s also unclear if this is the best course of action for these series.

Although Far Cry 6 was highly reviewed, most people saw it as a different Far Cry 7 leaks adventure. This tactic will undoubtedly alter the equation, for good or bad.

Far Cry, meanwhile, received criticism for lacking game consistency. Especially paired with the competition’s “security check” saving mechanism, which removed mechanical storing, the complexity spiked during the final stages with the advent of too many tough monsters made by the antagonist. Now we will answer some FAQs for you guys down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Far Cry is the shortest?

We assume that Far Cry New Dawn is the shortest among all.

Is Far Cry 6 really difficult?

Although a recent title in the franchise, Far Cry 6, might be difficult at times, it’s also among the unduly gratifying.

When will authorities release Far Cry 7?

As of now, there is no such news regarding the Far Cry 7 release date, but after estimating the data, we think it may be released in 2023 or 2024.


This was it for the Far Cry 7 Release Date and we hope that the authorities will release Far Cry 7 pretty soon with new fun and interesting new gameplay elements. If you guys have any queries about the information that we have provided in the article then don’t forget to write them down below.


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