Genshin Impact Best Characters Tier List 3.7 (June 2023)

Best Genshin Impact Characters for the best game progression

The gamer within the open-world action RPG Genshin Impact may control a team of multiple replaceable heroes. Throughout the fight, shifting through characters is rapid and allows users to employ various abilities and techniques.

Protagonists can now have their powers improved in a sort of methods, including by leveling up and by upgrading their items and armaments. The gamer can take on several tasks for prizes along with exploring the Genshin character tier list.

Genshin Impact Best Characters Tier List
Genshin Impact Best Characters Tier List

Leaders and missions that offer the most essential commodities, including Stormterror as well as the Electrical Hypostasis, are dispersed throughout Teyvat, yet taking them requires resin, an entity that depletes over the period and gradually recharges.

The player advances by raising the Adventure Grade by accomplishing these undertakings, unfurls up additional missions, and assignments, and boosts the Global Level (Genshin Impact character tier list).

Genshin Impact Best Characters Tier List

Throughout nearly every patch within the 2 years after Genshin Impact’s introduction, new faces have been added, resulting in gamers may currently acquire and battling with 56 multiple personalities. The entire day wherein Diluc and Venti were sufficient to rule the Spiral Abyss has long since passed.

While Dendro with the latest rivals has significantly altered the balance, these fighters continue to be crucial. Check out Genshin Impact’s best characters tier list given below.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List: SS Tier

Genshin Tier List SS
Genshin Tier List SS

Protagonists who excel in nearly every category to such an extreme degree that their utilization is practically unjust. Quite possibly a covert boss fighter who wasn’t intended for usage during regular tournament matches.

BennettBennett is regarded as a 6-star protagonist by several Genshin Impact gamers, and we really cannot concur further.
AyakaAyaka is, to put it mildly, the perfect Cryo protagonist in Genshin Impact. Her Lightning Ability and Elemental Explosion both continuously administer the component and deal a lot of damage.
KazuhaKazuha with his spectacle skills is expected to remain popular forever. Further, he gives your primary damage providers inherent boosts.
XingqiuYou won’t regret choosing this Hydro Blade Genshin Impact character ranking in groups that use the Vaporize ability because he is excellent at delivering the ingredient.
EulaEula, Genshin Impact’s top physical threat provider, is worthy of becoming an SS-tier hero. Although she may do incredible levels of damage when combined alongside Raiden Shogun.
NahidaWhen Nahida showed up, it seemed like she was the 5-star Dendro Catalyst player we had been searching for.
ZhongliConsidering the addition of adversaries that are effective with armor in Genshin Impact, Zhongli is simply too formidable to be dropped out from SS rank.
Hu TaoHu Tao’s status as a Flame DPS is doubtful to come under jeopardy in Genshin Impact. Employing her Powered Strikes.
GanyuWe have not yet found a protagonist in Genshin Impact who is further damaged than Ganyu, who’s been gone for yet more than a year.
XianglingIt seems like a hack method to obtain Xiangling for nothing in Genshin Impact by using the Spiral Abyss.
Shogun RaidenThe finest Electro warrior in Genshin Impact is the Archon Raiden Shogun for a variety of reasons. Using her talent, she might provide light on the fact of electrical harm to the squad.
YelanYelan is a superior Hydro minor DPS, but Xingqiu is undoubtedly an SS-tier hero since he is a 4—star.
XiaoDue to his extended absence, Xiao’s DPS skills are frequently underrated by gamers, despite the fact that he is an excellent illustration.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List: S Tier

Genshin Tier List S
Genshin Tier List S

An exceptionally powerful protagonist that isn’t as powerful as those found in the top most of Genshin character tier list Tier but who isn’t so powerful that a restriction is necessary. The following are the heroes to pick most frequently if higher-tier creatures are prohibited.

DilucDiluc is among the most well-known Genshin Impact heroes yet and is an additional Pyro DPS fighter that gamers become familiar with over their exploration of Mondstadt.
AyatoAyato is the master of all crafts for Genshin Impact. Players may use slash strikes to quickly inflict Hydropower using the Elemental Ability.
TighnariTighnari’s primary goal has been to expose Dendro to Genshin Impact which she did it admirably by portraying the newest component.
KokomiIn the last several months, Kokomi has become much better among Genshin Impact gamers.
TartagliaChilde (Tartaglia) is a perfectly adequate Hydro DPS or sub-DPS, yet we are unable to rank him in this tier due to the somewhat superior heroes who were introduced following him.
KeqingA Liyue-based figure named Keqing wields an electro sword. She is harsh yet beneficial because of her skepticism about politics and everyday life.
CynoSince Cyno needs a Dendro assist to get his full killing power, he is fairly comparable to Tighnari.
YoimiyaYoimiya is a terrible Pyro harm generator who gets very little credit. Although she may not be very effective against huge numbers of foes.
BeidouBeidou is exceptional and vastly underappreciated for her neutralizing techniques. She has improved with Dendro, similarly to the other Electro heroes.
Dendro TravelerThe Dendro Traveler is, perhaps, the greatest iteration of a Traveler to date, and gamers have eventually become more assured in their abilities.
FischlFischl was previously a fantastic Electro supporting character, however now that Dendro has been released.
VentiWhen Genshin Impact was first released, the Anemo archon dazzled gamers with his mastery over hordes of foes and rendered the Spiral Abyss appear ridiculous.
DionaYou will have no difficulty growing Diona because her mending and shielding abilities increase from her HP statistic. This protagonist’s modest damage rate is more than made up for by the other advantages she offers.
Arataki IttoArataki Itto is unquestionably among the finest damage providers. He mainly performs well in Geo groups; hence we didn’t place him here.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List: A Tier

Genshin Tier List A
Genshin Tier List A

All-around wise decisions Genshin character tier list. They often arrive below since they have an edge against Supreme or Super Supreme characters and have defeated several heroes of the lowest ranks.

JeanAmong the earliest warriors, you’ll meet on the trip is Jean, and during the initial video game, when you require medics more, this Anemo healer is well worth the purchase.
Kujou SaraThe Elemental Explosion of Kujou Sara, the Electro Bennett, deals with AoE Electro DMG and increases the ATK of said people in the group inside its range.
NoelleConcurrently with the launch of such Husk of Extravagant fantasies Relic collection and her Hangout occasion mission, Noelle’s notoriety has significantly expanded.
LaylaLayla could serve as a shielder or perhaps a Cryo booster, and fortunately, she deals more harm unlike Diona, who exhibits a comparable way of playing.
SucroseDendro has helped Sucrose as well as all Anemo devices that run on strong EM. Venti and Kazuha can both be replaced by this underappreciated 4-star hero.
RazorSimilar to Eula, Razor is indeed a 4-star Electro Hearthstone specialist with exceptional actual injury. He will not really cause much harm to the elements.
Yae MikoYae Miko is a fantastic Electro protagonist that fell short of the high hopes of her followers. Although the Elemental Explosion motion is excellent, we hope the attack modifiers were just as effective.
MonaMona has a number of special benefits, including speed and indeed the capacity to dodge strikes, and she is one of them.
Kuki ShinobuAt first, Kuki Shinobu was overshadowed by Yelan, and now that Dendro has arrived, she has the gamers’ confidence.
RosariaRosaria may have placed ahead if she possessed somewhat harder fight and harm, except for her special backbiting elemental ability and Crit Speed boosts.
KleeKlee remains a fantastic Pyro DPS with a powerful AoE strike that can readily tackle hordes of opponents, even though this story has evolved with the addition of fresh protagonists.
HeizouHeizou is adaptable and, in contrast to those Anemo troops, prioritizes attack above riot management and attack bonuses.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List: B Tier

Genshin Tier List B
Genshin Tier List B

These players are often included since they possess an edge across a minimum single protagonist Genshin best characters in the supreme tier, although they are also flawed to be useful further (character tier list Genshin Impact).

ShenheCryo Polearm bearer, yet another warrior peculiar to the occasion the latest craze for strong five-star DPS Genshin Impact character ranking fighters is broken by Shenhe.
NingguangEverybody else in Liyue stays on Ningguang’s brighter side since she is immensely wealthy and utilizes her possession of Liyue’s Jade Compartment to her benefit.
YanfeiYanfei, being one of Liyue’s adept, possesses supernatural abilities. Yanfei works as an aggressive and extroverted defense adviser and pays little heed to her adeptal ancestry.
DoriDori is a Sumerian trader. She may elicit a few potent responses from the highly Dendro-themed landscape bordering her native region thanks to strong Electro sight.
ColleiDon’t ever be scared off by Collei’s vague description being “the Dendro Amber”; despite the fact that their outfits are identical, Collei has significantly exceeded both her master and companion in terms of actual strength.
Yun JinIf she’s still leading the Opera Group in dancing and performing or creating her own queue of delectable drinks there at Heyu Tea House, Yun Jin seems to be a natural performer.
GorouLet’s not be fooled by General Gorou such as Watatsumi Force’s adorable appearance; he carries his part inside the Inazuman rebellion very literally.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List: C Tier

Genshin Tier List C
Genshin Tier List C

Most likely, you shouldn’t pick Genshin best characters. Although in theory, they might be helpful. Picking a protagonist like this is not the best option; utilize them solely, if it is necessary to make room.

ThomaThoma is a great backup at a four-star uncommon character tier list Genshin Impact and functions as a slightly inferior counterpart of Zhongli.
BarbaraThe whole of Mondstadt’s residents look up to Barbara as a kind of “idol,” and she has amazing healing powers.
SayuSayu is a small samurai who like to devote her time to dozing off in the branches of Inazuma’s woods.
QiqiA sword-wielding trainee and herb forager there at Bubu Pharmaceutical, Qiqi also appears to be an invincible undead.
LisaLisa can enter your squad from the beginning of the video game as such a lighthearted and flirtatious keeper because she is a complimentary hero.
NilouNilou, the diva of Sumeru’s Zubayr Stage, is an elegant Hydro swordswoman and a formidable DPS.
ChongyunOwing to his Cryo skills and strong Claymore, Chongyun was constantly more formidable compared to the others.
XinyanXinyan is the local superstar of Liyue, and his unconventionally rebellious persona gets a lot of attention.
CandaceThe 1st Hydro polearm protagonist in Genshin Impact is the furious Aaru Farm protector Candace, in addition to being a strange person in general.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List: D Tier

Genshin Tier List D
Genshin Tier List D

Be ready to experience a lot of difficulties employing a D-tier persona in elevated playing beyond the circumstance when they may possess an edge someone over in the upper tier.

AloyAnd although Aloy is a fusion Genshin Impact character ranking protagonist, she nevertheless adds value to the squad and even surpasses a few of Genshin’s core members.
AmberAmber is a cheery person that initially looks at you suspiciously until accepting your group right away for whatever cause.


Who is the most common character in Genshin Impact?

An outstanding significant DPS protagonist with a spark is Yanfei.

Who is the weakest Archon?

The deity of liberty, Venti, is one who is hesitant to dominate his native people that’s why he is the weakest.

Who is the strongest 5-star character in Genshin?

Ganyu is ranked first on this ranking of the top Genshin protagonists with five-star.


You have reached the end of our post on the Genshin Impact Tier List. We hope this list will be useful to you and help you advance in the game more smoothly. We will be back with more refreshing gaming news soon. Till then, happy gaming folks.

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