The Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring Comparison, which one is better?

Witcher 3 Vs Elden Ring
Witcher 3 Vs Elden Ring

The Witcher 3 vs. Elden Ring Comparison: Witcher 3 has reigned undefeated since 2015 as the Top Rated Action RPG of all time. The 2022 release Elden Ring has come closest to surpassing Witcher 3 after all these years.

Both Witcher 3 & Elden Ring have been crowned with the Game of the Year title upon their release. Despite being the best in the same genre, both these masterpieces have different components that make them elite in their categories. We will compare all these elements and rank the best Action RPGs of all time.

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The Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring Comparison

According to ratings on the popular game critics website Metacritic, Elden Ring recently surpassed Witcher 3 with a score of 96. Witcher 3 now holds a score of 94 cutting closely with Elden Ring. Since these games keep overlapping each other from time to time, it’s difficult to rank one above the other. But do not worry; we have come up with our own analysis system to settle this conundrum. We will be comparing these games on the basis of the storyline, gameplay, platforms, graphics & features. So let’s get the Witcher 3 vs. Elden Ring Comparison started.

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Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring Storyline

One of the major attributes of any RPG is undoubtedly the storyline. A profound & engaging story makes the player feel more connected to the character & game.

Witcher 3 Storyline

Witcher 3 delivers an explicit storyline with Geralt as the protagonist. Geralt is a monster slayer who is in pursuit of the child of Prophecy, Ciri. In his journey to locate Ciri, Geralt has to encounter countless monsters & creatures. The player also gets to explore certain parts of the game as Ciri which furnishes a fresh point of view to the player.

Elden Ring Storyline

Elden Ring on the other hand presents an open-ended storyline that varies according to the route the player takes. The narration style of Elden Ring is executed in a very non-conventional & creative manner. The player has to explore the Lands Between in the embodiment of the Tarnished in the quest to become an Elden Lord.

If we compare both storylines, the vivid and dramatic depiction of Witcher 3 made a stronger impact on the fans than the mysterious, subtle style of Elden Ring. Witcher 3 wins the upper hand in the Witcher 3 vs. Elden Ring Storyline round.

Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring Gameplay

Now, we will compare Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring Gameplay. Elden Ring has a more explorative gameplay design as compared to Witcher 3. The player has to keep an eye on every small detail while playing the Elden Ring, making the game more challenging. Witcher 3 on the contrary has a simpler gameplay design.

Elden Ring Gameplay

Coming to combat, Elden Ring easily surpasses Witcher 3 with precise weapon-yielding movements and unpredictable enemy attacks. The map size of Elden Ring is also more detailed & massive in comparison to that of Witcher 3. Now coming to gameplay time, Witcher 3 takes around 52 hours to complete the main storyline & above 170 hours to complete the entire game. The Elden Ring can be completed in about 55 hours and the entire game can be explored in about 130 hours.

Witcher 3 Gameplay

The impressive game controls & more challenging character journey make Elden Ring the winner of this round.

Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring Platforms

Ease of accessibility & game platform is vital factors that improve an ARPG experience. We have listed the platforms of both Witcher 3 & Elden Ring in the table below.

Witcher 3 PlatformsXbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, MS Windows, PS 4, PS 5
Elden Ring PlatformsXbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, MS Windows, PS 4, PS 5

Witcher 3 has more range of accessibility as it is also available for Nintendo Switch, unlike the Elden Ring.

Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring Graphics

One of The Witcher 3’s best attributes is its bright and vivid graphics. The attention to detail in the game is remarkable. Especially after the 2022 update, the characters stand out of the background even more. Coupled with the epic music, Witcher 3 delivers that badass Action-packed experience that we crave in an ARPG.

Elden Ring is a GPU-heavy game and its graphics have been a matter of discussion since its release. Elden Ring may not deliver the best graphics one might hope for but the insanely creative visuals make up for this shortcoming. Elden Ring surely has better Art Direction than Witcher 3.

So, in the Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring Graphics category, Witcher 3 triumphs for its graphic quality being so ahead of its time.

Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring Features

Witcher 3 offers an engaging storyline with exciting side quests in addition to the main plot. It is an open-world game with an explorative game design. The player can craft weapons and perform alchemy. There is an additional card game, Gwent for unlocking exclusive achievements in the game. The game is able to deliver more than 170 hours of gameplay with 36 separate endings.

Elden Ring is another open-world explorative game with an even bigger game map than Witcher 3. The game has a mysterious dark aesthetic to it with innovative character designs. The summoning of spirits & use of spells surely create a magical gameplay experience. Elden Ring also facilitates Multiplayer Mode with PvP, Co-op, and even invasion. There are 4k modes, 60 FPS, as Ray Tracing features on Xbox Series X & PS5. Elden Ring is able to provide 130+ hours of gameplay adventure.

Elden Ring leaps ahead in this round due to its gameplay’s wide variety of features & innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elden Ring suitable for beginners?

If you enjoy playing explorative games, Elden Ring is just the game for you. It is a challenging game that may trick new players but is surely enjoyable at the same time. So, to answer your question, yes, it is suitable for beginners.

Which is the 2022 Game of the Year?

Elden Ring won the title of Game of the Year in 2022.

Which is the main ending in the Elden Ring?

The Age of Fracture is the main ending of the 2022 Game of the Year, Elden Ring.

Is Witcher 3 a difficult game?

Witcher 3 is not that difficult if you are familiar with the basics of Action RPG gameplay.

Witcher 3 vs Elden Ring Conclusion

Witcher 3 & Elden Ring are both masterpieces in the arena of ARPG. Despite falling under the same category, both games have unique vibes & aesthetics which marks them in the S Tier of best Action RPGs of all time.

By concluding the parameters of both these games, Witcher 3 aced ahead by a small margin from Elden Ring! Even so, the fact can’t be disregarded that Elden Ring is an innovative marvel in the RPG genre. Both games would please a different audience. Witcher 3 is more of a full-on Action-packed RPG whereas Elden Ring is a mysterious innovative, open-ended game.

Games like Witcher 3 & Elden Ring only come across once in a lifetime. If you are a fan of Action RPGs, these beauties are a must-try.

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