Mortal Kombat 11 Tier List | MK 11 Best Characters Ranked

Mortal Kombat 11 Tier List- There have been a ton of team games available over here in the video game industry. Mortal Kombat 11 remains unmatched among combat titles in terms of quality. Throughout this decades-long saga, this is now the eleventh chapter.

It would hardly be surprising as there are several characters given that this would be the eleventh game. We have gathered the whole Mortal Kombat 11 tier list (MK11 tier list 2023) here again to make it makes it easier to keep up with everything. Selecting a protagonist inside this gameplay is indeed not simple.

Mortal Kombat 11
Mortal Kombat 11 Tier List

This seems to be due to how excellent they are mostly. Indeed the lower-tier players have certain appealing features that enable it enjoyable to engage with despite you do hardly succeed very frequently. From either the upper tiers together all right through the lowest grade, our objective is to rate each possible MK11 hero.

Somewhat on basis of their pros and cons, therefore we rated each. Distance, velocity, the power of peculiar attacks, and the capacity to accumulate meters fast for quite a powerful strike as well as a shattering strike are all aspects of composition.

Mortal Kombat 11 Tier List

Throughout the seasons, the Mortal Kombat brand has continuously been listed among the top online games for intense battling. Mortal Kombat 11, often referred to as MK11 either by the multiplayer fps industry, is the most recent version and features a number of elements that enhance the equation. MK11 is a little weaker tempo than any of its counterparts, which pushes the user to perform extra thoughtful decisions as opposed to randomly acting.

Within a world of global competition, when protagonist mobility seems to be more subtle and location is far more crucial than it has ever been, the tempo disparity stands out. In MK11, the hero’s individuality is emphasized by the fact that everyone requires a distinct approach to achieve victory.

Mortal Kombat 11 Tier Tist 2023

Tier S

Top contenders on the MK11 character tier list stand out from nearly every single warrior in existence. Such fighters do the most harm and are equipped with a powerful arsenal of combinations plus skills. They usually stand the highest probability of triumphing in whatsoever set of circumstances.

Tier A

Leading combatants include the A-tier warriors. They may be employed in a variety of techniques to add disaster to such full-screen mode thanks to their great impact rate with a large number of combinations featuring unique powers. These are often quite powerful.

Tier B

B tier list MK 11 characters are competent combatants, although sometimes could not be your best choice to emerge victorious. These do have a few good skills and combinations that could also offer them the dominant position above other competitors in specific situations. These characters may yet be regarded as mid-tier heroes in general.

Tier C

C-tier list mk11 fighters are thought of as semi-mid-level warriors. These possess a limited number of combinations & powers, however, they own the potential to be highly destructive. Some may not have as powerful techniques as those belonging to top levels, nevertheless, they have the potential to prevail over some pretty low-ranked fighters thanks to their distinctive attacks.

Tier D

Minimal combatants include those who are part of the MK11 tier list D. Fighters are significantly at quite a severe disadvantage to certain other heroes of upper positions since they possess such limited combinations and skills. They could have virtually little probability to win matches towards certain good opposition who are ranked higher upon that best character in Mortal Kombat 11.

Tier F

Mortal Kombat character tier list F fighters are regarded as lowest part opponents and are therefore at a disadvantageous position versus everyone else.  Their main advantage is still in specific situations in which they may be allowed to dazzle enemies using exceptional moves despite resisting each of their attacks. These have absolutely zero combinations or skills. Hence, this is an extremely dangerous approach.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Character Tier List

S-TierJacqui Briggs
S-TierThe Joker
S-TierLiu Kang
A-TierKotal Khan
A-TierShang Tsung
A-TierKung Lao
B-TierNoob Saibot
B-TierCassie Cage
B-TierJohnny Cage
C-TierTerminator T-800
C-TierSonya Blade
D-TierErron Black
D-TierJax Briggs
F-TierShao Khan

Best Mortal Kombat 11 Characters



Cetrion seems to be a fighter with a slew of fantastic uses that can astonish novice gamers. Initially, she might appear to be slightly challenging to master, however, once they do, users will discover a protagonist who could become the finest combatant inside the videogame. 

Even though most players really have to develop a somewhat more conservative way of playing instead of staying perpetually on the offensive, Cetrion may be challenging to understand. Numerous gamers cite her superb spacing skills as among the reasons she’s a few of the finest heroes.

Jacqui Briggs


Users might do much poor than Jacqui Briggs in case you’re a roleplaying game enthusiast seeking a decent blitz-down protagonist to tackle. Her possibilities are very diverse at most distances, therefore she might even be used by complete newbies who are hoping to score a few quick victories.

Jacqui seems to be a fantastic hero choice for a number of pretty straightforward reasons. The largest of which is her total combination effectiveness. When you require a break from combat, Jacqui can produce a number of the most lethal combinations within gameplay and sometimes even do a little small amount of targeting.



Combat video gamers who are ready to spend small additional money to get entrance to Fujin will be rewarded with what is perhaps the finest zoner throughout the genre if used properly. Even though not each player of combat games appreciates zoning, Fujin is definitely worth giving a shot.

The notion that Fujin was among the bulk of nimble heroes present in MK 11 in regards to general movement is among the factors that render facing his masking, particularly life force to deal with.

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Liu Kang


Liu Kang is undoubtedly among the finest heroes for players of every skill set, which can be inferred from the fact that virtually every player who has played him once throughout their experience playing Mortal Kombat 11 has done so.

All his potent special strikes plus amazing combinations are really admirable. Furthermore, to have several possibilities for halting regions, Liu Kang does have various zoning alternatives that he may use personally. He may be utilized in only about every form by a good Liu Kang hero.

The Joker


The Joker is a great choice for Mortal Kombat folks waiting for a combatant with either a large amount of charm. The Joker, arguably the game’s greatest devastating rush down a fighter, boasts a number of punishing attacks that might make your enemies want to rip away their own heads.

He really does have some fairly fast techniques that possess a good deal of reach, which can startle individuals who don’t use him. He only appears to encounter problems while playing over experienced zoners.



It might not come as a huge surprise to find that a large number of individuals struggled to accomplish any type of success using Geras. Although it requires some time to get the hang of him, the possibilities are virtually limitless after you do.

Geras suffers against such a small number of adversaries despite having certain deadly strikes and unexpectedly effective anti-zoning plays. His main vulnerabilities are usually those who are competing with a more air-to-air approach, or who have a deep understanding of the character thanks to their experience playing with Geras.



Sub-Zero has been far ahead of fellow ninja opponent Scorpion, but he is counted as the best player inside the game hero. Most of his toolbox would be obvious to those who have experienced Mortal Kombat previously.

However, by this, his opponents might discover all his abilities can indeed be dangerous. Combat game enthusiasts must have to be aware of how crucial it is for a fighter to have an outstanding combination. Whilst also Sub-Zero is superior to those other heroes altogether, it might be claimed that he possesses the finest mix-ups throughout the genre.

Noob Saibot


Noob Saibot might be considered an excellent choice to confuse adversaries, despite seldom being towards the upper edge among most combatant levels. Although Noob’s special attacks have several noticeable weaknesses, he is nearly invariably beneficial versus buddies or less experienced battling gamers.

The majority of gamers who utilize Noob prefer to concentrate on executing his fantastic combinations, which may quickly deplete the hitpoints among most opponents. And yet his generally sluggish game style, which results from shaky mobility, can turn off a few individuals.

Mortal Kombat 11 Heroes are placed on rankings based on their skills and all-around strength. It gives an overview of exactly where each protagonist goes in regards to ratings and skills, making it a wonderful resource for gamers who may well wish to find out whether heroes are the greatest as well as how you compare with each other.

Who is the easygoing character to play in Mortal Kombat 11?

We think that Scorpion is the simplest and easy to play the protagonist in MK11.

Is the Sub-zero character is best than the other characters in MK11?

Maybe or may not, there are several best heroes in the tier list and sub-zero is among them.

Will the official be releasing Mortal Combat 12?

You can assume that MK12 will be come out in 2023 probably.

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