7 Things We Want To See In XCOM 3 Game

Vehicles And Air Combat: The use of battlefield support vehicles is something we need to see more of in XCOM 3.

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A More Dynamic Geoscape: XCOM 3 might use a more dynamic geoscape, with more possibilities and one-off'side quests' with rewards and risks.

XCOM Bases: We'd like to see a return to XCOM bases in XCOM 3.

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Sense Of Invasion: The growing sense of invasion was one of the game's highlights in XCOM: UFO Defense.

Neutral Factions: The inclusion of neutral factions in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen was an excellent addition to the XCOM franchise.

More Classes and Abilities: Strategy games must give enough options to make gameplay interesting, but not too many to be overwhelming.

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Improved Squad Attachment: This commitment to one's own soldiers and the disruption to the player's favored squad combinations made the death of a crew member heart-wrenching, and must be encouraged in the next game.