Risk of Rain 3 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, Rumors & More

Here we will discuss everything we know about Risk of Rain 3 so far. It encompasses its expected release date, gameplay, trailer, characters, rumors, and much more.

Only a handful of games can create a lasting impact on the Gaming community, and Risk of Rain is one of those games. When the game was released in 2013, the gaming community showered it with an abundance of praise.

To no one’s surprise after the immense popularity of the first part, Hopoo Games decided to follow it up with a sequel Risk of Rain 2 that came out in 2019. The sequel completely lived up to the hype the first game created, and gamers were again in awe of it.

When a gaming franchise manages to get so much success, the question of more of its iterations always arises in the minds of its fans. So naturally, the Risk of Rain community wants to know whether there will be a Risk of Rain 3 or not. And if so, what will be the Risk of Rain 3 Release date?

We are sharing this article to answer this question or at least provide insights into it.

So, all the Risk of Rain fanatics scrolls through this article to the end.

Risk of Rain 3 Release Date

First off, regarding the Risk of Rain 3 Release Date, we do not want to give any false hope to you, with Hopoo Games announcing the release of the remastered version of Risk of Rain on Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2023. It appears that the developers are in no hurry to make more iterations of the game yet.

However, with the immense popularity the game has gained, the release of another sequel seems only likely. So, for this reason, one cannot dismiss the release of Risk of Rain 3.

Risk of Rain 3

For now, about the Risk of Rain 3 Release Date, we can say that it is highly unlikely that the game will be launched before 2025. However, these are merely our speculations for the game’s release date.

Who knows, the developers could have some other plans and they might declare a release date for Risk of Rain 3 out of nowhere. We assure you that whenever Hopoo Games makes any announcement regarding the Risk of Rain 3 release date, we will be the first to break it out to you through our website.

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Risk of Rain 3 Gameplay

It goes without saying that the primary reason for the immense popularity of Risk of Rain 1 and 2 was its impressive gameplay. Both single-player and multiplayer modes in the game had an utterly engrossing gameplay on which the players remained completely fixated.

It is expected that in Risk of Rain 3, Hopoo Games will keep the soul of the original intact and make everything prevalent in the game bigger and better.

The gamers who have tried the game’s previous iterations already know that it is a survival game. In the game, you find yourself on an Alien Planet where the only option to survive is to eliminate all the enemies.

More than a dozen handcrafted locales are present on the planet that have deadly monsters and even deadlier bosses in them.

The most eye-catching thing about Risk of Rain 2 Gameplay was its unique scaling system. Both you and the enemy can increase your power without any limits in the entirety of the game duration.

Risk of Rain 3 Gameplay

The game provides you with both solo and online co-op options. You can either survive the planet on your own and invite up to 3 friends (as per Risk of Rain 2) to give you a hand there. For Risk of Rain 3 Gameplay, we can expect all of this and much more from Hopoo Games.

Only time will tell what this sequel of everyone’s beloved franchise will have in store for us. For now, we can hope that Risk of Rain 3 rectifies all the problems its predecessors had and turns out to be an even better gaming experience than theirs.

Risk of Rain 3 Characters

Compelling characters are necessary to complement the competent gameplay of a video game, and Risk of Rain 2 excelled in that department.

Since Risk of Rain 3 is a successor to the previously launched iteration of the game, it is possible that the game will reprise all the characters of its predecessors.

Furthermore, it is also highly likely that many new surprise characters will be part of Risk of Rain 3.

Risk of Rain 3 Characters

In Risk of Rain 2, the players had a total of 11 Classes to pick from. Out of these 11 Classes the Commando and Huntress classes are unlocked as soon as the players begin the game. The other nine characters get unlocked according to players’ achievements within the game.

From the unlocked classes, the players have the freedom to choose any character they want to play the game with. There can be more classes in Risk of Rain 3 with more interesting characters that will infuse its gameplay with even more energy.

Risk of Rain 3 Weapons

In Risk of Rain 2, the players had more than 100 weapons or items as they are referred to in the game. All of these weapons are handy for the players in the completion of all of their quests.

Moreover, all of these weapons unlock one by one as the players succeed in the game. These items are further classified into two categories active and passive.

The weapons in the passive category are Common, Uncommon, Legendary, Boss, Lunar, and Void. Whereas in the active category, these are Equipment, Lunar Equipment, and Elite Equipment.

Risk of Rain 3 Weapons

There are high possibilities that Risk of Rain 3 will have all of these sets of weapons with some new and exciting inclusions. All of these weapons have their own strengths, which the players will require to kill the monsters and conquer all the bosses in the game.

Risk of Rain 3 Trailer

Since Hopoo Games has made no announcement regarding the release of Risk of Rain 3, we do not yet have a trailer for it to share. However, we will ensure that whenever the Risk of Rain 3 Trailer comes out, we embed the link here in this article.

In the meantime, gamers can check out the Risk of Rain Return Trailer, which created all the buzz for the game’s third iteration in the first place. This remastered version of the game will give you a taste of what Risk of Rain 3 Gameplay will have to offer to you.

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Risk of Rain 3 Platforms

To reach a wide range of gamers, the developers of the game released The Risk of Rain on almost all the available gaming platforms. This includes PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia. It is most likely that Risk of Rain 3 will be available to play on all of these platforms.

Moreover, on riskofrain.com, the links to buy the game on these platforms will also be available. It is also likely that the developers will eye for a release of Risk of Rain for PS5 as well, however, it is still too early to tell this. The release date of Risk of Rain 3 for PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation might also vary.

Risk of Rain 3 Rumors

The main rumors regarding the release of Risk of Rain 3, or even the idea that it will get made stemmed from the announcement of Risk of Rain Returns.

On 20 December 2022, the developers of the game announced that the Risk of Rain Returns would be launched on Steam and Nintendo Switch in the foreseeable future in 2023. With this announcement update, the developers also attached a short trailer for the Risk of Rain Returns Gameplay.

This created a buzz among the Risk of Rain Community that Risk of Rain 3 will be released. You can check out this tweet below.


What is the Risk of Rain 3 Release Date?

The developers have not made any announcement regarding the release date of Risk of Rain 3 as of now. However, if we speculate on the release of the game considering all the news and rumors, it can be released sometime in 2025.

Where can I Play Risk of Rain 3?

Just like Risk of Rain 2, its successor will also be released on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia. Moreover, there is a high chance of it being released on PS 5 as well.

Will Risk of Rain 3 be free to play on all Platforms?

It is too early to estimate anything, however, it will be very unlikely for the game to be available for free. The price of the game on the different platforms will be available once it is accessible to gamers.

What characters will be part of Risk of Rain 3?

The game will most probably have all 11 Classes it had in its successor. In addition to this, many new exciting classes can also be part of it with more exciting characters.

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