8 Puzzle Games With Innovative Mechanics

8 Puzzle Games With Innovative Mechanics

Human: Fall Flat: Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle-solving game with slapstick co-op shenanigans. The game revolves around a variety of environmental puzzles on various maps that players must solve in order to complete the level and advance.

Moncage: Moncage is a puzzle game played within a cube. With each side of the cube displaying a different scene, the player must figure out how to connect the scenes in order to solve a face of the cube and advance the puzzle.

Poly Bridge 2: Poly Bridge 2 is a physics-based puzzle game in which players must construct their own bridges. 

Portal 2: Valve's Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle game that is one of the most innovative contributions to the puzzle genre of all time.

Superliminal: "Perception is Reality" is one of the first things players read when they start playing Superliminal.

Tetris: Tetris is a puzzle game that will be familiar to any puzzle fan. Alexey Pajitnov created this simple puzzle game in 1984, and it has since gained a legion of adoring fans due to its simple mechanics and replay value.

The Entropy Centre: Stubby Games created the puzzle-adventure game The Entropy Centre.

The Witness: The Witness is an open-world puzzle game set on an island filled with unique areas and puzzles that all require a different perspective to solve.