10 RPGs With Skill-Based Progression

10 RPGs With Skill-Based Progression

Bloodborne: It is not only known as one of the most difficult hack 'n' slash games of all time, but it also has a completely different set of Stats that can be upgraded.

Dark Souls: Dark Souls is unique on this list in that players do not need to level up any of their stats in order to complete the game.

Dragon Age: The Dragon Age franchise has grown in popularity among gamers thanks to the epic world building introduced by Dragon Age: Origins, the gritty, hard fantasy storytelling of Dragon Age 2, and the franchise's overall strong character-building system.

Fallen London: Fallen London is a free browser-based RPG with a large following worldwide. It is primarily based on text stories with few visual or auditory cues for players.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance: Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a truly remarkable RPG for a variety of reasons, one of which is how accurately the game recreates the atmosphere and feel of Medieval Europe as seen through the eyes of a peasant-turned-hero.

Mass Effect: The beloved Mass Effect franchise includes not only skill-based progression, but also a variety of unique classes from which to create a character.

Nioh 2: Nioh 2, unquestionably one of the more difficult Soulslike games, was released to largely positive reviews, with many praising the game's sophisticated and varied combat system.

Okami: Okami tells the story of the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu reincarnated as a wolf as she journeys through feudal Japan to save the realm from Orochi, the evil snake demon.

Sunless Sea: While Sunless Sea lacks a traditional skill tree, progression through the game is heavily based on character attributes and passing skill checks as they fit into plot developments.

The Elder Scrolls: The Elder Scrolls games are well-known for having some of the most varied and expansive sets of character attributes of any RPG franchise.