10 Quirkiest Simulator Games Everyone Should Try

10 Quirkiest Simulator Games Everyone Should Try

Bear Simulator: Bear Simulator is exactly what it sounds like: players experience life through the eyes of a bear.

Bee Simulator: In the semi-realistic Bee Simulator, you can explore a world full of life and beauty!

Bird Simulator: Bird Simulator allows players to take on the role of a bird, but not everything is as it appears.

DEEEEER Simulator: DEEEEER Simulator is a slow-paced town destruction game in the same vein as Untitled Goose Game.

Fishkeeper: For added immersion, players can care for their own fish and monitor their needs in real time.

Goat Simulator: It is all about wreaking as much havoc as you can (humanly or goatly), with plenty of achievements and challenges to complete.

PowerWash Simulator: This game allows players to clean surfaces as much as they want, using various tools and pressure-washing heads to help them finish the job. 

Rock Simulator: Rock Simulator allows players to transform into their best selves: rocks.

Surgeon Simulator: Players can use unusual tools such as hammers to solve their patients' cases.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: A silly sandbox game in which players simulate battles with a wacky and wobbly physics engine, resulting in hilarity.