7 Best Open-World JRPGs

7 Best Open-World JRPGs

Dragon Quest 8 DQ8 was the first in the series to be fully 3D when it was released in Japan in 2004.

Dragon's Dogma The open world of Dragon's Dogma isn't particularly large, but it's dense.

Elden Ring Intricate levels that twist around on themselves, a wide range of builds, and incredibly difficult combat.

Final Fantasy 15 A controversial choice for the best execution of that is Final Fantasy 15

Xenoblade Chronicles The Xenoblade Chronicles series is difficult to categorise because it is not entirely open-world. Its areas are vast, but they remain zones.

Yakuza 7 Yakuza games have always been open-world in their dense cities, but they have never been JRPGs.

Ys 9 Monstrum Nox Action RPG with a focus on showy fighting rather than turn-based strategies.