Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Build: Light Cones, Traces, Relics

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Build
Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Build

Silver Wolf is one of the upcoming characters in Honkai Star Rail. This character will be introduced in the game with patch 1.1. Fans are extremely excited about this new character. She is originally from the Nihility path and deals with quantum damage. This is one of the strongest debuffers in the game that pairs well with Seele. Seele is currently one of the best DPS units.

Today we will provide you guys with a complete Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Build that will include Light Cones, Tracers, and Relics. So you guys won’t have any issues once the character is introduced in the game. So let’s not waste any more time and jump on to the Build

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Build

Best Relics

We will provide you with the Best Relics for Silver Wolf down below.

Genius of the Brilliant Stars (4-piece): +10% Quantum Damage, the wearer ignores 25% Defense when attacking enemies with Quantum Weakness.

Pan Galactic Commercial Enterprise (2-piece Planar Ornaments): Attack increases by an amount that is equal to 25% of the current Effect Hit Rate, up to a maximum of 25%

Best Light Cones

Incessant Rain: Each time the wearer starts a turn, there is a 100% base chance to implant a random enemy with Aether Code but when your enemy gets inflicted with Break, the Aether Code self-destructs and deals more damage to the opponent.

We will meet again: After the wearer uses a basic attack or skill, it deals additional damage to 48% of the wearer’s attack.

Best Traces to Level

We will be listing down all the Silver Worlf’s Traces and multipliers below.

Basic Attack: It deals with 50% of Silver Wolf’s attack at Quantum Damage. Basic Attack has a 65% chance of inflicting a random bug for three turns.

Skill: It deals 70% of Silver Wolf’s attack at Quantum Damage to a target and has a 75% chance to impose the weakness of a random ally’s type on that target for three turns and reduces the target’s resistance to that type by 20%.

Ultimate: Deals 180% of Silver Wolf’s attacks at Quantum Damage to the target with a 100% chance to cause entanglement. It also deals 18% more Quantum Damage for each debuff on the target up to 5x. However, while entangled the target moves 40% slower and receives Quantum Damage equal to 48% of Silver Wolf’s attack at the start of the next turn.

Technique: At the beginning of a legendary battle, Silver Wolf immediately attacks a random target and if a target’s weakness is broken by the attack of Silver Wolf, they become entangled.

Trace#1 – AntiVirus: If the Silver Wolf is attacked she has a 50% chance to implant a random bug into the attacker.

Trace#2 – Inject: Silver Wolf’s basic attack has a 55% chance to implant an extra bug into the target.

Trace#3 – Side Note: If Silver Wolf’s target has three or more debuffs, she will implant a type of weakness bug.

This is all you guys need to know about building Silver Wolf and now we will answer some FAQs down below for you guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Silver Wolf be introduced to Honkai Star Rail?

Silver Wolf will be introduced to Honkai Star Rail on 7th June with the 1.1 Update.

Will Silver Wolf be the strongest character in Honkai Star Rail?

We don’t believe that Silver Wolf will be considered as the strongest character once she gets added to the game as there are many other strong characters as well. Silver Wolf might surely be one of the best characters in-game.

Over to you

This was it for this article. We hope that you guys now understand how you guys need to build Silver Wolf and if you guys have any doubts regarding the build then feel free to write them down below.

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