8 Forgotten Cel Shaded Graphics Games

8 Forgotten Cel Shaded Graphics Games

Cel shading is a visual style found in these forgotten games that gives them a distinct, cartoony appearance.

Breath Of Fire Dragon Quarter: The last console game in this series to be released, and it was on the PlayStation 2.

Breath Of Fire Dragon Quarter: The only game in this sub-series that uses cel-shading is Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3.

Jeanne d'Arc: On two levels, Jeanne d'Arc is forgotten. For starters, it was a cel-shaded game with a single entry.

Mega Man X Command Mission: When most people think of Mega Man RPGs, they think of the Battle Network series.

Metal Gear Acid 2: This sequel was and still is superior because the story was more elaborate, and the visuals were stunning for a PSP game.

Under The Skin: Capcom's Under the Skin was an odd little game that resembled a chaos simulator.

Viewtiful Joe: It was an action game with the novel idea of movies coming to life.

Wild Arms 3: The gimmick of these RPGs was that some of the design choices had an Old West feel to them.