5 Best Indie Party Games

5 Best Indie Party Games

Boomerang Fu: Boomerang Fu is a silly top-down party game in which players take on the role of a cartoony food-centric character who must slice and dice the competition with their powerful boomerang.

Cake Bash: In Cake Bash, players take on the role (pun intended) of one of a variety of delicious desserts that can be customized in a variety of colorful ways. 

Gang Beasts: For all intents and purposes, Gang Beasts is a party brawler game in which players pummel each other with their gooey, gel-like blob characters. 

KeyWe: The fact that the experience is diverse and customizable is what makes KeyWe such a great party game.

Very Very Valet: Very Very Valet, which features four-player cooperative gameplay, is equal parts amusing and ridiculous.