Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games In 2024: All The Nintendo Games Scheduled To Release In 2024

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games In 2024

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was released back in 2017, gamers were able to enjoy their favorite AAA titles on this handheld console on the go. This console lets gamers enjoy their favorite games anywhere on a small screen. PSP was an amazing video game console that truly revolutionized the whole handheld console and this … Read more

10 Best Upcoming Co-op Games 2024

Best Upcoming Co-op Games

Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy playing Co-op video games with their families or friends? Co-op games don’t let players get bored as even less or moderately interesting games become more entertaining and enjoyable when being played with another person or a group of people. There are tons of streamers out there who stream Co-op … Read more

Upcoming Star Wars Games: List of All The Star Wars Games Announced So Far

Upcoming Star Wars Games

No matter how many intriguing games might be released, the thought of a new Star Wars game always excites fans to the core. Ever since EA’s long-standing Star Wars exclusivity rights have lapsed, several well-reputed publishers and developers have jumped into the fray to try their hand at developing the next best Star Wars game. … Read more

Sly Cooper 5 Release Date, Trailer, Rumors & More

Everything we know about Sly Cooper 5

If there is one game that has everyone talking about whether it will be released or not, it is Sly Cooper 5. There have been several rumors and conversations about the game on various sites and platforms. Also, hundreds of YouTube videos on a single topic are being created; will there be a Sly Cooper 5? Sly Cooper is a beloved PlayStation-exclusive franchise and many gamers have been demanding a release of Sly … Read more