5 Great Games Set In The Iron Age

5 Great Games Set In The Iron Age

A Total War Saga: Troy: Although the infamous Trojan War is ultimately a mythological conflict from the Ancient Greeks' imaginations, it is set at the dawn of the Iron Age.

Age Of Empires: The first game, appropriately enough, transported players from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Civilization 6: Players will reach the Classical Era early in each game or campaign, which allows civilizations to mine, work, and use iron.

Valheim: Valheim is a game inspired by Norse mythology, and the Iron Age is a necessary step on the road to beating all the bosses and building the best bases due to its survival gameplay that drops players into the realm of Midgard with no equipment or recollection of technology.

Dawn Of Man: Dawn of Man transports players from barely surviving as a tribe in the Stone Age to building villages and flourishing in the Iron Age.