10 Xbox Games That Never Received A Single Sequel

10 Xbox Games That Never Received A Single Sequel

These Xbox games were incredible but never got a sequel despite deserving one.

1 vs. 100: One of the most unique gaming experiences of all time was 1 vs. 100.

D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die: Not only did D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die not receive a sequel, but it was never completed.

Infinite Undiscovery: This was an Xbox 360 exclusive that first appeared in 2008.

Jade Empire: BioWare made a name for itself on the original Xbox with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Lost Odyssey: While Lost Odyssey never received a sequel after its North American release in 2008, it is still playable via Xbox One backwards compatibility.

Metal Wolf Chaos: When it first came out in 2004, it was only available on the Xbox in Japan.

Operation Darkness: It was published by Atlus in North America in 2008.

Phantom Dust: Phantom Dust was released in North America as an Xbox exclusive in 2005.

Ryse Son Of Rome: This was a launch title for the Xbox One in 2013.

Too Human: When Too Human was released in 2008, it was intended to be the first in a trilogy.