Overwatch 2 Tier List [November] 2023 | Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List

Overwatch’s servers were shut down on December 3, 2022, and with that Blizzard started a new era, an era of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 features 35 heroes (an addition of 3 heroes to the previous roster) each of whom fulfills one among three roles and has received a different kind of experience of modification from the original gameplay.

The newly added heroes are Sojourn (Damage), Junker Queen (Tank), and Kiriko (Support).

Overwatch 2 Tier List
Overwatch 2 Tier List

Although most superheroes only have very slight statistical adjustments from the main game, certain characters, like Doomfist, have undergone substantial redesigns including function adjustments.

The show’s character lineup might be quite intimidating to a beginner or perhaps an experienced Overwatch fan taking on the changing experience of the follow-up.

We’ve prepared a position ranking chart that features each character in the gameplay to assist everyone in confronting the exhilarating yet demanding environment of speedy gameplay inside the Overwatch 2 beta.

In this article, we have explained the Overwatch character tier list of several protagonists. Moreover, we can’t disclose to your squad knowing you are using the character choosing page to search up tier rankings.

This rating list will only be used for informal gaming as it is entirely dependent here on the boss’s expertise at Dot Esports. The Overwatch League and rising competitors will generally perform in a separate meta.

A great squad balance is important for victory since characters may well be swapped amongst during any moment throughout the battle while teleporting or when in spawn.

Every fighter has a distinctive level of expertise, which contains an Ultimate, that builds whenever delivering harm, mending, and guarding for your squad. These abilities are typically extremely effective and may destroy numerous adversaries in one go.

Overwatch 2: An Overview

Five objectives are accessible to choose from on the mission webpage. Every twelve hours, these decisions are influenced at irregular intervals, so each person’s objective style, position on this map, as well as character restrictions are different.

There seems to be a “Boss” quest that may have been engaged in each and every Saturday for bonuses and notoriety.

Every task has a unique degree of difficulty, and those who demand particular knowledge will indeed be branded with the words “Fresh Agent, Skilled Agent, and Expert Agent,” before becoming reachable straightaway.

The next one is required to rank 20, and also the last one demands the 35th level. However, there are many international rankings accessible in which you can discover who has amassed far more MP. Concluding the final quests will pay you mission credits (or MP/ Mission Points) tougher assignments will earn players extra MP.

Overwatch 2 Tier List


Overwatch tier list S: Are the event’s strongest characters. Their outstanding selection and success ratios illustrate how they suit virtually any squad configuration you choose.

BaptisteBaptiste includes a mix of slashing weapons and armor to rescue teammates and defeat opponents in precarious environments.
HanzoHanzo’s arrows are versatile and can expose his opponents or shatter them apart to hit numerous enemies. He seems to have the potential to climb walls to shoot his bow from the front or bring out a gigantic spirit dragon.
MoiraBecause of her biological powers, Moira can respond to any crisis by doing injury or curing. Though Moira has short-range alternatives with Biotic Grab, she also has relatively long, hands-off damaging, and restorative choices with Biotic Blobs.
KirikoA skilled healer ninja who knows the deadly art of ninjutsu. Kiriko can summon a spirit fox that can accelerate the movement, attack speed, and also the cooldown of the allies. She has the ability to teleport herself to her allies and is very skilled with the Kunai.
AsheAshe immediately unleashes her weapon from the hip and puts up a significant blow using accuracy optics in her arsenal. She utilizes her carriage pistol to separate herself from her opponents even while exploding them with explosives she launches.
Soldier: 76Equipped with state-of-the-art armaments, along with a revolutionary flash gun that really can fire a spiral of destructive Helix Bombers.
SojournA new entry, but don’t take her lightly. Sojourn is a brilliant warrior. Her overclock ability is so powerful that it is able to pierce through several enemies. She is a brilliant tactician whose cybernetic augmentations grant her speed, precision, and firepower.
OrisaAs the group’s primary protector and offensive obstacle, Orisa protects her companions in the front rows. She may strengthen her physical shields and execute long-range assaults.
AnaShe can impact characters across the arena owing to her wide armament. Her Biotic Rifle shots and Biotic Projectiles revive comrades and harm or impede foes.


The Overwatch hero tier list labeled A has strong heroes who function well and have excellent success percentages. Although they wouldn’t be comparable to the S-tiers within contemporary meta.

LucioUpon that battleground, Lucio’s province Sonic Amplifier throws missiles against rivals and returns these backward with a loud bang. He can quickly change among tracks, thus his tunes have the capacity to both restore his squad and enhance their travel speed.
TracerTrying hard to make the nation right, Tracer totes dual pulse pistols, power death traps, and fast quips. She does have the capacity to “teleport” across spacetime and modify her original timeline.
SigmaSigma is an unstable astrophysicist with quirky proclivities who obtained the ability to manipulate energy after a disastrous orbiting mission. 
ZaryaZarya is an important component in the front stages of just about any combat since she installs great personal defenses that transform incoming fire into energy for her colossal Particle Launcher.
EchoEcho is an intelligent robot with a developing AI technology embedded inside of her that can perform a variety of war positions on the battleground.
SombraSombra is a superb intruder because of her concealment and debilitating strikes. Her espionage can confound her opponents.
BastionRepair operations as well as the capability to change among a moving Recon, a catastrophic Tank, and even a fixed Raid.
TorbjornTorbjorn has a riveting rifle, and hammer, as well as a private furnace that can be used to construct fortifications, among several other weapons.
D.VaD.Va’s mech is fast and agile; its double Fusion Cannons discharge immediately at close quarters, and she can employ its Boosters to crash over obstructions and opponents.
Junker QueenKnown to wreak havoc by standing in front of the battle. She is equipped with both melee and ranged weapons which are lethal.
DoomfistDoomfist is a formidable, quick frontal combatant owing to his bionics.
BrigitteBrigitte is an armor specialist. She may be using Repair Packages to cure comrades, or her Flail can immediately restore allies in the area whenever it strikes an attacker.


These are fantastic characters who interact well enough with fighters from the S as well as A tiers or from the very same level. They do not really leave the professional meta because they have respectable grab ratios.

GenjiGenji employs his scientifically enhanced katana to intercept bullets or execute a Quick Blow that eliminates opponents in contrast to launching precision and devastating Shuriken at his victims.
JunkratRegion weapons wielded by Junkrat provide a Frag Rocket that launches rebounding explosives, Crash Mines that fly into the air, and Steel Hooks that freeze adversaries.
WidowmakerThe Widowmaker seems to have everything she needs to take away her victim, featuring gas-releasing explosives.
MercyMercy Valkyrie Outfit maintains her closest to her group mates, operating as a spirit guide and then using the Caduceus Staff beam to repair, restore, or reinforce them.
CassidyHaving his Peacekeeping handgun in hand, Cassidy eliminates enemies with the dead-on ability and flies out of serious trouble at incredible speeds.
SymmetraSymmetra employs her beam emitter to eliminate foes and save her comrades.
MeiMei can shield places and delay adversaries with the aid of temperature tech. She contains toxic icicles with her Endothermic Cannon.
ReaperOne of the scariest organisms on Earth attributed to his Hellfire Shotguns, the ethereal capability of becoming damage-immune, and freedom to transport among the darkness.
PharahPharah is a formidable force, leaping through into the skies in her battle gear and mounted with a weapon that fires slightly elevated missiles.
WinstonWith metaphoric gorilla power, Winston holds amazing technologies along with a jumping pack, a Tesla Cannon which is an electricity-blasting, a transportable armor generator, and much more.
Wrecking BallSpinning over the battleground, Wrecking Ball smashes his adversaries with his array of armaments and the robust frame of his robot.
ReinhardtSmashing his hammer and adopting supercharged armor, Reinhardt conducts a launch vehicle assault out across the terrain whilst safeguarding his team with a large power shield.
ZenyattaIn order to cure his companions and destroy his attackers while seeking a sublime condition of physical protection, Zenyatta generates spheres of peace and dissonance.


Overwatch character tier list of champions C who accomplish mediocrely. The contemporary meta does not usually prefer characters.

RoadhogHe draws his opponents near using his unique Wire Hook while destroying them with his Scrap Pistol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best character in Overwatch?

Genji, Bastion, Roadhog, and Sojourn are some of the best characters in Overwatch.

Which is the hardest hero to play in overwatch?

Tracer and Widowmaker are the two hardest heroes to play in Overwatch.

Who is the main villain in Overwatch?

The main villain in Overwatch is the leader of Talon, Doomsfist.

Which is the easiest Hero to play in Overwatch?

Soldier, Moira, and Brigitte are some of the easiest Heroes to play in Overwatch.


This marks the end of our Overwatch 2 Tier List. We will be regularly updating this Tier List to bring you the best characters in the game from time to time.

Feel free to drop your feedback in the comments section below. We will be back with similar Overwatch Game Guides and more gaming news soon. Till then!

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