7 Best PS1 Card Games

7 Best PS1 Card Games

Vegas Games 2000: Vegas 2000 is the sixth installment in what has become known as 3DO's popular family gaming series.

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment: Even though most Persona games are JRPGs, a card system is always a necessary component of the game.

Final Fantasy VIII Triple Triad: The card game Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII is similar to the game of dominoes.

Digimon World 3: Digimon World 3 featured a card-based mini-game (like several other games have done before).

Caesars Palace II: In terms of presentation, Caesars Palace II comes very close to being perfect.

Caesar's Palace 2000: Caesar's Palace 2000 is a game full of possibilities developed by the Runecraft team.

Final Fantasy IX Tetra Master: Tetra Master is a card game found in Final Fantasy IX.