8 PS1 Franchises That Ended In One Generation

8 PS1 Franchises That Ended In One Generation

Tomba: Tomba started out as a Metroidvania-style game starring a caveman-like adventurer.

Mega Man Legends: The Mega Man Legends series came the closest to receiving potential sequels among PS1 games.

Jet Moto: Jet Moto was another game that received numerous sequels on the PlayStation 1 in a short period of time.

Fighting Force: Fighting force co-op brawler that was a little basic for an early PS1 title but was still entertaining.

Croc Legend Of The Gobbos: It was released in 2000, near the end of the PS1's twilight years, and also marked the end of the Croc series.

Bushido Blade: Bushido Blade is a fighting game series that differs from Battle Arena Toshinden in its gameplay.

Battle Arena Toshinden: Battle Arena Toshinden was the first fighting game released for the PlayStation 1 in North America.

Alundra: The first Alundra game was a blatant rip-off of The Legend of Zelda. It was a top-down action-adventure game with a large world to discover.