For Honor Tier List [June] 2023: Heroes/Characters List

Best Heroes in For Honor!

For Honor is just a multiplayer adventure game that integrates professional 3rd-person physical warfare with agility, technique, plus coordination. Featuring savage Vikings, ruthless Crusaders, and cold-blooded Ninja, players, and their companions will encounter the confusion, anger, and violence of conflict while creating a path of crimson devastation in your path.

One can experience the weight of each stroke, the intensity of each hit, and also the load of the blade in your hand owing to the ground-breaking Craft of the Combat system. It also is designed to portray an impression of realistic battling sans sacrificing convenience and functionality.


Authentic karate practitioners and skilled stuntmen employed visual effects to develop the system, offering the fights an impossible realism level. To avoid an assault or smash of an opponent, participants might rapidly swap amongst three separate positions.

All defensive and offensive rely on having a careful eye on the adversary to determine whatever pose they shift to. This affords the competitors a moment to consider their following movements, and hopefully, so many more. Gamers could also dodge and swap positions mid-swing in such an endeavor to get their rivals to lower their defense.

Inside For Honor, there are many three active groups, and each portrays the narration from a unique viewpoint. Players can explore them all by performing each. The fight occurring between the different 2 categories will be pressed upon the participants. Moreover, there is a multiplayer online combat level, which means playing against one another.

For Honor Tier List [June] 2023

A cast’s level in a video game is usually defined by the effectiveness of individual offensive skills and, provided competitors are of equivalent value, their probability of winning games in championship settings. This classification is referred to as a tier list.

Although titles with vast feature rosters, tier lists have been most generated for battling games being played at quite an intense competition scale. To properly analyze a Hero’s qualities and flaws with a deeper complexity of every Hero’s characteristics, the audience for For Honor has an area of the project a “survivability vs playstyle” diagram.

This indicates that even though some of the following components are significant, the For Honor chart’s goal is really to evaluate Heroes’ placements on the chart by examining the functions they perform instead of rating them higher or lower than each other.

For Honor Tier List 2023 Type of Heroes

There are a maximum of four selectable characters or you can say heroes for every one of the three sides, each of whom includes their characters. Every hero (Top Tier For Honor Characters) is divided into four different classes and has a rare blend of talents, armor, firearms, and battling methods.

  • Heavies: They have the strongest health protection, however, their strikes are weaker than those of the previous kinds whilst always being dangerous. They perform best when playing defense.
  • Vanguards: These characters have excellent attacking and defensive skills and are balanced so well. They are also extremely versatile and offer fantastic starting Heroics for younger entrants.
  • Assassins: These are a quick and vicious hero category. They possess great offensive powers but few defending choices.
  • Hybrids: These are a mixture of the preceding three classes. Since of their specific utilization strategies, hybrids are slightly more challenging to learn, although they are no lesser efficient at eliminating for the gamer wanting to invest the time and energy.

For Honor Hero Tier List 2023

For Honor takes experience, ability, and perhaps most crucially, hero selection that is effective in the existing environment, resulting in the reason our For Honor Tier List is still so vital. In intended to facilitate you find the personalities who will aid you in winning the most, we’ve categorized them as per their maximum energy.

for-honor-character-tier -list

S Tier List For Honor

The fighters on the For Honor tier list S are those that are recognized as the strongest within the game and ought to be employed there while battling with some other opponents. These are highly powerful and most likely to succeed. Given that they are simple to understand, these heroes are indeed useful for newcomers.

Hero NameType of HeroFaction TypeShort Depiction
ConquerorHeavyKnightThe conqueror is among the toughest characters within the game to defeat, also with excellent purpose. His punches do a fair extent of harm.
Jiang JunHeavyWu LinThe Jiang Jun had many useful possibilities, notably immediately after countering. He has a powerful endurance depletion that frequently seems almost suffocating.
KyoshinHybridSamuraiRapid light strikes from Kyoshin may be linked with unblockable to build a deadly combination.
WarmongerVanguardKnightThe warmonger rises to the upper echelon due to its corrupting power. Both teams and solo entities can gain from it.  

For Honor Tier List A

Heroes mentioned in For Honor tier list A are the ones who are regarded as incredibly powerful and ought to be preferred while competing against those other gamers. As opposed to S-tier heroes, they would have a little more practice, yet they get a great probability of winning.

Hero NameType of HeroFaction TypeShort Depiction
Black PriorHeavyKnightThose gamers who often line alone find the shadows beforehand to be a boon. It has outstanding movement all around the map and is sufficient to hold areas on its own. The black previous is amongst the most hostile of the video game’s characters and possesses a number of the greatest unblockable strikes in addition to the capability to destroy defenses.
NuxiaAssassinWu LinNuxia seems to be a wonderful ally. Its greatest feature is the capability to place hooks in whatsoever channel. These could either strengthen that lane’s defenses or create professional team hazing rituals. This has a multitude of battling implications.
ShaolinHybridWu LinThis Shaolin is a support element that must be developed like a hero. Its usefulness is greatly increased by its ability to restore plus teleport. Because it is devoid of fighting skill, it is a force that is intended to be constantly guarded.
KenseiVanguardSamuraiYour best defense versus opponent unit surprise attacks is the Kensei. He’s considered as being one of the top characters for squad battles as well. This competent all-arounder earns a position in the A tier for his mobility and manageability.
BerserkerAssassinVikingWas once an upper-tier character, Berserker has its devastating assaults corresponding partial. Considering this, the hero continues to remain excellent because of his great lighting assaults, which can immediately put stress on opponents.
NobushiHybridSamuraiGiven its high force production and capacity to cause blood injury, Nobushi absolutely works in an invasion team. It offers effective audience and partitioning capabilities.
RaiderVanguardVikingAmong the finest choices in squad battles of 4 versus 4 is indeed the raider. This hero’s simplicity for newbies is what keeps it so wonderful. He features a simplistic yet strong playing style that is excellent for novices.

B Tier List For Honor

The heroes under this Tier severely lack tournament even more than real authority. However, throughout this gameplay, strength is not the most critical factor. To rule the battlefield, you should combine powerful strikes with effective defense and the potential to really harm your adversary with these strikes. Whenever you choose one of these characters, be careful never to choose a creature that will resist you.

Hero NameType of HeroFaction TypeShort Depiction
GryphonHybridKnightStrike movements from Gryphon are swift or inconsistent, notably, bash. Additionally, Gryphon provides a fantastic array of choices for transitional assaults. It might be difficult for the enemy to anticipate the next play in Gryphon’s move sequence.
HitokiriHeavySamuraiThe Hitokiri’s repetitive techniques will inevitably make your opponent’s day terrible. It is both tough and unblockable. This character always does well in a 1 versus 1 battle and whenever your squad tries to chase down the sole runner who escaped.
WardenVanguardKnightWhen you’re able to strike hits to start it up, the Warden seems to have a great shield slam. The warden’s small spectrum occasionally makes him obvious, even though it is deadly when it increases its speed.
ZhanhuHybridWu LinThe Zhanhu is a quick combatant with powerful mild strikes that can be continuously used, in addition to a surprising escape response. It’s a wise decision to employ this character if you often change up your abilities to keep your enemy off guard.
ShamanAssassinVikingThe shaman is really a fantastic character, yet needs your group to operate together for maximum effectiveness. It includes skills like anti-chain, and anti-ambush, including pursuing the match that fits the assassin character perfectly.

For Honor Character Tier List C

Characters with average abilities are featured within the For Honor C tier list. These aren’t the most dangerous warriors in For Honor, although they won’t be nearly as powerful as characters on top levels.

Hero NameType of HeroFaction TypeShort Depiction
HighlanderHybridVikingA little amount of just one mare is Highlander. True, its spammable light assaults are extremely effective, and that’s very much it in terms of offense. Owing to his feints and capability to restart combat, he seems to be more valuable on defense.
WarlordHeavy  Viking  The Warlord is prepared to confront booby traps. Its equipment permits optimum survival sans making massive energy losses. Additionally, its strike motions don’t make it overly susceptible.
LawbringerHybridKnightLawbringer isn’t used among gamers, he is nevertheless a good hero. Both destruction and combination are strong. It’s a wonderful option for an attacking character in the middle lane.
OrochiAssassinSamuraiThe stormy onslaught of the Orochi is the starting point for all of the endless connections.
ValkyrieHybridVikingA flexible character, the Valkyrie is useful in both defense and offense circumstances. Since it is difficult to reply to, her smash is excellent for launching or restarting battles.
ShinobiAssassinSamuraiThe Shinobi has decreased considerably on this ranking since suffering a severe reduction. The only leftover use it has at this point is for its weak distant blows.
ShugokiHeavySamuraiThe best person to establish an attack is Shugoki. This cunning technique can potentially debilitate an enemy well enough so that your partner to unleash a deadly blow.
GladiatorAssassinKnightAlso when single standing in line, Gladiator is a good decision. In such a 1 versus 1 check and confirm, it’s sometimes almost strikes are useful for applying pressure on advisories. In such a 1 versus 1 check and confirm, its power moves strikes are useful for applying pressure on advisories.

For Honor Character Tier List D

One of the most critical elements of using the warriors in this category would be that users appreciate using them since there aren’t many perks that come with them. In comparison to the majority of the remaining characters, their strikes deal with lower destruction, requiring them to land a lot of additional blows to defeat typical foes. While selecting them, take extreme caution.

Hero NameType of HeroFaction TypeShort Depiction
TiandiVanguardWu LinProtection and additional chances are given to Tiandi to improve its capacity for survival. Also, it includes superb dodge movements that enable you to get away from difficult circumstances.
JormungandrHeavyVikingThe Jormungandr has an excellent possibility of surviving. Its defending capabilities are boosted by a mix of vitality, shield, and attack avoidance enhancements.
CenturionHybridKnightThis has powerful techniques which once implemented correctly, cannot be resisted by hostile armies. Due to every one of them, the Centurion is a powerful team with a limited talent limit.

For Honor Tier List E

For Honor E leader board, which mainly includes characters who seem to be ineffectual and hard to utilize while competing against those other active players is the last tier in our perspective. If at all necessary, stay far away from these personalities until you desire to have a fine experience.

Hero NameType of HeroFaction TypeShort Depiction
AramushaHybridSamuraiAramusha may deliver incredible damage. Its lack of movements which can make spaces for these kinds of strikes to fall is a disadvantage. However, it keeps moving quite roughly, nearly as if it were stepping on dirt or whatever.
PeacekeeperAssassinKnightThough we despise to confess it, Peacekeeper looks like a glorified servant. It’s not in any way a special warrior. It can bring destruction to the squad, but with its bad defensive capabilities, it is indeed a burden.

This is only a basic referred collection, similar to any other list. Regardless of whether a hero is not at the top of the competition, there are numerous situations in which they could be utilized. Everything hinges on your adversary as well as how effectively a player can employ a particular character.

It’s essential to keep in mind that something like this top-tier For Honour character is derived from the recent version of the videogame. Ubisoft will insist on making modifications and adjustments, that may affect the way those heroes are classified.

Who is the excellent hero in For Honor character tier list?

From our point of view, Conqueror is an outstanding character that’s why we have put him in tier S.

Why all the heroes are divided into certain tiers?

Each and every hero that is presented in these For Honor tiers are divided as per their skills and capabilities.

What type of hero is Peacekeeper in For Honor videogame?

Peacekeeper is Assassin hero type, they are famous for their quick attacking skills.


This brings you to the end of our For Honor Tier List. We truly hope this information will help you make more informed decisions in your gameplay. Feel free to drop by any queries you have regarding this article in the comments section below. We will be bringing you more game guides and gaming news at the tip of your fingers soon. Till then!

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