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SWTOR is a massive open-world, multiplayer, role-playing game based in the Star Wars universe The game received positive reviews from critics and gamers worldwide and scored 85 on Metacritic. Gamers loved the Empire Class Story in this game.

Players in Star Wars The Old Republic start off by choosing an alignment that their character will be. This could either be The Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire.

We have turned towards the Sith Empire in this article and if you are a true fan of Star Wars The Old Republic then you might be in for a treat as we will provide you with every Empire Class Story down below in this article.

Star Wars The Old Republic – Every Empire Class Story

Sith Inquisitor

Empire Class Story
Sith Inquisitor – Empire Class Story

Sith Inquisitors are the most dangerous, terrifying, and cunning members of the Sith order. Think of them as Emperor Palpatine, while the Sith Warriors are Darth Vader.

Warriors will be concerned with using their lightsabers to cut wide swaths of destruction throughout the galaxy.

Inquisitors are always crafting various plans which consist of striking from shadows through dangerous spots. This Sith questline reflects these shady aspects.

The story in this class is really unpredictable as your relationships will often change as many allies met during the prologue will turn out to be the Player’s worst enemy down the line.

The story in this class is pretty average with a few twists. This was it for the Sith Inquisitor’s class and Now let us move on to the next class.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter

The bounty hunter is next on our list of all the Empire class stories. This class is really fun to play with their utilization of jetpacks, missile launchers, and various other cool gadgets. Each chapter in the story really flows and connects with each other in an exquisite manner.

Bounty Hunters start their class story as a participant in the Great Hunt which is a contest for other Hunters in a race.

This is an exquisite introduction to the story and the quest line continues to pick afterward.

The Bounty Hunter doesn’t have any particular goal to achieve but each chapter really aligns with each other in a very well manner.

By the end, the Hunter has made many foes, allies, and adventures throughout the galaxy. This may not be the best story but it sure is a good one.

Imperial Agent

Imperial Agent
Imperial Agent

The Imperial Agent is like the James Bond of SWTOR. The Agent gets to engage in some of the most interesting missions the game has to offer. Players are tasked with uncovering a complex, trope-heavy plot, including a supervillain with a doomsday machine.

Players are given missions like in no other class. The Imperial Agent can assume fake identities, and utilize a variety of neat gadgets very easily.

This class boasts one of the most complex and best Storylines in SWTOR. The agent’s questline left us wanting more and more. There are many intriguing companions that join the agent in the game like Doctor Lokin, Scorpio, etc. Alright now let us move on to the last class.

Sith Warrior

Sith Warrior
Sith Warrior

The Sith Warrior is also on the poster of the Empire. The Sith Warrior’s questline is all about gaining power and moving up in the ranks of the Sith Order.

However, the warrior ends up in a very special position within the congregation of Dark Jedi.

The Sith Warrior experiences a lot of development during his storyline. The players are given far more control in this storyline than in any other.

Combining genuine character development, interesting villains, and a captivating mid-story plot twist, the Sith Warrior’s storyline has the recipe for SWTOR‘s best Empire questline.

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Now we will answer some FAQs down below for you guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was SWTOR released?

SWTOR was released on December 20, 2011

Was SWTOR a successful game?

Yes, SWTOR was a major success as there are tons of Star Wars fans out there.

Who is the strongest character in Star Wars?

Darth Sidious might be one of the most powerful characters in Star Wars.

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