The Evil Within 3 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, Rumors & More

Will Sebastian be back? What is the Evil Within 3 release date and rumors so far!

The Evil Within 3 Release Date
The Evil Within 3 Release Date

The Evil Within 3 Release Date: The games of The Evil Within Franchise have managed to present a solid interactive cinematic experience for the players. Evil Within is equipped with stunning graphics and an intricate storyline. Not to mention, the brilliant direction of Shinji Mikami in the 1st installment pushes the game to a whole other level.

Moreover, we can always count on Bethesda for creating a unique game experience whether it is an Action RPG like Elder Scrolls or an Action Adventure such as Ghostwire Tokyo, and of course a Survivor Horror such as The Evil Within. Also, Check out what we know so far about Elder Scrolls 6 release date.

Ever since fans completed Evil Within 2, they have been waiting for the return of Sebastian. If you are a fan of horror video games like us, then you must be excited for the Evil Within 2 Sequel as well. If you have been struggling to find authentic news regarding The Evil Within 3 Release Date, you have reached your destination!

We have compiled the most genuine information in our post to answer all your questions about The Evil Within 3. You can find the information on the release date, storyline, platforms, trailers, and latest news about the game in this article.

The Evil Within 3 Release Date

The first installment of, The Evil Within came out on 14th October in the year 2014. The mind-twisting storyline coupled with thrilling gameplay captured the hearts of the players and safeguarded a solid establishment of a horror franchise. Evil Within two was launched on the 13th of October in the year 2017 as the sequel to its predecessor. The second part of the game lived up to the expectations as well. Now the fans can’t resist reliving the exhilarating experience again.

Evil Within 3 Release Date
The Evil Within 3 Release Date

Coming to the main issue at hand, let’s come to the release date speculations of The Evil Within 3. The first and foremost fact is that the developers or publishers still reveal no official release date. However, various speculations have predicted The Evil Within 3 Release Date to be in October 2024. There is no assurance about this time frame but do not be disheartened just yet because we have exciting news!

Tango Gameworks has directly hinted at the possibility of a sequel to Evil Within 2. This was cleverly done in another game, Hi-Fi Rush from the same publication house as TEW. This fact provides a solid ground that Evil Within Three may be under development. Keep reading for more crispy information on The Evil Within 3 Gameplay and much more.

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The Evil Within 3 Storyline Speculation

Before we begin with The Evil Within 3 Storyline speculations, we want to warn you about spoilers. If you haven’t played the first two parts of The Evil Within, we advise you to skip this section.

The concept of the Evil Within Games is based on a STEM system that can connect various people’s consciousnesses to a single brain. The device allows the connected people to experience the subconscious of the core (main brain).

The storyline of The Evil Within revolves around the life of Sebastian Castellanos, a detective in the Police Department of Krimson. While investigating a mass murder case in Beacon Mental Hospital with his partners, Sebastian winds up in STEM’s collective consciousness.

Evil Within 3 Storyline
Evil Within 3 Storyline

The STEM is created & controlled by Ruvik, an evil genius with a tragic backstory. Sebastian has to battle his way out of the STEM system. The Evil Within Game ends with Sebastian escaping from the system and supposedly destroying the core. However, Sebastian loses his daughter Lily in this part.

It is then revealed, in The Evil Within 2 that Lily’s death had been faked. And now Sebastian is once again up for a horrific adventure in the STEM System. The game ended with Sebastian successfully rescuing Lily from the Union with a fair share of help from Agent Kidman & his ex-wife Myra.

This was not truly the end of STEM though, as the system is seen reactivating in the closing scene. Not only does this keep the possibility of a sequel open, it also hints at the possible return of Sebastian and all our favorite characters.

It is impossible to predict exactly what the developers have in mind, but we surely root for Sebastian as the protagonist in the upcoming game as well. Whatever the story takes, we will surely enjoy the Evil Within 3 Gameplay and story much like the previous parts.

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The Evil Within 3 Gameplay Speculation

All the existing games of the Evil Within Franchise operate in a scavenging gameplay style. The player has to explore their surroundings and escape from horrific scenarios by engaging or fleeing. The game can be played in different difficulty modes depending on your preference.

A wide range of hand-held weapons & medical supplies is found during the gameplay which is retained in the inventory of the player. In addition to this, players also come across other special items related to the story.

Evil Within 3 Gameplay
Evil Within 3 Gameplay

There is an additional crafting system in the game where weapons & other items can be forged. The game unfolds in the form of chapters. The Evil Within 3 Gameplay will most likely share similar attributes to its predecessors.

The Evil Within 3 Platforms

The first Evil Within game launched for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS 3, PS 4 & Windows. The Evil Within 2 was released on the Xbox One, PS 4 & Windows platforms in 2017. The gameplay experience of Evil Within has been good overall on all the platforms until now. However, We can’t ensure whether the upcoming Evil Within three will be released for PS platforms. The recent Bethesda game releases such as Starfield are being broadcast exclusively on Xbox. This leaves a major possibility of The Evil Within three being limited to Xbox & Windows. Only time will unravel which platforms will be targeted by the developers eventually.

The Evil Within 3 Trailer

The fans of the Evil Within 3 series have been waiting for the Evil Within 3 Trailer for a long time now. Unfortunately, the developers have not launched an official trailer yet. Many fanmade teasers and trailers are flooding YouTube currently, do not let them fool you. The only trace of a preview that Bethesda has leaked till now is an announcement in the studio’s Hi-Fi Rush game.

Evil Within 3 Announcement Hint
Evil Within 3 Announcement Hint

The Evil Within 3 News & Rumors

There are various news and rumors about Evil Within 3 that has been spreading across the internet like wildfire. Let us begin with the mysterious announcement hint the Hi-Fi Rush game delivered to us. This can’t be helped but seen as an intentional move by the studio.

It recently came to light that Bethesda’s Ghostwire: Tokyo was initially intended to be the Evil Within 3. The game development started with the idea but deviated from Evil Within’s concept so much that it had to be published as a brand-new game. This news again highlights the intention of the studio to develop a sequel to the Evil Within Game.

This is another solid speculation monger with a high possibility that the game will be solely limited to Xbox devices. The reason behind this speculation is based on the fact that Microsoft bought Bethesda in 2021. Since this deal has undergone, Bethesda games have been released as Xbox Exclusives.

As we mentioned earlier, rumors have arisen about The Evil Within 3 Release Date being in October 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Evil Within Three coming out?

Well, there is a hint revealed by Tango Gameworks about the possibility of The Evil Within 3. This hint can be found in an easter egg of their game, Hi-Fi Rush. There is no official time frame dropped by Tango Gameworks about the Evil Within 3 Release date yet despite the rumors pointing at October 2024.

What happens at the end of The Evil Within 2?

The Evil Within 2 concludes with Sebastian & Lily escaping from the Mobius facility. This was possible due to Myria’s sacrifice and Agent Kidman’s assistance. This ending was followed by a quick cutscene that divulges the reactivation of the STEM system, leaving many open possibilities.

How scary is the Evil Within?

Well, Evil Within is a fairly scary game with sudden jumpscares, blood & lore. If you prefer the mellower horror, you can sit this one out.

Is Lily alive in The Evil Within?

The Evil Within depicted the death of Lily but it was later revealed in its sequel that her death was faked. Now, Sebastian must retrieve his daughter from the Union.

Is the Evil Within 3 Trailer out yet?

No, The Evil Within 3 Trailer has not been released yet. We do not know the exact date of the trailer release.


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